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American Veterans Victimized by the V.A.
By the Watchman
We recently came across an article reporting on the Veterans Administration Scandal first reported on last year. Besides what’s documented in the report, true reform of the system has not been accomplished. Far from it, it has proven difficult to hold anyone accountable for their actions in this scandal.
Since 2010 over 500 Veterans have died through negligence while in the care of the Veterans Administration Hospital system. We fear it’s far more than that. We ask that you look at the following article and do your own research. The men and women who put their lives on the line for you every day and night are dying for lack of proper care and the self-righteous employees of the unionized Veterans Administration are getting away with murder. You are paying their retirement instead of their incarceration cost.

Then there is this story, Wow: Veteran Dies After the VA Ignores Him for Four Years!, That wasn’t included in the study. Another inexcusable tale of pure murder all because they don’t do one simple thing. They don’t listen to what the patient is telling them. In this case it wouldn’t have saved his life, but he would have lived for years longer. This is pure and simple homicide by withholding care. No one is being held responsible or accountable for this tragedy.

We could add a case that occurred in the Oklahoma City VA Hospital to a member of our own staff, but we feel the following article says it all. It’s time to limit union participation in government to wage and benefits only. Maybe then some of these people will be held accountable.
Guess which person is being targeted with a $500.00 fine?
Senator Don Barrington Only Likes Certain Kind of Hoods

What an idiot…. Despite an existing law against wearing of hoods or masks in public during the commission of a crime state Senator Don Barrington became the laughingstock of Oklahoma after he filed SB 13 to ban the wearing of hooded garments in public.
The legislation amends the existing statute to include people who are not committing a crime or trying to intimidate someone:
To intentionally conceal his or her identity in a public place by means of a robe, mask, or other disguise.
Barrington was quoted in news stories saying that his concern was people wearing masks at political rallies at the Capitol. Once again we are reminded that the fools that get elected as state senators aren’t any smarter than the average bum standing on a street corner panhandling. The proposed change is overly broad and will sweep up the average law abiding citizen and should a criminal actually be charged under the statute the charges will not hold up on appeal as the statute would be overly broad and thus unconstitutional.
We wouldn’t be surprised to see Senator Barrington’s name on a Charlie Meadows’ endorsement list as Barrington appears to be targeting the black community. I suppose Barrington approves of certain type of hoods.
And you wonder what is next. Sun glasses? Women with scarves wrapped around their heads? Hats of all sorts? How about makeup?
Just don’t ask me to use any of that stuff, the election is over you know.
Another Newly Elected Politician Takes off his Hood
Recently elected U.S. Congressman Steve Russell didn’t take long before he let the big money boys know that he was bought and paid for. Last week Russell blasted conservative House members for trying to derail the Boehner appointment as Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Russell was not the first choice for that seat, conservative state House member Mike Turner was, but it is still a disappointment to see a candidate widely supported and endorsed by conservative groups turn their back on those who got them elected. Steve Russell has a well earned reputation for arrogance and is one of those “Christians” that believes he is superior to toothers. Indeed, one of the reasons Russell gave for quitting the state senate was that he felt frustrated and surrounded by incompetents. While there is probably some truth to that statement it reeks of hubris and Russell has certainly left little reasons for any support from the conservative groups.
Russell even quoted scripture to defend his actions, basically calling those who were outraged at his vote “ungodly”:

Psalm 1 cautions us to not seek the counsel of the ungodly but it also tells us to be planted in such a way to bear fruit in due season. Romans 13 reinforces the same point.”

Russell of course is also one of OCPAC’s Charlie Meadows close allies and Russell was quick to defend Charlie’s racist rantings so it is really no surprise that he stabbed fellow conservatives in the back on one of his first votes. Mixing racism and religious bigotry is a potent mix.

All of the Oklahoma House delegation except Tulsa Congressman Bridenstine supported Boner… uh…Boehner for Speaker and Bridenstine drew a lot of criticism from the other RINO Congressmen and of course from the Oklahoman Editorial Board.
Welfare for Corporations Creates Just Over 1/3 the Jobs Promised
The RINOs must be reading the tea leaves after the Fallin tax cut was given the green light despite a massive 300 million dollar budget hole forecasted this year. The Oklahoman was quick to write an editorial spewing praise for the crown jewel of corporate welfare in Oklahoma, the Quality Jobs Act.

Oklahoma Watch recently published an article slamming the Quality Jobs Act where it said that it cost $11,000.00 in taxes for each job “created” under the act. The legislation gave out nearly one billion dollars in tax money in return for promises of nearly 250,000 jobs but in fact the vast majority of these jobs never materialized. Only 36% of the promised jobs were created, the cost to the taxpayers has increased three times faster than the taxes that pay for state government, and about five percent o fall the tax credits went to the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.
The Oklahoman and the State Chamber of Commerce must be worried that the gravy train is endangered and you can count on an effort to cut citizens services before the big business special interests allow this monstrosity to fail.
How Much Does It Cost
By Ms PM
This file shows the process used to turn an idea into law here in Oklahoma and the money tossed at the process is the topic for this story. We suppose the question should be was the taxpayer money well spent. Lawmakers would have you believe their ideas are the next best thing alongside sliced bread and apple pie.
We found this information for 2014, and mind you, this is your money that was spent. Try to get a grasp on how much $34,639,306.00 really is and take a deep breath, hold on to your chair because this is what it cost to operate the House and Senate for 2014. If you figure the session starts in February and goes to the last Friday in May that is approximately 64 days of work. We didn’t count Friday in the work week because the “wasters of taxpayer money” like to start the weekend early. The cost is about $541,239.00 per day.
Next on the agenda is to bring to light a glimpse into what we all pay for when the idiots at large bring up stupid bills. By doing so it’s a very good excuse to ignore anything that needs to be addressed because the clock runs out and that allows for the worn out excuse of “we ran out of time.” If they fart around with dumb ass ideas it makes for noncontroversial banter with no votes lost when the time comes for re-election. Here are two examples.
You can’t get any more important than a bill that focuses on clothing in public places. Shelly Cruze, manager of Mayfair Liquor says hoods and masks are “scary to us.” Well, so is a scorpion running across your foot but do you pass a law saying all scorpions are to be killed because they’re scary? And will scorpions become law abiding and hide so they don’t scare people and escape their fate. Will law breakers stop robbing liquor stores just because there is a law that says “no hoods or masks” allowed? Is there anyone that really thinks if a robber wants to break the law they will hesitate because of another law that says they can’t wear a hood or mask? And which law holds more jail time? Does the sentence increase because they wore a costume? The headlines will never read, sentenced to an extra year for sporting a t-shirt over their head. We can thank Republican Senator Don Barrington for his extraordinary piece of crap that rips off taxpayers. Even if one day total is spent for touching this lousy piece of legislation it is feasible to put a cost of at least $541,239.00 to it.
This next article attaches the spin of any good left leaning media outlet turning anything into racism.
Evidentially there is already a 90 year old law on the books here in Oklahoma that addresses covering your head and doing harm. It was intended to help law enforcement crack down on the KKK way back when.
The article states, “Only the modern American media can take a law originally designed to combat the KKK and make it seem as though a bunch of racists in very-red-state Oklahoma is trying to paint hoodie-wearing black youths as criminals-in-waiting.”
Isn’t there a little too much time and money being spent on what not to wear when committing a crime?
The other example of waste is a new bill by Republican Senator Patrick Anderson wanting the state to “develop a system that would block people arrested for drunk driving from purchasing alcohol during a time period to be determined by a judge.”

Evidentially folks including Patrick don’t know how alcoholics think. First, any normal person knows that their drinking is affecting their life in a bad way and knocks it off before it gets to a DWI. Second alcoholic thinking isn’t normal. No matter the situation good or bad they can always justify a drink. Everything they do and the people they hang with evolve around drinking. Third once that first drink hits the lips it’s all over but the mayhem. These are facts regardless if they make sense.
The article says that “this is more than just a program but a commitment to working with chronic DWI defenders into changing their behavior and prevention of additional DWI arrests.” First the commitment doesn’t come from anyone other than the drunk, unless they’re committed you can plant one foot on the ground and spin as long as you like. They are great bullshit artists; know exactly what to say and when to say it so you like what you hear. They are pros at manipulation. Just keep on spinning and thinking you are noble in your attempt to help. They will let you put in as much time as you like while they continue to drink.
Second the only person that can change the behavior is the drunk although they will let you think they want your help. The real fact is as long as anyone takes the lead as helper it takes the spotlight off the drunks that have to help themselves. It’s a game of self-centered gratification done with great finesse. A drunk can help a drunk because you can’t con a con and rarely do regular people succeed. You can talk for many hours, take it an additional step and pay for their rehab then continue to convince yourself you have helped. You can offer rides, a meal, a place to stay and even a little money in their pocket. They will tell you how much they appreciate all your help and how they are going to straighten out their life with the utmost sincerity then out of the blue…BOOM they’re drunk, and you can’t figure out why they threw it all away…. again… as they get fired from another job. But you were doing so well says the well intentioned helper, what happened? Third people that don’t drink for a living will never figure out the insanity and the proof is in the attempt at understanding that will eventually land a foot in the mouth by something said.
Regular folks always want to help. They try to fix, coheres, demand, insult, incarcerate, pass harsher laws, make jail time longer, threaten to leave, threaten to stop making excuses to the boss, cry, stomp, spy on and talk some more.
A good example of a regular person putting their foot in their mouth is the statement in the article. They say “Is it the purpose of the legal system in this case to get you to stop driving while intoxicated or to cure you of alcoholism? This is a typical statement from someone that doesn’t comprehend alcoholism. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, you are never cured. You may be in recovery for many, many, years and if anyone thinks an alcoholic is cured…serve up a drink and watch what happens. It’s a progressive disease and picks up right where it left off.
This law will do nothing but spend more taxpayer money to solve a problem that drunks don’t want solved. They believe they aren’t hurting anyone but themselves and want to be left alone. They want to drink and most don’t care if they get behind the wheel. The cold truth is there are three options for alcoholics. They die, go to prison or go insane if they don’t stop drinking. The success rate is extremely low at staying sober regardless of the program they go through.
There is one thing that does have some success and it doesn’t cost taxpayers a dime. When drunks that are staying sober take meetings into the jails many times those incarcerated will attend and participate. Usually they attend because it’s something to do and if the person coming in can say enough to piss them off they begin to participate. The one thing that always makes an impact is when an inmate starts justifying their life and they’re asked…If you were doing the right things why do I get to go home and you’re locked up?
No well-intentioned legislature will ever solve this problem. What they do is bring up another feel good law and pretend they are actually doing something to help. Sadly they probably believe they are helping as does most of society. If a drunk doesn’t stop drinking and insists on driving there is no choice but incarceration of some sort. Left to their own devices they will be off to the races with their bottle. They will continue to break the law and kill people when they drive because they no longer care and no new fluffy law will stop it. Locking them up and allowing a forced sobriety sometimes means they get a moment of clarity and straighten up. The punishment must be that they will lose something they aren’t willing to live without and freedom is a pretty powerful motivator. More often than not even that fails to work. It is an insidious disease most will never understand.
If you figure at least a day of work to get this law passed it would be another $541,239.00. These two stupid laws would cost taxpayers approximately $1,082,478.00 if they are passed and made law. So the question to all lawmakers is when will you stop wasting our money? Is your insanity of passing stupid laws and thinking you’re solving problems any different than the insane thinking of robbers and alcoholics?
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