It's that time of year again!

Time to get together with family and friends, 
share some holiday cheer, 
and hopfully remind ourselves of our shared humality.

Unless you are a capitalist.

In which case it's time for finding year-end tax dodges, evicting tenants, and finding out if funding a violent overthrow of our democracy is deductable.
It's also time for

the critically-acclaimed radio/scripted podcast adaptation of 
the Dickens classic

~ but with our own revolutionary spin ~ 

Nov 25 - Jan 8, 2023

Adapted and directed by Michael Gene Sullivan.

Additional lyrics and arrangement by Daniel Savio.
Music Produced by Daniel Savio & Taylor Gonzalez
Music Consulting by Bruce Barthol
Sound Design & Engineering by Taylor Gonzalez
Stage Managed by Karen Runk
Booking by Marissa Ellison

Mike McShane as Scrooge
Michael Gene Sullivan
 Bob Crachit
Velina Brown 
Mrs. Crachit
Andre Amarotico 
 Lisa Hori-Garcia 
Amos Glick 
Milo Carter-Daniels 
Tiny Tim
Jarion Monroe 
The Ghost of Jacob Marley
Keiko Shimosato-Carreiro 
The Ghost of Christmas Past
Wilma Bonet
The Ghost of Christmas Present
"A Red Carol is a leftist's dream wish for the Holiday season and every other day of the year. It hits hard at people who "weigh everything by profit" extolling the virtues of caring employers like Fezziwig. You must snicker when Tiny Tim mentions the inadequacy of the healthcare system, and cheer when Sullivan's dialogue attacks privatization, ruling class propaganda and the idea that ignorance and want will keep the poor entrenched in the stations.
Seasonal charity is a great concept, but SF Mime Troupe can't be satisfied with any trickle-down economics, Christmas time or not. Bravo comrades!"

Steve Murray, Broadway World
This is not the corporate theater Carol.

This is not their Carol.

This is our Carol.

This is "A Red Carol."
So this year get together with family and friends,
and listen to a story you thought you knew.

Free on a radio or podcast near you!
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Music Produced by Daniel Savio & Taylor GonzalezMusic Consulting by Bruce BartholSound Design & Engineering by Taylor GonzalezStage Managed by Karen Runk

~ Also~

 Michael will be appearing at

as Duke Senior in

A musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It

Adapted by Shaina Taub and Laurie Woolery

Music and lyrics by Shaina Taub

Directed by Bill English

Music Direction by Dave Dobrusky

Choreography by Nicole Helfer


Shaina Taub and Laurie Woolery’s rollicking and poignant musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It is a dream-like tale of faithful friends, feuding families and lovers in disguise, featuring an original folk-pop score. Forced from their homes, Orlando, Duke Senior, his daughter Rosalind, and niece Celia escape to the Forest of Arden, a fantastical place of transformation, where all are welcomed and embraced. Lost amidst the trees, the refugees find community and acceptance under the stars.

Click here for show times and info.

~ Meanwhile ~

Theatre on Podil
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
The Ukrainian translation
 of the stage adaptation by
Michael Gene Sullivan

Directed by
Sergiy Pavlyuk
Production was stopped at the beginning
of the Russian invasion, but despite the war
the theatre has resumed production!

Click here to visit website.