Planetary Outlook Newsletter & Video Horoscopes, July 2021          
Hi Friends,
We are just past the half way point of 2021. The year is certainly flying by isn’t it? July is very active with transiting energies happening nearly every day that can bring in something new. It will feel like a fast month with a lot of movement! This month is also about enjoying ourselves and finding some fun where we can. We have several favorable alignments in July between Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. These transits are sure to bring in a different prospective than last month. The radiant Sun continues to make its way through the sensitive sign of Cancer until the 21st. While the Sun visits Cancer we find ourselves more emotional, intuitive, and protective of others especially family. 

With Cancer season in full swing, now is the perfect time to bring our empathy to the surface, allowing us to feel things more profound and develop a greater bond with our inner self. Later in the month the Sun makes its way into her home sign of Leo. This is the time of year where we shine brightly and feel more creative and loving. Like the flowers and fruit of the season–blossoming and ripened–this is a time when we want to enjoy ourselves and express our talents. We are more generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. On the shadow side, we can also be self-centered and vain if not careful.

We begin the month with a tense Fixed sign T-Square between Mars in Leo, Saturn Rx in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus that is asking us to go our own way and break out of anything that has held you captive the first half of 2021. Then Venus in Leo enters the same conversation on July 6-8, before making an exact conjunction with Mars on July 13th in Leo. This meeting of the mythological cosmic lovers (Venus & Mars) is one of the most favorable transits of the year. Since this meeting will take place in loving Leo we can find ourselves overwhelmed with joy for no apparent reason. The creative juices will certainly be flowing as well as we venture out from our normal routine. 
There’s an undeniable magic radiating throughout the month, on July 12th, intelligent Mercury will form a trine with truth-seeking and exuberant Jupiter, bringing confidence and know-how to our whole perspective. Prepare for some big ideas to crash-land into your consciousness, especially if you’re a water sign or rising sign. As the Sun forms a trine with spiritual and artistic Neptune on July 15th, you may find that imaginations are coming to life right before your eyes.

The Cancer New Moon on July 9th begins this trend related to positive change, freedom, excitement, and higher self-awareness. Although this lunation will be more positive because of its sextile to Uranus, there are also three challenging square aspects to Uranus. But Venus is the most heavily aspected planet so it is love and money that come under the greatest strain during this New Moon. Fortunately, freedom loving Uranus we will bring in greater awareness, intuition, and inventiveness to overcome such potential problems.

On July 21st the goddess of love changes sign and moves into practical Virgo. Venus's energy is focused on our social connections. It reveals how much of a "team player" we are, as well as how well we have mastered diplomacy. It's all about the need for beauty, art, and harmony in our lives. It's also about the affection we owe to one another. With Venus moving into "pick-it-apart" Virgo, don't expect to find anything you like for a while. While Venus is in Virgo she will focus her many talents on analyzing every aspect of the relationships in her life. She needs to know all the details and understand why. The thought of letting her feelings just flow never really enters the picture. She's too busy picking them apart. Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together is much more interesting.
Luckily, the creative juices start flowing on July 22nd when the exuberant Sun enters its home sign of Leo. While the Sun is visiting Leo we find ourselves more playful as we seek to create more joy in our lives. The Sun in this sign is very proud, outgoing, and lighthearted. The Leo Sun is intensely individual—not content with simply being just one of the team. It’s time to shine, add a touch of color and drama to our daily routine, and perform. 

We may find ourselves at a crossroad on July 23rd when the Full Moon in Aquarius has us thinking about our hopes and dreams for the future.
Aquarius full moons tend to be less emotional than normal full moons because Aquarius is a more distant sign. This is mostly outwardly though; Aquarius can be surprisingly emotional way down deep under the surface. So we may seem to be less externally emotional. This is the first of two consecutive full moons in Aquarius, thus the next one, on August 22nd, will be at the last degree of Aquarius. What happens during this full moon is likely to tie into the next one, and we may witness something begin during this full moon that ends or finds a conclusion during the next full moon.

Our need for self-expression goes through the roof on July 27th when Mercury enters Leo. Leo loves the limelight and is proud of it! As Mercury moves into the fire sign of Leo, we all begin to want applause for our dramatic, big-picture concepts. Mercury in Leo brings a tremendous surge of activity, like the wind whipping up a fire storm. This is what you could call an extremely symbiotic relationship. Mercury, that little instigator, stirs Leo's already strong and active passions into a frenzy of doing things. Then, as Leo's heat intensifies, Mercury's winged feet have to move even faster to stay one step ahead of the next flying cinder. By the end of Mercury's stay in Leo, don't be surprised to find yourself exhausted.

And speaking of moving faster, on July 29th active Mars moves into fastidious Virgo. This is a period of having tremendous energy and focus to really clean up those loose ends. The Virgo energy thrives on putting the pieces of the puzzle in the right order. Mars provides us with the physical strength to do it. When the planet of war moves into the mutable earth sign of Virgo, we can move mountains as long as we pay attention to the game plan.

Underlining all this momentum at the end of the month, Jupiter has some unfinished business in Aquarius and retrogrades back on July 28th, where the planet will stay until December 28th of this year. When Jupiter shifts back into Aquarius, we may have to tie up some loose ends. This transit could bring back a missed opportunity or a major theme of 2020. It might be helpful to think back to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020. This marked the start of a new 20-year cycle and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius will further elaborate on what the new cycle is all about.

There will also be an emphasis on the groups we belong to and our deepest hopes and wishes, all themes of the Aquarian nature. The retrograde might create a magnifying effect on these areas and some things may have to go so we can grow. Some will be distancing themselves from certain friends or organizations, while others might find their wishes have changed. Until Jupiter goes direct on October 18th, we are clearing out space to make room for the new and improved. In the fall we’ll attract what is truly aligned with our purpose, to fill that space. This will also be a better time to form business partnerships, join groups or organizations, launch businesses, attend networking events, go viral and run marketing campaigns. Once Jupiter goes direct it will expand whatever you put out into the world.
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JULY 2021 Aspects
July 01 – Mars opposite Saturn
July 03 – Sun quincunx Uranus
July 03 – Mars square Uranus
July 05 – Sun sextile Uranus
July 06 – Mercury square Neptune
July 06 – Venus opposite Saturn
July 08 – Mercury quincunx Pluto
July 08 – Venus square Uranus
July 09 – New Moon in Cancer
July 11 – Mercury enters Cancer
July 12 – Mercury trine Jupiter
July 13 – Venus conjunct Mars in Leo
July 15 – Sun trine Neptune
July 17 – Sun opposite Pluto
July 20 – Mercury sextile Uranus
July 21 – Venus enters Virgo
July 22 – Venus opposite Jupiter
July 22 – Sun enters Leo
July 23 – Sun quincunx Jupiter
July 23 – Full Moon in Aquarius
July 24 – Mercury trine Neptune
July 25 – Mercury opposite Pluto
July 28 – Jupiter retrograde into Aquarius
July 29 – Mars opposite Jupiter
July 29 – Mars enters Virgo
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