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Waste Management & Recycling  
Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe
7 - 9 March 2017, Sofia, Organizer: Via Expo
Dear friends,
As the 8th edition of the international exhibition for waste management and recycling Save the Planet (7-9 March, 2017) approaches, we are happy to announce that the Save the Planet Conference registration has officially begun.
Register until 2.02.2017 to take advantage of the Early Bird prices!
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In today's newsletter we will present some of the event's partners as well as DIMTECH S.A. and Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH - two exhibitors who offer solutions for air filtration and weighing systems respectively.                                                          
Contact for Save the Planet:
Ms. Ginka Dimitrova - T 00359 32 512 906,  E
Interview with Mr. Gregory Tsinonis - Sales manager, DIMTECH S.A.
Dimtech S.A provides environmental services and products. Please present in brief the company activity.
DIMTECH S.A. was founded in 2007 aiming at the design and manufacturing of air pollution abatement and air quality systems. The removal of air polluntants is a matter of major importance for the protection of the environment and the improvement of people’s quality of life. We design and construct our systems so they can fully accomplish the demands of any application. Our consulting department is staffed with experienced air-filtration engineers and our construction department is fully equipped with machinery and tools for the production of our systems.
Where do your systems find application?
Our systems can be used for the removal of particulate and gaseous polluntants, aiming at environmental protection, air quality improvement and protection from corrosive polluntants. They can be incorporated in odor removal installations for restaurant kitchens, in hospitals, commercial buildings, museums, industrial facilities, marine installations, laboratories, cooling stores etc. The removal of air pollutants is based on the dry scrubbing technique, with chemical filters. This technique is known for its effectiveness, simplicity and ease of installation and operation of relevant units. Each air pollution case is handled individually working together with the customer for the design of the system.
What is your quality policy and what kind of support do you offer to your clients?
Interview with Mr. Herbert Krickl, CEO of Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH
Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH will once again take part in “Save the Planet” in 2017. What business contacts do you intend to establish during the exhibition?
We continously work on enlarging our sales territory. By attending and exhibiting at “Save the Planet 2017” we hope to find many new customers and also sales agents for CEE territory. Our weighing systems fit to many different applications starting at onboard weighing on waste collection vehicles (compactors, hook loaders, skip loader,…) up to weighing of LPG in LPG bobtail trucks and wooden pellets delivery in their adequate trucks.
Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH is a manufacturer of vehicle-mounted weighing systems. What are the benefits from the implementation of your solutions?
Bulk goods like waste, pellets or cereals are delivered and invoiced in kg to the end customer. A delivery by truck would require a first and second weighing on a weighbridge. These weighbridges are very seldom nowadays and not every town has one public weighbridge. This would require finding one elsewhere.
With an onboard weighing system the truck has a scale embedded and no weighbridge is needed anymore. The quantity of unloaded / discharged goods can be directly measured at the customer. This saves a lot of time and money and enables efficient planning of delivery routes.
Tell us more about your quality policy and support concerning the installation of your systems.
Partners of Save the Planet 2017
Association of Recycling Industry (ARI) – partner of SEE ‘Save the Planet’
ARI is a nonprofit organization that brings together Bulgarian companies involved in collection, treatment and recycling of waste.
ARI collects, analyzes and disseminates international good practices in the field of waste management activities, conducts its own marketing and sociological studies to support its members in the implementation of environmentally sound technologies for waste management, recovery and recycling. ARI experts are actively carrying out dialogue with local and state authorities in drafting programs, strategies, regulations concerning the trade of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their recovery and recycling.
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