The Rec-Room
January, 2016
By Re-Creative Resources Inc.

National Activity Professionals’ Week
January 22 -28th!
As you may know, January 22-28th is National Activity Professionals’ Week. Don’t worry if you haven’t planned anything yet.
I have some goodies that will make celebrating this week, easy peasy. Please don’t let the week go by un-noticed.
This is a great time to strut your stuff. Do your thang.
Float your boat. Shine your light. You know what I mean jelly bean?

Check out these goodies. They are sure to help you honor and promote this glorious profession!
All you need is a computer, a printer, ink, and lots of paper.


Be sure to stop by the Re-Creative Resources Inc. NAPW page for a comprehensive list of ideas, resources, and products.
I have many resources…most free so check it out!!


I have this fantastic product called the “Activity Professionals’ Week Tool-Kit.”
It includes 24 items such as activities, icebreakers, training materials,
promotional materials and more, all specifically created for NAPW. Hundreds of professionals have downloaded this tool-kit and love it!
Check out this wonderful display!
Easy peasy to make! But the tool-kit comes with much more than that!

Learn more about the Activity Professionals Week Tool Kit.

Note: This is a downloadable product and is emailed to you.

Before you buy the awesome NAPW Tool-Kit,
be sure to check out the Activity Resource Center below.

Why, you ask? Well, first off, the Activity Resource Center (ARC) INCLUDES the NAPW Tool-Kit, plus there are over 300 downloadable items in there. Yes, you heard me. And that’s not all!

I added an entire brandy new spiritual section to the Activity Resource Center that only members have access to. I plan on adding more spiritual activities and the price of the ARC will be increasing sometime in 2017. I highly recommend you join today at the low one-time fee of $77. You will have access to the NAPW materials, the brand new spiritual resources and hundreds of other goodies.

Remember: If you are a current member of the Activity Resource Center, the NAPW tool-kit is already included so you do not need to purchase this.
Just log into your account to download the tool-kit.
Learn about the Activity Resource Center.

Here is an overview of some of the NAPW goodies.

One of the most comprehensive NAPW on the internet!
Re-Creative Resources Inc. NAPW page-a must see! Resources, videos, downloads,
articles, and more.

Brainstorm: Theme-Related Trivia, Word Games, and Discussion Materials
(Volume One: Recreation and Leisure)
Location: Activity Resource Center (subscription required) or purchase separately for $12.95.
This E-book includes 80 pages of trivia, discussion questions, quotes, fun facts, word games, word puzzles, and creative thinking activities, based on the theme recreation and leisure.
The activities in this book can be adapted for individuals with a variety of cognitive abilities and are designed for older adults and seniors. Also included is a bonus PowerPoint version of a creative activity called, "It's Your Story". Check out the
table of contents!

Activity Word Puzzles
Location: Activity Resource Center (subscription required),
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
Host a raffle drawing. Print a bunch and put them in the lobby with a box or basket for completed puzzle entries. At the end of the week, draw one or two names
and announce winner. Simple but effective!

More Than Just Bingo Game
Location: Activity Resource Center, Activity Professionals Week Toolkit or
purchase separately for $8.
Great leisure education activity for facility staff and residents. You can host a “More Than Just Bingo Game” for the residents and/or the staff, or better yet, combine it, and invite residents, family, staff and family members.
As you call out various activities, use this as an opportunity to promote activities.
Give out prizes, serve refreshments, play music, etc.
Just print out the bingo cards provided and make a lot of copies.

Tri-Fold Story Boards
Location: Activity Resource Center (subscription required), or
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
There are two story boards (Activity Types and Benefits of Activities) you can make in just a matter of minutes. You need 2 tri-fold story boards/poster boards and a glue stick.
Just print out the power point pages and glue them on. It is really quite simple.
Put your displays on a table in the lobby with some balloons.

Educational Handouts for your lobby display
Location: Activity Resource Center (subscription required) and
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
There are several ready to print and copy handouts you may use to educate about activities and Activity Professionals.
You may also choose to display your activity calendars, newsletters, photo albums, poems, etc.

Activity Professionals Week Flyer, Banners, Images
Location: Activity Resource Center (subscription required) and
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
Just print out the Activity Professional Week Flyer and post throughout the facility.
It’s general enough to use in all facilities.
You can also download free NAPW pictures (jpgs) which are great for online promotion.

Activity Professionals Week Certificate
Activity Resource Center (subscription required) and
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
Even if you are not doing a structured, planned ceremony or awards program, you can still print this Activity Professionals Week certificate for each of the Activity staff.

Leisure Education Games and Activities
Activity Resource Center (subscription required) and
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
A great way to educate about activities is by using ice breakers and leisure education games. Re-Creative Resources has activities that can be used
with residents, department heads, facility staff, or anyone. Plan to do these during a morning meeting or department head meeting, care plan meeting,
before resident activities (or as an activity), before a meal in the dining room, as part of an in-service, etc. These are easy activities to implement and requires little to no planning or supplies.
More games here.

Press Release Sample
Location: Activity Resource Center (subscription required) and
Activity Professionals Week Toolkit.
Use this sample press release as a guide to writing one for your facility.

Breaking Down the Silos In-Service
Location: purchase separately ($30)
This is a 30-60 minute in-service regarding an interdisciplinary approach to quality of life. It is perfect for mandatory facility staff training and comes with
teacher’s notes, PowerPoint presentation, student manual, an icebreaker, outline and post test. All you have to do is schedule and facilitate.
All the prep work is done for you.

Recreation Jeopardy
Location: purchase separately ($8)
This is a great game for your activity staff. You may also use this as a training session or in-service. It’s much more fun learning by playing a game.
The game comes with 2 rounds of questions relating to activities, documentation, techniques, regulations, etc.

Tic Tac Techniques
Location: purchase separately ($9)
This is a fun game designed to educate activity professionals about various types of facilitation techniques. Use this as an in-service or just a fun game.
The game includes 3 rounds of play, a reference list and a master board for each round.


Whew! That was a lot of material! Cool stuffs!


In summary…there is no reason to NOT celebrate and honor National Activity Professionals’ Week. You CAN do it!

Many Blessings,

Kim Grandal, CTRS, ACC/EDU, ACM
Director, Re-Creative Resources Inc.
Recreation and Activity Educator
Spiritual Coach
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