As described in the previous newsletter, GNSS Solutions enjoys a new version which has important implications for users in the United States using GEOID03 and GEOID09 vertical datum.

When you update GNSS Solutions from the ftp site (and I strongly recommend that you do), you should also update GEOID09 (also on the ashtech ftp site).

This document:
  [ GNSS Solutions 3.10.10; Reference Frame and GEOID Notes ]

document describes, step-by-step, how to do the update, apply the GEOID09 patch and use GNSS to derive accurate NAD83-CORS96 solutions. The document has been reviewed and approved by Phil Stevenson and we are both very happy to finally be on the same page!

I have provided similar instructions in the past. My previous instructions worked around GNSS Solutions issues at the expense of knowingly computing state plane projected coordinates using an incorrect base datum. This latest version of GNSS Solutions addresses all of these issues.
Plus the latest GNSS Solutions version includes the latest BLADE version which has a superior baseline processing engine. In my recent testing, I have found L1 only ProMark3 static and stop-and-go processing to fix more quickly with superior results.

Mark Silver