Greetings and Blessings to all,
We hope this issue finds you in good spirits, good health and good company. As for ourselves, we are back safe and sound from our bus trip to a family reunion in NJ and several days in MD with Russ’ sister and her significant other, Dave. The long and the short of our adventure on Greyhound? Brilliant! It had never registered with us that most of the bus stations are located in the heart of American cities. So, we saw Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Columbus as if we were right downtown. We will definitely go Greyhound again.
So hard to believe the summer is over and most of the kids are back in school. Even some of the leaves are turning  already! Also hard to believe is Van Morrison turning 70 - how can that be?! Make sure you check out our link to his birthday concert in Belfast below. 
Is this your first issue? Many thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy our musings and meanderings. If you do, please feel free to share them with your family and friends.  
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Enough of the blitherin’ - on with the update!

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11 sure signs the Irish summer is truly done
Eat your heart out if you don't live in Ireland. McDonalds confirms it's releasing an artisan burger made with Irish ingredients
Van Morrison celebrates his 70th birthday in Belfast
What county would you be from? Takes this test and find out!
Little girl in Dublin wants to blow up her school
A short history of Ireland
Can you identify these Irish counties on a map?
Autumn at the cottages, Ireland
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Ireland still remains a deeply religious country, with the two main denominations being "us" and "them". In the unlikely event you are asked which group you belong to, the correct answer is: "I'm an atheist, thank God"
Then there’s the Irishman on the construction site who was asked if he knows the difference between a joist and a girder. “Well, sure anyone would know that,” he replies. “Joist wrote Ulysses and Girder wrote Faust.”
For many years Kate Murphy had run the fruit and vegetable stall in the town market and she'd learned to have an answer for any situation. So there she stood, watching the big Texan who was poking around the stall. 'Hey, what are these?' he asked. 'Apples,' said Kate. 'Apples?' laughed the Yank. 'Why, in Texas we have apples twice that size! And what are these?' "Those are potatoes,' said Kate. 'Potatoes? Where I come from, bragged the Texan, our potatoes are twice as big at least,' Just then he picked up a cabbage, but before he could speak Kate said: 'If you're not buying Brussels sprouts, you'd best be putting that down.'
1. According to Irish folklore, if you take molasses melted in water, it will prevent varicose veins?
2. Whipped egg whites with sugar added will cure an upset stomach?
3. The milk drawn from a hazelnut kernel, when added to mead or honeyed water, was once used to help cure a cough?
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First off, the answer to our last Skull Scrambler:
Q. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years? 
A. The letter “M.”
This one was WAY too easy for our Riddle People. We had a slew of correct answers, but first in was Shaun G. Lynch. Well done Shaun and many thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. We hope our next  head banger proves to be more of a challenge:
Q. A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it?
 Please send your answers to Bridget:
It would be helpful if you put Riddle in the subject line. Thanks!
1. Article: The Ould Lammas Fair
2. Article: The Galway International Oyster Festival - a joyous celebration of a native aristocrat
3. Article:  The Clarenbridge Oyster Festival
4. Article: Emblems of Ireland: The Book of Kells
5. Article: A Taste of Ireland: Guinness - For Strength!
6. Article: Making a Match in Lisdoonvarna
7. The Irish Kitchen: Irish oyster recipes
8. Basic Irish: Back to School
9. Kids' Ireland: The Salmon of Knowledge
10. Music Review: Van Morrison at the Movies
11. News: We keep two weeks worth of news here:
12. Irish Shops: A collection of our favorite places to shop for Irish products:
So there you have it until we write again If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event between now and then, we hope it’s an occasion filled with love, joy and laughter. 
Did you tie the knot in September?  Here is  your special verse:
Marry in September's shine
Your living will be rich and fine
Before we take our leave with our customary Irish blessing, we would like to wish all of our readers in the United States a safe and happy Labor Day weekend ! And, before we forget it altogether, Pinch, Punch, First Day of the month, White Rabbit!
There's the joy of dear old Ireland
In these blessings meant for you,
There's a bit of Irish blarney,
There's a touch of magic, too.
There's a hope that love and laughter
Will steal your heart away
And a prayer that all you're wishing
God grant you and yours today.
 And, as they say in Ireland, mind yourself
Slan agus Beannacht,
Bridget & Russ
Get down on your knees and thank God you’re still on your feet. 
Téigh ar do ghlúine is bí buíoch le Dia go bhfuil tú fós ar do chosa.
An attractive young lady was on a plane arriving from Ireland. She found herself seated next to an elderly priest whom she asked: "Excuse me Father, could I ask a favor?" "Of course my child, What can I do for you?" "Here is the problem. I bought myself a new sophisticated vibrating hair remover for which I paid an enormous sum of money. I have really gone over the declaration limits and I am worried that they will confiscate it at customs. Do you think you could hide it under your cassock?" "Of course I could, my child, but you must realize that I cannot lie." "You have such an honest face Father, I am sure they will not ask you any questions", and she gave him the worrisome personal gadget. The aircraft arrived at its destination. When the priest presented himself to customs he was asked, "Father, do you have anything to declare?" "From the top of my head to my sash, I have nothing to declare, my son", he replied. Finding his reply strange, the customs officer asked, "And from the sash down, what do you have?" The priest replied, "I have there a marvelous little instrument destined for use by women, but which has never been used." Breaking out in laughter, the customs officer said, "Go ahead Father. Next!"