2018 did bring us a lot of oppoutunities
Hilco Asset Financing
We set-up Hilco Asset Financing , Sale & Lease Back of Existing and Complete Factories Machinery & Equipment Plants throughout Europe.
We wrote our 1st  Lease, a complete Heavy Machinery Factory with Lathes machining and deep-hole-boring marine shafts (up to 23 Meter and 130 Ton weight) and turbine-rotors, Horizontal Borers, capable up ultra large workpieces up to 6 Meter height and 200 Ton weight.

This business provides financing to companies in the traditional manufacturing industry, who can no longer obtain funding from the traditional banks, or to companies who go through a reorganization, take-over, merger or management-buy-out etc.
Another new business unit we started is NetBid NL, a Joint-Venture Company with the NetBidAngermann Group, the strongest Industrial Auctioneers & Valuation Company in Germany with whom we successfully worked over the last two years.

NetBid NL, headed by Joost de Groot, will be a service provider (auctioning Machinery & Equipment from defunct companies) for Banks and Receivers, starting in the Netherlands, but with the intention to expand to Belgium, Scandinavia. NetBid NL will also handle most of our Auction Sales.
Projects Finished In 2018
Schletter near Munich, Germany- due to the reorganization of Schletter we held 4 Multi Million Sales Events over a two year period two in 2017 and two in 2018;
Enics, a Surface Mount Technology Company in Finland
Caterpillar in Gosselies, Belgium
We are still negotiating the sale of the Outokumpu Stainless-Steel Meltshop and Stripcasting Plant in Germany.
Risparmio  Automatic Screw Machinery in Italy
Curtiss Wright in Germany
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Projects Started In 2018
Torpedo Machining in the Netherlands,
VA-Automotive a largeTier 1 supplier to the Automotive in Sweden- in December we sold the Tool & Die Shop, we just started the Private Treaty Sales of the Presses and in May we will sell the Welding-, the Assembly-Inspection- and Support Shops.
NCA Harley Davidson in Adelaide, Australia- an Alloy Wheel Manufacturing Factory.
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  • We finished 13 projects in Australia, all in the Automotive Industry.
  • Sold and shipped Machines, Production Lines and even a Complete Plant from Australia to - China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan-USA, Canada and Mexico- Brazil, Spain, Germany and the UK.
  • This was the end of the Automotive Industry in Australia, nobody left to buil cars there any longer.
We hired K.H. Song, who runs Hilco Korea-immediately resulting in getting a number of projects there, in the Steel Industry.
  1. Selling Pipe Mills at SeAH and MUJI Steel
  2. Heavy Plate Mill at Dongkuk Steel (currently negotiating a sale)
  3. Maritime, selling a Floating Drydock and
  4. Finished a Forging Shop with the sale of a 8.000 Ton Open Die Press and large Manipulator
Currently working on many projects in the Shipbuilding-, Forging-, -Steel-, Solar-, Maritime- and Aerospace and Pharmaceutical Industry.
Our longtime associate Qun Cheng works on a number of plants, which will have to be sold, due to overcapacity.
Currently we are working on an Automotive and an Maritime Project.
In South East Asia
We handled a number of smaller size projects in these markets, Projects in the  Plastics (sale of Pet Bottle production line from Indonesia to Egypt) to the sale of a Steel Construction Manufacturer in Thailand;  Oil & Gas related projects  and Heavy Cranes in Singapore and Malaysia.
We expect to do many transactions in 2019, we see many companies, reorganizing their business, due to continued overcapacity in Asia, slow-down of the automotive industry worldwide and continued slow-down of the Power-, Marine- and Mining Industry.

We Wish you a great 2019!

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