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The Ethics of Representative Leslie Osborn

Or more accurately, the lack of same


Leslie Osborn, first elected in 2008 has flirted with conservative values but with the morals of an alley cat in heat and headlong ambitions to rise higher in politics, Rep. Osborn has left a trail of destruction behind her since first elected.

Osborn came on the Sooner Tea Party radar on September 1st, 2011 and was featured in a story outing a handful of legislators that were allegedly cheating on their spouses.   

Linked with Representative Dan Kirby in a long running illicit affair, Osborn was in the middle of an accelerated divorce with husband Timothy Osborn by the time of publication of the scandal.


After the publication of the scandal Osborn was bad mouthing the Sooner Tea Party causing another state rep to warn her “Don’t poke that Tea Party!” to which she replied “Poke them?   I want to be friends with them!”

Osborn continued to carry water for the corrupt RINO leadership, gaining the appointment to the Judiciary committee in 2013.

In 2014 she was quite busy it seems as she appeared to be quite pressed for time as evidenced by an arrest for  speeding at 112 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.


The case rocked along for three months before being set for trial and then settled by bond forfeiture without Osborn ever setting foot inside the courthouse.  Osborn was frequently charged with speeding over the years but this was the most reckless arrest.

Osborn has been a fairly liberal Republican, earning a measly 10 points out of 100 in the 2014 Oklahoma RINO Index, ten points above her long time adulterous friend Dan Kirby.  Osborn voted consistently for a variety of tax credits, refusal to support smaller government bills,  and voting for corporate welfare projects in return for campaign donations.  The previous year Osborn earned 12 out of 100 points by voting for the usual corporate welfare and transparency voiding legislation.

Osborn of course is running for Speaker of the House in 2016 and like the Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton run we are going to get two for one if she is elected as House Speaker.    Hillary/Billary then,    Leslie/Kirby yet to come as Kirby has attached himself to Osborn’s posterior with those huge lips of his.



Why they are Throwing Senator Brinkley under the Bus

The question we asked last week was why the establishment threw Senator Brinkley to the wolves over a paltry million dollars alleged to be embezzled from the Better Business Bureau over the course of 15 years.   At $60,000 per year that is a bargain for owning a politician and the bargain of the century for owning the incoming President Pro Tem of the Senate.    So why would the establishment give the green light to the media to crucify Senator Brinkley?

As always, we learn more about a story after we publish it as we knew when we published the story.   New sources pop up as a result of the story, enemies of the politician featured, victims of the politician, competitors of the politician or competitors of allies of the politician in the story.   Many times we will run additional stories; other times we simply file the information away if it isn’t crucial that the public hear about the new info.  Kind of a safety device to prevent a politician from going after us and there always comes a time that the information comes in handy.   And the story on Senator Brinkley opened up several new sources with some interesting theories of why he was cast into the fire.

Interestingly enough all of the theories centered on another embattled politician; Sheriff Glanz of Tulsa County.  Some of the sources interweaved many elements that were nearly identical showing that a lot of people were thinking along the same lines.  

One source theorized that Brinkley was a sacrificial lamb designed to take the media heat off Sheriff Glanz.  They pointed out that Glanz is a long time core member of the establishment’s good old boy club while Brinkley is a bit on the outside fringe simply through a lack of personal wealth.


Several sources pointed to former Tulsa County GOP Chairman Terry Simonson, now the governmental affairs head and public spokesman for Sheriff Glanz, formerly ever so gently driven out of the Tulsa Mayor’s office in a scandal over forcing the Fire Department to hire Simonson’s son.  Shortly after that Simonson popped up in an editorial attacking the Tulsa Police Department and recommending that it be absorbed by the Sheriff’s office.   Simeonson also has had extensive ties with the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce which itself has extensive ties with Tulsa County Sheriff Glanz.


One source pointed out that the State Chamber of Commerce, the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, and the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce were less than happy with Senator Brinkley being involved in the death of a college, Mickie Taylor the vice president of government affairs for the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce.      Brinkley was named as one of the politicians drinking with Taylor at the grand opening of the Warren Theater and was alleged to have been the person or one of the persons that Taylor was rushing to meet when she rolled her new red corvette either from carelessness, fatigue, or the massive amount of alcohol in her blood.

Several of the sources pointed out the dependencies between community leaders, politicians, corporate leaders, attorneys, and other members of the establishment and the Sheriff’s office who serves as their surveillance and intelligence gathering organization that guides circumstances and situations in the direction that best helps the establishment’s interests.    Many of these same good old boys are also reserve deputies that can access information, criminals, intelligence from line officers, and can keep the District Judges and Special Judges up to speed on who is protected and who is not.


Lastly these reserve deputies that are disposable in needed, a cut out that protects both the Sheriff’s office and the establishment types from scandal if sensitive information needs distributed so that it can reach the media.


The overwhelming consensus is that Sheriff Glanz is crucial for the Chamber of Commerce’s operations and its safety.    The law firms that belong to the Chamber and represent the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County can’t afford to lose their number one intelligence source nor can the legions of former Congressmen or state legislators that earn their living as consultants or lobbyists to the establishment members.


Politicians are a lot like an embezzling bookkeeper; they can’t afford to take a vacation or stop working because they will not be able to hide the evidence of their corruption.      Like the Mafia man retirement isn’t easy because they never know when the façade will fall and reveal their involvement in long term corruption and deceit.


Losing Glanz before they have candidates lined up to both step in temporarily and to run for office and win would be a disaster for the Chamber of Commerce.  They would lose their intelligence, their safety from arrest/charges/exposure on matters like the Mickie Taylor drunken driving accident, and their entire world and manner of making a living would be in danger.





Some Call It Incentives, We Call It Corruption

By Ms PM


It is often said that government picks winners and losers. Here in Oklahoma it is clear that this practice is alive and well. Seventeen businesses including Goodyear and Hitachi get to keep state income tax payments from employees that would have contributed to revenue for the state.

The giveaways allow these companies to expand operations and purchase equipment with an overall cost of $89 million dollars. Correct us if we’re wrong but isn’t the state in a drought when it comes to having enough money? These mismanagers of state money don’t seem to be concerned as they continue to hand out funds that could be used to get Oklahoma’s head above water. The strange concept of this free money is it’s “perfectly legal.” We know, just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right…and with these shenanigans continuing, every taxpayer can bend over and just shut up.


This entitlement program was voted on six years ago and the two jackasses that came up with this measure of grandeur are former Representative Skye McNiel, RINO from Bristow, and former Senator Todd Lamb, RINO from Edmond. The real ha-ha moment is that Lamb is now Oklahoma’s lieutenant governor. Between fox Fallin and fox Lamb wearing Little Bow Peeps sheep costume we can expect more of the same. When asked these two for a response their pie holes slammed shut.


This give the money away program “is less visible to the public than other state business incentives. No state agency announces the projects as they are approved. Each year’s diversions are not listed separately on any state websites. The Oklahoma Commerce Department, which decides which projects will be funded, doesn’t issue an annual report on the program. The Oklahoma Development Finance Authority, which arranges the transactions, doesn’t have a website.”


We ask, how’s that for transparency? Much of the articles information used in our story was obtained through Open Records Act requested by Oklahoma Watch.


Because of this free-for-all, money for maintaining our highways is given away. With the lack of transparency, employees withholding are given back to these businesses without the workers knowledge.


Goodyear received $20 million for expansion of the Lawton tire plant. Hitachi walked away with $15 million to build a larger disc storage facility in Norman. Thirteen of the free money recipients don’t have headquarters in Oklahoma. Only four companies dipping into the honey pot are based here in Oklahoma.


Each company touted new jobs would be created. Their estimates of new hires are a determining factor for the free money. The state says they “monitor” employment gains…but they have no report (paper trail) on the actual numbers. “Documents and data obtained by Oklahoma Watch show that the projects were initially expected to create 1,031 new jobs. If they did so, the program would cost the state about $86,000 for every job created.”

 And the really bad thing about this program?   After all of this the companies fund the plant expansions out of their own funds and are repaid with interest using once per year disbursements from the employee income tax payments.  So it isn't that the companies don't have the cash, it is that they want the state to pay for their expanded plant and new equipment.

When it came time for Oklahoma Watch to obtain comment from the Commerce Department and our great Governor…it went something like this………….








Gun Grabbers


By the Watchman


For over six years now we have seen a tyrannical assault on the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens of this great nation. Many believe it’s just the policy of the current administration, but they would be in error. This has only been accelerated by the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. It doesn’t alter the fact that what we are seeing though is a continuation of a policy established in 1961 and to this day still followed by the U.S. State Department. That policy is the Freedom from War Act of 1961. You may read the entire article here Freedom from War (1961). This act would leave weapons in the hands of the police and the military only. Mao Zedong once said power comes from the barrel of a gun. The power will be all inclusive in the federal bureaucracy.


It’s not as if we were not warned of this happening. As early as 1890 we found this About that Grigsby tombstone that calls Democrats Traitors. Admittedly this comes from a source we don’t usually use, but it is verified through other sources. We used this source because it was the only one with a photo of the tombstone. It’s prophetic in its nature as we are seeing and living it today. We have a Congress that fails to represent their citizens, a Senate that is afraid of a tyrannical President and a President who feels he can write legislation with a phone and a pen. We also have a Supreme Court that is held in contempt by this same dictatorial president. What is worse is we have a citizenship that for the most part is asleep and refuses to see the problem.


We became aware of the latest attempt when we read this article Istook's Insight: President Obama wants to combine gun control with speech control. Representative Istook is absolutely correct when he says that this is a backdoor attempt at gun control and a gag order on even talking about guns on the internet. Here they are not only trying to control your 2nd Amendment rights, but they are trying to control your 1st Amendment rights also. They are trying to re-interpret the 1961 State Department Order to give them the power to do so. Can we as Americans stand by and let this happen. We don’t think so.


The next article of interest we found was this About that Obama “gag order” on firearm-related speech « Hot Air. This article goes into some detail about the Executive Order that the President used to implement the actions in the gag order. We are particularly admirable of the spunk in the end of the article where they give the instructions on how to break down a Mossberg 30-06 and then challenged the Attorney General to come and get them.


The next article of interest we found was this ALERT: Obama Issues "Gag Order" to BAN Americans From Talking About Major Issue. This serves but one purpose only and that is to give the administration a back door in the closing of sales of weapons over the internet. It’s unfortunate that they have decided to violate our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights in this manner. Missteps by this administration have allowed more American weapons to fall into the hands of foreign enemy organizations than can ever be gained from the internet. A prime example is the tanks and M-4 carbines now in the hands of ISIS all because they refused to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq. Such an agreement may have allowed enough troops to stay behind to prevent the loss of Iraq to ISIS. Now they don’t even have a strategy to stop them yet they keep sending troops in piecemeal at a time. That’s disgraceful.


A center of the Democrats argument for gun control has always been the FBI reports on Mass Shootings. Then we found this article Nate Jackson: FBI on Mass Shooting Report: Yeah, We Made It Up — The Patriot Post. So in other words the entire Democratic argument for gun control is based on a lie. It makes one wonder how much they can trust the F.B.I. anymore. First there was the report of them knowingly submitting false lab reports to various law enforcement agencies around the country just to get a conviction and now this. Is there any branch of the federal government we can trust anymore? We believe the answer is no.


The next article of interest we found was this New Obama policy would make “merely posting firearm information on the internet” a crime – Intellihub. This is yet another report of the criminal act being imposed by this administration on the citizens of the country and a vast majority of the sheeple just lies down and takes it. What ever happened to their pride? What ever happened to their quest for freedom? What ever happened to the Spirit of Independence in this country?


We all believed that with a Republican House and Senate that a measure of control in this country would be regained, but that has proven not to be. A cowardly Speaker of the House and Senate President pro-tem has caved to President Obama and the Democratic party on almost every turn. It actually took the House Democrats to defeat the Speaker of the House’s attempt to hand authority to the President to fast track trade deals where no changes could be made. That’s disgraceful.


In closing we must say it’s time for a change of leadership in the House and Senate. It’s also time for a few new faces in the House and Senate.  To many times Tom Cole and Frank Lucas vote with the Speaker of the House. Last session Rep. Cole scored a 53% on the Conservative Index while Rep. Lucas scored a little better at 61%. They have been in DC to long. They are out of touch with the people of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Values. It’s time for them to go. It’s time for this administration to go. We have had enough Obamanomics.





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