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For the 9th year the South-East European Exhibition "Save the Planet"  (27-29 March, Sofia) will bring together local and foreign companies operating in the field of waste management and recycling. In this newsletter we would like to present the Finnish company Molok Oy - the original inventor of Deep Collection® system. Molok® Deep Collection™ waste container is a space saving, clean, safe and economical solution for efficient and environmentally friendly waste collection. It can reduce waste collection transportation by 30% as compared to surface waste bins.
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Interview with Mr. Kari Korhonen,  Area Export Manager, Molok Oy, Exhibitor at Save the Planet

Dear Mr Korhonen,  please tell us more about Molok Oy and your interest  toward the Bulgarian market and the exhibition

Molok Oy
is a Finnish company, the original inventor of Deep Collection® system. In the last 25 years of operations, Molok Ltd has expanded from a small family enterprise into an international company, known all over the world. Today, there are over 140.000 Molok® Deep Collection® waste containers installed in over 40 countries.

At the exhibition we are looking for partners (distributors), various stakeholders from the waste management sector and possibly end users from Bulgaria.
The Molok container idea is based on the deep collection method. Please describe the basic idea and what are the benefits of this system?

Molok® has quickly become a waste management method for several million users around the world. Brilliant inventions are often simple. This is also true for the Molok® Deep Collection® system. The system was developed by Veikko Salli, the founder of Molok, features a vertical structure, where the containers are buried about 1.5m underground  (60% of the container is located underground). Only 40% of the container is visible above the ground. Molok® containers are installed in cities, villages, parks and schools etc.
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