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EFT for Pets

Tips of the Month 

Halloween is almost here!  Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats, so keep the trick-or-treat goodies away from your pets!

* * * *

The strange sights, sounds and smells of Halloween festivities may frighten your pets. 

You can proactively use surrogate EFT before the festivities begin to calm your pet by tapping on yourself and talking as if you were the pet, e.g.,

"Even though I, Spot, feel afraid and unsafe when strange humans come to my house, I release my fear and know that my human guardians will keep me safe and protected."

You can then send your pet mental pictures of being calm, safe and loved.


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DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle acupressure and has produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 


If you apply this newsletter's techniques to yourself or others, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any side effects and/or outcomes.

Welcome to the October 2007 edition of the

Relax and Grow RICH Newsletter! 

 (RICH = Relationships, Income, Career, Health)

EFT Can Banish Caregiver Burn-out!

Last Sunday's local newspaper reported that 10.8 percent of caregivers and 10.3 percent of restaurant workers are depressed in the United States.  I suspect the numbers may be similar in other countries, too.  Taking care of others is a tough and sometimes unrewarding job, but you can make the work easier by using EFT.

I've worked with several clients who were caregivers to family or friends, and felt like they could have given more to their loved ones.  That attitude-- giving to others until they have no more left to give--is common with these kind souls. 

When a loved one passes away, the caregiver may feel a deep grief and terrible guilt, wondering if they could have done more, even though most had little or no training in caregiving and were carrying on with many other activities and holding down a job.  As the year-end holidays get closer, the sadness may increase as the loved one's absence is deeply felt.

Are you caring for an elderly or disabled family member and feeling burnt out, sad, can't sleep well or dreading the upcoming holidays?  The below techniques should provide some relief.

  1. Write down all your fears about caregiver issues and the level (1-10) of each fear.
  2. Write down what you'd like to have happen in each of those fields.
  3. Combine them into a long setup statement and start tapping until you reach level zero.

TIP: To be sure you are at level zero, imagine the event that you fear is really happening.  If you have no emotional or physical reaction then you're at level zero. 

Try these three sample Setup Statements on the sore spot or karate chop acu-points:

"Even though I'm afraid that I can't bear to see their health continue to decline no matter what I do to help them, I choose to rediscover my inner strength, release this fear and re-energize myself."

"Even though I'm feeling guilty, ashamed and afraid of these frightening thoughts and resentful feelings about caring for <name>, I now stop being so hard on myself and realize I'm doing the best that I can."

"Even though I'm afraid this ordeal will never end and also afraid that it will end with my loved one dying, I now accept this situation, love and honor my brave soul, release my fears and empower myself with EFT."

Next, do the 9 Gamut procedure (eye rolling, humming and counting)

Finally, tap on the acu-points (face, torso, hands) with these phrases or make up your own:

"Afraid I'm not doing enough for my loved one."

"Afraid that no matter what I do, s/he will die, anyway, so what's the use?"

"Afraid this same illness/accident will happen to me and I'll end up like this, too!"

"Afraid I'm a failure at giving quality care to my loved one."

"Feeling guilty that someone died and it's all my fault."

"Choosing to forgive and release these feelings of fear, guilt, resentment and judgement."

"Believing that <name> wanted the suffering to end and chose to make their transition when THEY were ready."

"Tapping away all these energy blocks and choosing peace and acceptance."

"Feeling like I am doing the best I can and my loved one appreciates all my hard work."

Now, relax and see how you feel. Keep on tapping until you reach level zero, feel calm and peaceful.

Have a joyful month and keep on tapping!

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV