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Sheila Lazarus
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Issue #130--------May 2016
Hello & WELCOME!
So....Our vacation was beyond-words fantastic and even though I'm sitting here bleary-eyed and jet-lagged, fresh off an overnight flight across the pond, I'm not so out-of-it that I don't know that sometime while I was taking in the ambiance of Budapest...
    I missed Mother's Day! 
So I hope all of the mothers amongst us (especially MY Mom, the best Mom of all) had a nice Mother's Day, complete with visits, phonecalls, flowers, Skypetime, brunches and maybe a little chocolate!   (Love you Mom,
sorry I missed Mother's Day!)
And now... skip on without me while I fix myself another cup of tea. I'll meet up with you at the end of this letter!
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Jorji Boutte of California!
Her Parisien "Quattro" was the final victor in a very close contest. She wins a $25.00 SKD virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our Handbag Gallery. Click HERE to see her beautiful entry!

BUT...it's a new month and time to reset for a new contest,so just scroll down to see this month's entries!
We've got EIGHT more fantastic entries to share with you, so check 'em out then cast a vote for your favorite.

(For BIGGER images: Click on each individual pic)


This eye-popping Bellagio Bag was created by Peta Lawes of WA, Australia.The fabric is incredible and seems tailor-made for the assymetrical Flap of this bag!
The print combinations for this Triple Play are compelling, right? And here's an interesting thing... these pictures were submitted by Carol Lipan on behalf of her exceptionally talented sewing instructor, Cynthia Wiegand. Evidently everyone in the class LOVED it and I do too!
And if you're in to neutrals, then this is the bag for YOU! Yep, Cheryl Maass is back with yet another Quattro sans her signature butterflies!  It's refreshingly different!
And here's yet another Quattro that would be oh-so-much-fun to carry, right? It was created by Sandy George of Perry, IA who told me that her daughter & several of her own friends have since tried to talk her out of it! She added that she's addicted to making bags! (Me too!)
And if this fabric looks familiar, it's from my all-time favorite collection, "Lumina" by Peggy Toole. Evidently Verna Hall of Mooresville, IN loves it as much as I do and it certainly looks fabulous on her Quattro, no?
And how impressive is this embroidered Gadabout? Virginia Blackwell of Willow Street, PA stopped by my booth at the AQS Lancaster show especially to show it to me and I'm SO glad she did!
Mary-Lou Wightman created this absolutely stunning Quattro with fabrics she bought while traveling thru Sedona, AZ last year! This color combination is very striking, don't you think?
And finally, how cute is this Porta-Pockets PLUS trio by Paula Blass of Clay, AL? Paula said she totally loves the versatility of being able to use these components separately are all-together as shown!
OK, ready to vote now?
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Writings From the Website- 
We are just now closing the "book" on the twelfth episode of our popular Purse Pattern Chronicles series. You'll find our final posts below (all preceeded with PPC12). And just in case you're new here or want to catch up on any of the posts from last month, they're all listed below.
And now... Check out this "Oldie but Goodie" from our Archives
Bobbin Around the Web- The Dutch Quilter
Lennie Honcoop is a popular quilting class teacher and retreat leader, a creative designer, and a talented top quilter who lives in CA.  She uses the name, 'The Dutch Quilter,' because she came from The Netherlands.
Lennie has perfected the art of "Hot Ribbon Art", which is an iron-on, no sew, 1/8" wide ribbon that can be used to finish the raw edges of appliqué. Hot Ribbon is gaining in popularity with quilters who like to finish off their projects quickly and have a dramatic look. And y dramatic, I mean DRAMATIC!
If you ever go to a quilt show where Lennie is displaying, plan oon spending some time watching her work on a project (which she does almost continually during a show). To say its fascinating and mesmerizing is an understatement! (I think I spent every spare moment I had at Quilt Festival last Fall watching her! It's a wonder she didnt report me for stalking!) Anyway, click HERE to check out her website! One of my favorite pieces is called Irises, but I love Poppies as well!
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Click image or HERE to share a smile with me.
We all know cats make us happier and healthier. But now Ukrainian soldiers are relying on cats to boost morale and get back in touch with civilized life on the front lines.
According to the Daily Mail, animals from local abandoned shelters along the battlefield have become a part of daily life for many of the men fighting to defend their territory.
Click HERE to find out the science-backed reasons why the cats are proving to be such invaluable companions to the fighters.
TWO For Your Viewing Pleasure-
First an adorable kitten vs. a robotic dog and an adult cat!
      Click image or HERE to watch it.
And here's a few terrific clips of babies annoying their longsuffering dogs!
       Click image or HERE to watch it.
Quote of the Month- 
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
A Beginner Project- A Non-Slip Sewing Machine Pad
If you are an avid sewist then you know the constant struggle of feeling your foot pedal slowly slide away from you as you work on a project. I’ve heard of some people sticking their foot pedals down to the floor with duct tape, but that’s just not going to last the way you need it to! So here’s the perfect (and super cute) solution! It’s a foot pedal non-slip pad to keep your foot pedal in place! Just click HERE to get started.
Look What I Found OnLine- Why are Plane Windows Round?

So.... am I the only one who has wondered why the windows on airplanes are ALWAYS round? And what about the little hole at the bottom edge? What's up with that, right? Well.... it turns out there's actually logic behind the shape of these windows and the little hole really does serve an important purpose. Just click HERE to find out more!
Cat Picture of the Month-
 Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Techie Tutorial of the Month- Hashtag Etiquette
Hashtags.... do you know when and how to use them? There's honestly a LOT of confusion about this subject so click HERE to find out the latest recommendations from an expert!
New Word of the Month- Entrepreneur
Wait a minute! Entrepreneur isn't a new word, you're right about that, but I included it here because of the new definition that I like SO much better, so...Click image or HERE for a larger view.
This Quilt show & sale is held in the Saulnier Parish Church in Nova Scotia. Click HERE for more pictures and information about this annual event which is held about the same time every year. It seems that adding this show to your list of things to see and do might be a good thing considering that Nova Scotians are known to be among the friendliest people in the world, PLUS the scenery is spectacular and the seafood is to die for.
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
It's a GREAT day to be sewing!
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