Dear Colleague,

NSpine is proud to announce the NSpine Main Conference 2017, which will take place in London, UK on June 12-15, 2017 and is in collaboration with the European Spine Journal, NASS & Biospine. 

Find more highlights about the Conference in this Newsletter!

Yours sincerely,

Bronek Boszczyk, NSpine Director

NSpine 2017 Highlights
GSpine - The future of Spinal Surgery
The GSpine sessions launched at the 2015 meeting proved overwhelmingly popular and will be expanded across all days for 2017. The GSpine sessions highlight emerging technologies relevant to the field of spinal health care such as robotics, additive manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, databanking and more. Many lectures are delivered by industry experts in their field.
Sex & the Spine
Cadaver Labs
Cadaver Labs will be organised at the NSpine 2017 venue Royal College of Surgeons.
Make sure to book in time as places are limited.

Reservations will open in October 2016!
NSpine Faculty
Pedro Berjano
Spinal Surgeon
Milan, Italy
Claudio Lamartina
Spinal Surgeon
Milan, Italy
Christof Birkenmaier
Spinal Surgeon
München, Germany
Anne Mannion
Scientific Consultant
Zürich, Switzerland
More Faculty.....