Portland Story Theater
The days grow darker and the cold comes creeping into our bones ...as the leaves fall, as the wind calls in the night, as winter wakes from its slumber and begins to gnaw at the door.

It is the perfect time for an evening of unsettling stories, stories that seep into your subconscious and into your dreams.

Not just any stories, but stories crafted for that perfect moment of surprise when the hair rises on your neck and you feel a sudden chill in the room. All Hallow's Eve is almost upon us and the
reputedly haunted John Palmer House is the perfect setting for our stories. Stories of candles that won't stay lit, of corpses rising from the grave, corpses that clutch you tightly in their grip, stories of fiery eyes glaring at you from the window. It's an evening of unsettling and strange occurrences that cannot easily be explained ...stories that haunt you in the night as you lie in bed, awakened from a dream by something...

This is our second annual event at The John Palmer House and we offer you a whole new set of stories to hear at TALES OF TERROR. There's only two evenings this October: the Friday and Saturday leading up to Halloween. These are very special stories that require a certain time, a certain place.

Space is very, very limited. If you are on this list then you are getting the first chance to secure tickets, which you can do at this link:


This promises to be a remarkable experience, and it may be exactly what you need to remind yourself of the ancient power that Halloween holds. We hope that you will consider joining us.

May the narrative be with you,
Portland Story Theater

Who: Portland Story Theater with special guests Sharon Knorr and Will Hornyak
What: Tales of Terror at the John Palmer House
Where: John Palmer House, 4314 N. Mississippi, Portland, Oregon
When: Friday and Saturday October 29 and 30th, 2010. Doors open at 7:30, stories begin at 8:00; no late seating
Tickets are extremely limited for this special event, and can be purchased at this link (Sliding scale, $35 to $50):

Here's your chance to support two incredible groups in the Portland, Oregon area: Portland Story Theater and NestShare.
This is a FUNDRAISER and all proceeds will benefit Portland Story Theater and NestShare. Audience members move from room to room in the beautifully restored and reputedly haunted Victorian mansion to hear four terrifying tales by storytellers Lynne Duddy, Lawrence Howard, Sharon Knorr, and Will Hornyak. Only fifty tickets will be issued for each evening.