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Overview of our Summer Training. You can see, we aim to give you the full training experience in the summer as well, although many are on holiday. We do have a one week break in the end of August, though (see above). 
Besides that only three lessons have to be cancelled, because Heero Sensei is teaching in Germany. These are: 
Saturday, 11th:
- Lunchtime Adults & Qi Gong 
Monday, 13th: 
- No Home Ed Class and no lunchtime lesson. Sorry. :(
- Evening classes as normal with Arto
We are pushing for growth
The new Syllabus, announced in the last newsletter, is ready, and the new cycle has started. We are looking into Heian Sandan in this cycle, and into a lot of other exciting techniques. The weekly schedule has changed a little bit as well, but really very minor. Find the new schedule attached, because this version here is probably too small: 
For August and September we run a new promotion: ActiveAugust offers two months of training for £29, which is ridiculously cheap, and we apologize to all of you members who are paying proper membership fees so we can offer all the training that we do. If you have friends or family you would like to drag into training, give them this link: http://missinglink-martialarts.uk/summer2018.html
Grading seminar
Here a few photos of gradings in July. We are very happy about the results and the way you all are developing! 
Kids classes
For those of you who haven't heard yet: Kid's classes are now on in the city centre, and they are showing a good bit of success. Here is more info, if you know parents who would love to see their kids training martial arts. https://uk.funzing.com/funz/kids-karate-bonsai-martial-arts-15965
Women's Self Defence
TThe promised Facebook group isn't up yet, but the reason is very simple: The police-run charity Prävent e.V. from Germany might be able to support us. We are clearing this and then get going as planned. 
Suburban dojos
This is something we work on. MediaCity is something that we aim for first! 
Winter Seminar 2018
If you always wanted to visit Germany, join us to Dortmund - the place with the biggest christmas tree in the world - for the Missing Link Winter Seminar 2018. More details to follow! 
Scarborough 2019
International Missing Link Seminar with guests in Scarborough, including beach training and fighting in water. Interested? Stay tuned. We are working on it for 2019!