Daily Devotions
Monday, July 15, 2019
Psalm 92:8 But Thou, Lord, art most high forever.
The New Song: A Blessing Limited By Words
The New Song testifies to the greatness of our God. That lies in the very nature of the subject. The Scriptures are filled with countless testimonies concerning the greatness of God.
The New Song draws deeply from this well, and is exalted and made more meaningful by the sound of the words and their content.
We need think only of Luther’s hymn which he based on the 67th Psalm: “May God bestow on us His grace” (The Lutheran Hymnal, 500). The melody is appropriate for the text, and transports us into a world of unending greatness. Whoever thinks upon the meaning of the words and is familiar with the melody, must confess that this is a magnificent hymn! Many a lonely missionary, no matter whether he was located in some great American city, or in a distant heathen country, has drawn comfort and spiritual food from this hymn. He has been granted renewed courage, and has gone with renewed joy into his work. He has been strengthened in his inner soul, and is again convinced that he is not working all alone in the mission field, but that God is standing at his side!
Whoever has such a faith, and has been granted the ability to sing in such a way, is well provided for, and has a never-ending well from which to satisfy his new life of faith.
Lord, Thou art my confidence and my fortress. Amen.
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