Kat Bits
This & That from April 2021
a publication of StudioKat Designs
 Issue #7
So... April has sure been a tough month for us so I'm not particularly sorry to see it end. I had some pretty significant oral surgery & then we suffered the sudden & devastating loss of a dear family friend. For these reasons & so much more we are looking forward to getting out of town & heading to Pigeon Forge, TN for the Mountain Quilt Festival. Looks like this will be one of the very first shows to actually go LIVE since the lockdown in March 2020. So if you're in the mood for a great quilt show in a town with loads of fun things to do, see & eat, we'd LOVE to meet you there but in the meantime, we have LOADS of packing to do to get ready~ Laughing
Just a Dog & His Unicorn- Click HERE the super sweet story of how a stray dog found a furever home for himself AND his unicorn!
Costco things that don't make sense.          They make products hard to find in their store, they don't try to make much profit on what they sell, they get rid of popular items all the time. And yet... If you watch this video, it all makes a LOT of sense.
Thank your way to Better Health!-
Click HERE to read how one woman's account of how writing 365 thank-you cards in one year improved her health!
How people from the past imagined the future-
Click HERE to check out a collection of future predictions from the past in the gallery below! Some of them are remarkably accurate!!
An "old friend" is retiring! 
After many years of popularity, we are officially retiring the DittyRoo pattern.    I loved carrying this bag myself! It's soft to the touch and ROOMY with a  pass-thru exterior pouch on the front! We still have some copies remaining however and we're letting them go at half-price ($7.00) for as long as they last!           Click HERE for more information about this pattern & WAY more pictures!                But don't delay- when they're gone, they're gone forever!

Here's Why Cats Like to Hang Out in Small Spaces-
My cats, like many others out there, prefer to sleep in teeny-tiny spaces over practically anything (OK, maybe my sewing machine & my cloths hangers are close seconds). But why? Click HERE to find out why!
Weird Science & Animal Facts Your Kids will Enjoy-
Because it’s always good to arm yourself with a few bizarro science facts for the next time you’re on a video chat with your nephew or grandson & need something to spice up the conversation. Click HERE to find out which animal's poops are SQUARE (at right)  Yell
In closing- 
Thanks for reading this month's edition of Kat Bits. I appreciate all of you, and can't wait for things to be better for ALL of us! So that's it until next month when I'll look for you around the 15th for Kat Bytes & again at month's end with this new format, Kat Bits
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