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Greetings and blessings to all,

Lovely to be back - as always. Today, in the Haggerty household, it's a far different scenario from last week when we were both dead on our feet from chasing kits out the door. Thanks to one of our most loyal readers, we learned that's the name for baby raccoons. TG, we're now kit-less and no longer sleepless.

Overall, it's been a pleasant week and we hope it's been the same for you. A warm welcome back to everyone, and especially to all of our new subscribers. Many thanks for signing up - and please feel free to pass this edition along to family and friends if you like it - and, especially to your enemies, if you don't.

So, what's new? In Ireland, they're gearing up for the Special Olympics - the first time it's ever been held outside the US. The torch landed in Bangor on Friday; it will then make its way across the country and will arrive in Dublin's Croke Park for the opening ceremonies next weekend.

Leaving Cert. students celebrated the end of the core exams - and God willing, if they have more to do, they'll have the energy and stamina to keep at it this coming week, too. If you're among them, we pray you do well.

In a Mayo pub, when Gardaí (Police) arrived at 3.30 AM, they heard loud singing from behind the locked door. When the door was opened, the only singing was on a radio and the bar was empty. However, the Gardaí eventually found eight people crowded into a small toilet in the private part of the premises. One has to wonder what will happen next January, in Irish pubs, when the no-smoking law goes into effect. From our recent interview with Joe O'Connor (author of Star of The Sea), "there'll be bloodshed."

Seattle direct to Dublin? It could happen soon. The Irish government has agreed to an "open skies" aviation policy that will almost certainly bring an end to the Shannon stopover. Under the present agreement between the US and Ireland, half of all US flights to Ireland must stop at Shannon. That is now expected to change and to lead to more direct flights to Ireland from the US.

Meanwhile, back in the Ohio Valley. Our newsletter's later than usual because we spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening celebrating the birthday of a dear friend who turns 60 today - and herself's birthday, as well. The invitation to a pool party and barbecue, combined with the chance to slag our friend was irresistible. For the most part, the weather held; but there were several times when we had to seek cover from the showers. To say it's been an unusually wet of late would be an understatement! Ah well, a great time was had by all - and we're sure you won't mind us being late. (We do say at the top "published every weekend" - so there's our way out!).

Links of the week. Many thanks to our readers who never fail to share with us the fascinating sites they find. Here are two that came in: the first one covers just about every fact there is on Ireland. Please click: http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ei.html

The second one is about Father Willie Doyle, a chaplain in World War 1; an interesting feature are some links to information about people he knew who were on the Titanic.

And then there's the riddle. We've been overwhelmed with answers to last week's puzzler. Good on all of you who figured it out. And thanks for taking the time to send in your answer. It seems that this is something you all enjoy, so we'll be including a new one from now on. This week's poser is at the end, and we'd like to thank Mary S. for sending it. Know a good one that will stump our readers? Please share it with us!

With that, enough of the blather and on with the update:
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Murphy said to his daughter, "I want you home by eleven o'clock."
She said, "But Father, I'm no longer a child!" He said, "I know, that's why I want you home by eleven."
Q: How many Irishmen does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Three. One to hold the bulb, one to screw it in, and one to say how grand the old one was.
1. The pub visited by Leopold Bloom in Ulysses still exists? It's Davy Byrne's on Duke Street.
2. The door of Bloom's house - 7 Eccles Street - is now located in the Bailey Pub?
3. In the fourth chapter of Ulysses, Leopold prepares kidneys for his breakfast?
My Father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic. Spike Milligan
The answers to last week's quiz:
1. Early Ireland - An Introduction to Irish Pre-History - Michael J O'Kelly
2. Irish Game Fishing - Paul Sheehan
3. Irish Pedigrees - The Origin of the Irish Nation - John O'Hart

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Ireland Now - from Castles to Shamrocks

This week's quiz - who wrote:

1. In My Father's Time
2. Changing Fathers: Fatherhood and Family Life in Modern Ireland
3. Faith of our Fathers: the formation of Irish nationalist ideology, 1890-1920

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2. John McCormack - an Irish legend, then and now
Article: http://www.irishcultureandcustoms.com/AMusic/JMcCormack.html
3. Article: Joyce's Dublin
4. Poetry - Edward Fitz Gerald - The Rubaiyat
5. St. Columcille of Iona
6. Kids' Ireland: King Breas and his terrible secret
7. The Irish Kitchen: A recipe for Rhubarb Crumble will be published over the weekend
8. Irish News: Headlines for the past week
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10. Did You Know - Trivia gathered from previous newsletters now has its own page
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Today, we'll be publishing a tribute to Eamon Kelly by Mattie Lennon. For our bi-weekly Irish lesson, Aideen, our resident Irish speaker, is offering words and phrases related to that great excuse for a walk - golf! On Wednesday, we'll have another quote, and daily, we'll update the news and history.

So that's about it, except for the riddle:
When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?

Oh - and one more thing we almost forgot. Hartson sent us a wonderful stress-reliever. Make sure you have your sound on and then: click here http://svt.se/hogafflahage/hogafflaHage_site/Kor/hestekor.swf
Try clicking on the horses from left to right, then right to left, then just one or two at a time. It really is a load of fun!

We wish all of our dads, (and grandpas, too) Lá na nAthair Faoi Shona Dhuit - Happy Father's Day and, until next time, we pray that you and yours will enjoy a week filled with abundant blessings, health and happiness. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and, as they say in Ireland - mind yourself!

Bridget & Russ
Get down on your knees and thank God you're still on your feet
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Events & Classifieds
Note: To avoid duplication, we list only those events not mentioned in the comprehensive listing put together by The Wild Geese. To check their Events Page, please click: http://www.thewildgeese.com/pages/events.html

The Voyage of the Jeanie Johnston
She is in Philadelphia until June June 23rd. For details on her next port-of-call, please click

Seattle - June 15
Irish Community Picnic at Lake Sammamish State Park near Issaquah. All young and old members of Seattle's Irish community are invited to attend. Enjoy the tug-a-war, kid's races, Gaelic Football, baseball, water-balloon toss, kid's straw search, volleyball, etc. Bring your own food and drink - plenty of picnic tables, BBQs, running water, and power outlets. For more specific information, call 206-361-1713 or email Picnic@irishclub.org

Seattle - June 16
Bloomsday celebration on Monday, June 16, at 8 PM at Brechemin Auditorium (Department of Music, UW Campus). Potential readers and/or actors are still needed for the performance of Chapters 8 and 9 of James Joyce's Ulysses. Please call Kieran O'Malley at 206-543-7155 or email Bloomsday@irishclub.org

Newport, Kentucky - Fri, June 20th through Sun, June 22nd
Irish Heritage Festival

Kingston, Ontario, Canada - June 21
Kenny Family Reunion. For details, check out:

Holmdel, NJ - June 22
33rd annual Irish Festival
Entertainment: Tommy Makem & the Makem Bros.; Off Kilter; The Bantry Boys; Pat Roddy; Willie Lynch; The Davis Academy of Irish Dance

Ocean Grove, NJ - June 28
Ronan Tynan in Concert:

Cleveland, Ohio - Friday June 27, through Sunday June 29
The Ohio Irish Festival
Held at the Nautica Entertainment Complex

Easton, PA - June 28:
Fourth annual one day Irish Fest
Entertainers for the day are Seamus Kennedy, the Willie Lynch Band and Celtic Crossroads. For more info', contact Jim McGinley at (610)
776-0630 or e-mail at jmcginley@rcn.com

Pittsburgh July 7-July 25
Celtic Camp Returns
The camp is a Celtic cultural immersion experience for kids 5 to 12. The campers receive instruction in: Irish Gaelic, Tin Whistle, Ceili and Step dancing, as well as workshops on the heritage and history of the 6 modern Celtic countries, making a variety of Celtic arts & crafts, listening to the stories, legends and music from the various countries, learning about Gaelic sports, cooking ethnic dishes, participating in Highland Games, learning about the bagpipes, visits from the likes of St. Patrick...all ending with a ceili on July 25th. The camp runs for 3 weeks, beginning July 7th and ending July 25th. Campers may attend all three weeks or one or two as suits your schedule. Camp activities are from 9-4, but we are open 8-6 to accommodate work schedules. The cost is $160 per week with a limited number of scholarships available. The location is the River Valley School in Regent Square, 1 block off the Parkway East. We are also offering a variety of other camps throughout the summer, you might consider joining us for King Arthur's Court, Colonial America, or Mythical Beasts. For information contact Peggy Dague at peigicsa@yahoo.com or by phone at 412-247-9133.

Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland
Festival of World Cultures - August 22-August 24
Arts festival celebrating cultural diversity through an extravaganza of internationally acclaimed acts including music, film, circus, theatre, dance performances, club nights, markets, exhibitions, workshops & children's activities.

Cultural Holidays on Inis Mór
Walking the Ancient Celtic Way - August 2-9 2003
For more information, please click: http://www.irish-culture.ch

6th Int'l McManus Clan Association Gathering May 25th through May 31st, 2004
For full details please visit our website at:
http://members.aol.com/manusclan/mcm2004.htm or contact Phil McManus at Manus@aol.com

7th Clann McKenna Rally - June 25th through Sunday June 27th 2004
For details, please write plunkettmckenna@eircom.net
or click on the following link:
Send an email to: bhaggerty@irishcultureandcustoms.com
OR click on this link: