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RSNA 2018: CT-guided pulsed radiofrequency brings long-term relief of chronic back pain
CT-guided pulsed radiofrequency treatments for patients with lower back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation have proven superior to lumbar epidural spinal injections, according to a scientific session presentation at the 2018 RSNA annual meeting. Only one treatment was needed for the majority of patients enrolled in a clinical trial conducted by Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.


CT colonoscopy electronic cleansing software reduces polyp size
Electronic cleansing software algorithms applied to CTC images display polyps submerged in tagged fecal residue helped improve colonic evaluation. Radiologists from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria describe research findings in the November issue of European Radiology.


RSNA 2018: Radiologists provide positive impact to exam orders from emergency department
Radiologists should be proactive in sharing their clinical expertise with ordering physicians, as the knowledge they provide can help improve patient care and reduce costs, RSNA attendees were told in a scientific session presentation that focused on radiologists’ input to emergency physicians at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT.


Outcomes-based neurimaging interpretation system developed
A multi-institutional team of neuroradiologists has developed an outcomes-based classification system for the interpretation of non-contrast head CT exams, which they hope can be used as a clinical decision support tool after additional validation. They describe this prototype system in a November article in the Journal of Neurotrauma.


RSNA 2018: Multiparametric MRI exams can reduce unnecessary prostate cancer biopsies
Multiparametric MRI of the prostate is increasingly being performed as a key imaging exam for men suspected of having prostate cancer. When negative, biopsy can be avoided in the majority of patients, according to a study from The Netherlands presented at the RSNA annual meeting.

RSNA 2018: 1.5 million-image dataset released for MRI scan acceleration research
NYU School of Medicine is making more than 1.5 million anonymized MR images of the knee available to researchers participating in the fastMRI initiative. FastMRI is aimed at developing AI systems to make MRI scans 10 times faster.

Subscribe expands and reaches out to children has created launched a new section of its website specifically targeted to children to help them prepare for diagnostic imaging exams. RadInfo 4 Kids contains videos, stories, games, and activities to help make them more comfortable.

Pathology reporting added to Ikonopedia structured reporting toolkit
Intelerad launches disaster recovery platform at RSNA 2018
ScreenPoint Medical receives FDA clearance for screening mammography AI software
Double Black Imaging introduces new medical display monitors at RSNA 2018

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