Hey Folks just a reminder that tonights Broadside of the Barn Show kicks off around 7 pm. The weather looks great and as an added bonus you don't have to work on Monday.  
Megan Constatine will be opening the show a little after 7 pm followed by Emily Keener around 8 pm then followed by Caylen Bryant at 9 pm and Mary Bridget Davies at 10 pm. There are many additional artist included tonight during the set changes and a big campfire show following the main show. Please feel free to camp in the parking lot if your to tired to drive home after the show. We ask campers to clear out before noon on Monday.
Remember to bring your paypal receipts if you bought tickets online... just in case. Also, Its a good idea to bring a folding chair if you did not reserve a table in advance just in case we have a big turnout. The Barn comfortbly seats 100 at tables and about 50 in perimeter chairs. The Backdoor of the Barn opens up and there is plenty of room to sit under the stars or near the campfire and watch. It's going to be a great show!
Please note we can only accept cash at the show. Exact change helps. No credit or debit cards please.
See you tonight!   Mike
The 2016 Broadside of the Barn
Sunday, September 4, 2016
$25 Addmission
Grafton, Ohio
Visit here for details: http://www.mikesbarn.com/newsletters/081916.html