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Medicaid Expansion, Fallin is Just Itching to Pull the Trigger


Obama Care of course mandated expanding the Medicaid program and so far Fallin and the Republican legislative leadership have been too nervous to do it.  However the State Chamber of Commerce and the hospital industry is pushing hard for a bigger chunk of your tax dollars.


The Feds say they will pay90% of the increased costs but Congress can change that on a whim if they ever lose the ability to print money so it wouldn’t be wise to trust Congress’s promises and Congress has a history of reneging on mandate funding.  One thing for certain is that Congress is feeling the pressure to reduce Medicaid expenditures.


The federal government itself agrees that  it has unfunded liabilities of 88 trillion dollars but if they had to keep books like they require the rest of us to keep books those unfunded liabilities move up to 124 trillion dollars.


Currently one in four Oklahomans are enrolled in Medicaid, leaving three fourths of the taxpayers paying for their medical expenses.  Two thirds of the births in Oklahoma are paid for by Medicaid and two thirds of nursing home beds are paid for by Medicaid and the cost exceeds state spending on all education in the state.   If the RINOs and liberals have their way and Oklahoma Medicaid is expanded, one in three citizens will be swilling at the public trough and increasing the state budget by 160 million per year.  In less than ten years the Oklahoma Medicaid budget is expected to exceed the entire appropriated budget for 2012..


.Expanding free health coverage is a recipe for state bankruptcy and will eventually mean fewer people are pulling their weight and less quality care for the truly needy people that actually do need care.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that when something is “free” then someone has to pay for it.


The solution for most Medicaid patients is called a JOB.   Lots of successful people have medical issues but they work anyway out of pride and self respect.  While there are certainly disabled people on the system the vast majority are simply too lazy to work or refuse to hold any sort of job or jobs to make ends meet like a responsible person.




Bad House  Legislation 2015


Nothing will give you a headache like reading over what the fools filed as legislation this year.  And there are thousands of them with the worst filed under a innocuous sounding title. This week we will cover the last of the House legislation that we believe is unsound or flat out dangerous.  There are no doubt bills that we missed and a lot of the legislation was duplicated many times both in the House and Senate.  But here are some of the worst examples of bad legislation or self serving, rent seeking legislation.

HB 1109 Chris Kannaday, would double the allowed earnings for a retired teacher, from 15K to 30 K per year and remove a paltry 60 day prohibition on working for the educational system.  These people are being paid a retirement check already so why are we allowing them to work?   If they didn’t want to retire then they shouldn’t have retired.   This is just double dipping, getting paid twice for the same work.   It is insane to pay retirement pay if the worker is still working.


HB 1111 by Hoskin is t 1109, allowsteachers to draw a retirement check while continuing to swill at the public trough.


HB 1112 by Hoskins is more of the same.  The teacher lobbyists are just flinging stuff on the wall to see what sticks.


HB 1277 by Cockcroft creates a natural gas conversion program for the 77 counties.   While the source of the funding is unclear except for a clause that states the legislature will fund it, in fiscal year with a 600 million dollar shortfall and with gasoline at record low prices there doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason for this legislation other than special interests pushing to get more vehicles modified to burn natural gas. And the whole idea is to drive up demand and thus prices on natural gas


HB 1279 by Cockcroft would allow a county official to bypass competitive bidding under certain circumstances, raising the amount from 10K to 15K.   All the county official has to do is engineer a low bidder that can’t fulfill the contract and he can automatically kick the purchase to the next bidder down the line.   Can anyone say corruption?


HB 1282 by Cockcroft is a whopping tax credit that would allow a 75% tax credit of the cost of property bought to set up a compressed natural gas station.  This one isn’t going anywhere but Josh Cockcroft seems to be beholding to the natural gas lobbyiss.


HB 1297 by Wesselhoft is the perennial attempt to fund the American Indian Cultural Center, this time by sucking money out of the state lottery  that was passed to fund education.   Ain’t happening Paul.


HB 1329 by Coody and “Hoodie” Barrington…wow, this legislation allows a police officer to force someone before a district judge if there has been an allegation of domestic violence and if the alleged suspect is unemployed, has been jealous, has left the home or is separated from the victim, if the victim has a child that doesn’t also belong to the alleged suspect, if the suspect has followed or spied on the victim, or if the victim is “worried” about their safety.   The judge can then have an ankle bracelet GPS monitor installed on the alleged suspect.  Insane! No trial, no conviction, and on the word of a “victim” someone can have their rights violated and be tagged like an animal.


HB 1344 by Dunnington increases the state minimum wage to $10.00 per hour.  This one isn’t going anywhere but if the author really wanted to increase wage rates he would support running the illegal aliens out of the state.


HB 1345 by Dunnington would allow businesses to be prosecuted for discrimination based upon sexual identity or sexual preference.


HB 1351 by Rouselott would allow circumstantial evidence to be used against suspects in domestic violence cases.  Not a good idea.


HB 1352 by Rouselott would allow counties, even small cities and towns to enforce nuisance laws making life as onerous in the country and small towns as it is in the major cities of Oklahoma.


HB 1361 by Griffith attacks the Oklahoma Open Records law by increasing costs for release of records by allowing non direct expenses to be tacked on, allowing the cost of redacting information from the records, or flat out deny the release if the agency believes that the fulfillment of the Open Records Request would “disrupt” the agencies work.   Like Mary Fallin’s office being busted over the 58,000 email records?  There is also a laundry list of exemptions on video and audio tape where law enforcement is involved, with the idea of making it impossible to release video or audio information like the one of the state trooper raping the woman in his patrol car while parked next to the railroad crossing.


HB 1364 by Griffith, same old teacher double pay check scheme.


HB 1390 by Murdock would allow government entities to allow employees to conceal carry weapons on government property that is off limits to citizen concealed carry.   This sets up a special class of citizen that is above the law.  Any law abiding citizen ought to be able to carry and if not why carve out exceptions for government employees?


HB 1425 by McPeak guts the prohibition on legislators returning to work in the school system.  Currently a retired legislator must wait two years before going back to the agency that he worked  for before being elected.


HB 1461 by Wallace, more double pay for teachers


HB1474 by Wood allows double dipping on a severance package for state employees that volunteer to quit. Currently only one severance package is allowed if the employee quits.


HB 1489 by Mathews, another double pay for teacher scheme


HB 1521 by Henke allows tax free incentive pay for teachers and removes the necessity for negotiation.  Hey, make my paycheck tax free too please.


HB 1577 by Williams allows landlords an additional 50% more time to return security deposits to tenants.     Why is this needed?


HB 1578 by Williams would allow worker compensation benefits for mental injures caused by natural disasters…..I think that Williams must have been hit in the head in the Moore tornado.


HB 1579 by Pruett would allow non partisan elections for county offices.  Bad idea pushed by liberal Democrats.


HB 1624 by Derby would eliminate any income tax on corporations in Oklahoma.    While we are all for less taxation this is a State Chamber of Commerce bill for sure.   Why not just lower everyone’s taxes, not the special interests that can afford to bribe legislators?


HB 1666 by Dank would allow any property owner within one square mile of your property to petition the local D.A.  to have your property  seized by an appointed receiver, to have any rent money seized, and to begin to make improvements upon the property.    One hundred local property owners have to sign the petition and the question is would this law be used to harass poorer neighbors into upgrading their properties?  What a way to increase resale value of your own home!   HB 1666….. the sign of the devil?   Shall we nickname Dank as Devil Dank?


HB 1668 by Dank is an appropriation of an indefinite amount money to the American Indian Cultural Center to insure completion of the Center.  That’s right, a blank check.  Oh, what could go wrong there?   Yes, Devil Dank it is then.


HB 1686 by Denney would throw the presidential election to the winner of the popular vote.  Horrible idea to cut out the Electoral College and undercut the Republic.  Someone throw that cow a sack of dollar cheeseburgers to keep her occupied.


HB1739 by Moore, another ConCon bill.  You should know better Lewis.


HB 1804 by Banz, another ConCon bill.  You know the score if a RINO like Gary Banz is for it.


HB 1828 by Martian is a rent seeking bill that will regulate builders and require licensing. The existing builders are using this to limit competition from upstart companies. All it does is increase the cost of building a home through diminished competition.


HB 1836 by Scott is a 6.25% pay raise for turnpike employees.   Did you get a pay raise last year?   Me neither.


HB 1921 by Jordan would allow a lawsuit or other legal proceeding to be published in a county newspaper as notice of the legal action being started.  If the defendant is believed to live in a county then publication of a legal notice is all it takes to serve notice.  This is a bad idea, it isn’t that hard to find people these days with the internet and a direct face to face serving of legal process ought to be required.


HB 1939 by Sean Roberts will require all public restrooms built with public money to have doors swinging out, not in, so that someone can exit the rest room “without gripping a surface”.   Really Sean?    You have nothing better to do than protect us from poopy hands?


HB 1965 by O’Donnell is another anti cell phone bill that would allow you to be prosecuted and fined $250.00 if law enforcement officers believe that you are using a cell phone key pad for anything outside a limited scope of processes.   The offense has to be initiated after stopping you for another traffic infraction or crime but that could be something as nebulous as improper lane change or driving too close to either side of your lane.


HB 2017 by Coody allows oil and gas companies to include workers under the Quality Jobs Program Act, a corporate welfare scheme that gives tax dollars to companies that would hire the workers anyway.

HB 2066 by Jason Nelson withdraws the ability of the State Treasurer to hire outside firms on a contingency basis to find the beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance policies.   The state basically confiscates the proceeds of unclaimed policies and does nothing to try to find the heirs.





An Uninsured Motorist Story

By Ms PM


This is a true story. The person continued to drive with an expired registration on her vehicle and had no insurance. Two or three weeks prior to being stopped by police their choice was to not take care of either and luck ran out, they got stopped.


The cost to register the vehicle is approximately $20.00 for the year if renewed before expiration. The cost for the insurance is $50.00 a month for liability. To have the money for yearly registration it would require saving $.06 a day for the entire year. In order to pay their monthly insurance  $12.60 would need to be saved out of each weekly paycheck. To budget for these two expenses would require her to save $13.02 each week.


Here are the unintended consequences. The officer did not cite them for not having insurance only the expired registration. They went to court and the Judge dropped $30.00 off the fine but they still had to pay over $100.00. The judge extended the fine so they have until May to pay it off. The registration fees were high because it was allowed to expire and they paid the inflated price up front to register the vehicle and then gain insurance before appearing in court.  One small paycheck just got wiped out for the week.


Now they are playing catch up how many think she will continue to pay ther insurance each month? The unintended consequence is that every other motorist has to pay higher premiums because in this instance, someone is incapable of saving $12.66 a week. Picking up a part time job one day a week would more than pay for what needs to be saved with a little left over.


Law enforcement that refuse to address this problem do not care that Oklahoma has the highest rate of uninsured. Neither do they care if your premiums are inflated to cover  irresponsible people. Oklahoma participates in this example as to what is wrong in America. And Oklahoma is what some call a red state…really? When did people accept that in order for them to get by they have to leach off of their fellow citizens and not give it much thought?


If there ever were a time for folks to wake up, it’s now. Lawmakers that do not address this problem are more responsible than law enforcement. If 25% of insured drivers, the same percentage as uninsured, make the call to their representatives asking what they are doing to fix this, something might get done.


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