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Run as a Conservative
Vote as a Liberal
Another Undocumented Democrat Identified
By the Watchman
How does an individual work for the alleged most conservative Congressman from the State of Oklahoma and wind up being one of the biggest undocumented Democrats in the State of Oklahoma? That is exactly what has happened in the case of Senator Kyle Loveless. His votes on subjects that mattered to Oklahomans scored a high of 20 on the RINO Index. It takes a minimum of 70 to not be considered a RINO. No actual Democrats scored this low.
We did a Google search to see what was available on line. The first item of interest we found was his campaign web site. There we found treasure trove of information on the Senator like this . The information here troubled us. We found nothing here that qualified him to sit on the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. He has no background in the subject.
We also found this on his campaign web site. We find it strange that as a Conservative that he would mention being pro-business and pro-life, and fail to mention being pro-consumer. He also indicates that he wants to cut waste and spending in the government, yet voted for an increase in government spending this year. I guess he believes you have to spend money to save money. What a moron.
We found this article that shows some of the votes that the Senator took during the legislative session. None of the bills that really mattered to Oklahomans are listed here.
We found this article where the Senator attempted to explain his reason for trying to get you the tax payers to fund the completion of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum. This begs us to ask why Oklahoma tax payers should fund the building of something that will benefit his district and his district alone. This is something we would expect out of a liberal Democrat, darn we forget he votes like one any way.
What really caught us by surprise was this article. Senator Loveless must have learned the tricks of the trade very well from Congressman Istook. He just finished up his first session in the Senate and he has already made the top ten list of recipients of gifts from lobbyist. This calls into question the integrity of the man. Who is he really working for, the lobbyist or his constituents?
We next went to to see what information they had on the Senator. We went to his biography page and it was as empty as his web site page was. What is it about this guy that he wants to keep secret? What is he hiding?
We did visit the Ratings and Endorsements page, but there had been no determinations made as of yet.
We next went to to see what he had on his campaign finances. The first thing we noticed was that the Senator contributed $59,205.00 to his campaign. We saw a lot of individual contributions, but very few company, PAC and Union donations. We didn’t even see one from the Republican Party. We knew we had to dig deeper, and we did.
We next went to to see what they had on his campaign finances. Right off the bat we found problems. The first document we looked at was his Statement of Organization or SO-1. He only filed one and did not modify it in any way. The date on it is February 10, 2012. The problem arises in the fact that he cannot legally collect funds for his campaign prior to filing the Statement of Organization. We have a copy of a document called a Campaign Contribution and Expenditures Report or C1-R for the period of October 1, 2011 thru December 31, 2011. That is a full 41 days before he filed for office. During that time frame he collected $10,550.00 in donations.
We next looked at his Schedule A Monetary Contributions from persons, seeing if he accepted money from individuals outside of the state of Oklahoma. Here is some of what we found.
Mar. 09, 2012  Fayetteville, Ar. 72703       $   100.00
Aug. 21, 2012 Mesa, Az. 85275                  $   100.00
Oct.  15, 2012 Evansville, In. 47716           $   500.00
Really Senator. Your campaign couldn’t do without this $700.00 from out of state donors. This in the target rich environment of the Oklahoma City metro area. This money should have been returned.
We then went to his Schedule A1 Monetary Contributions from Committees. Here is some of what we found.
Feb. 27, 2012  Oklahoma Optometric PAC     $   250.00
Apr. 02, 2012  Okla. Public Employees Assoc. PAC             $1,500.00
May 31, 2012  Oklahoma Medical PAC          $1,000.00
Jul. 23, 2012    Blue Cross PAC                      $1,000.00
As you can see, there are plenty of Medical associated PACs that have donated to his campaign. That may explain his vote on Obamacare legislation this year.
He didn’t stop collecting donations when his campaign was over. He has filed campaign reports through the end of July of 2013. There was no report on file for the end of Sept., 2013. He has either closed his campaign down, or has missed a filing date.
We next took a look at his voting record during this last session to see how he voted on items that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB 1359 Regulating Animal Shelters, Voted No, Liberal
HB 1740 Scrap Metal Dealers Regulations, Voted Yea, Liberal
SB 854    Union Reform, Voted No, Liberal
HB 1917 Contingency Planning for Loss of Federal Fund, Did not vote
HB 2180 Creation of New State Agency,  Voted Yea, Liberal
SB 1126 Compete with Canada Film Act, Voted Yea, Liberal
HB 2195 Debt Spending Caps, Did not vote
SB 76 Raise Candidate Filing Fee Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal
HB 1031 Medicaid Expansion Hospital Tax Extension , Voted Yea, Liberal
HB 2301 Budget Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal
This is disgusting. Based on the RINO Index Senator Loveless received a score of 20 based on two (2) no votes. What’s even more frightening is he ran as a Conservative. If he’s a Conservative than so is President Obama.
In closing we have shown where even though he has spent only one year as an elected official, he ranks in the top ten in receiving gifts from lobbyist. We have also shown where those gifts are paying off when it comes to his votes. This man is unfit to carry the name of Senator and unfit to carry the mantel of Republican much less that of a Conservative. If our state GOP Chairman had any morals about him he would have called for his resignation already, but since he doesn’t, we will not only call for it here, we demand it.
They Walk Among Us
By Ms PM
What is it in a person’s makeup that justifies the type of abuse talked about in this article?
It is clear the puppy is a pit-bull and whoever it was that owned these animals should come under severe charges. But will they…even if they are found? Just punishment rarely happens, and in turn, these types of animal abuses will continue.
This incident happened in Oklahoma City and sorry to say it could have been anywhere. This puppy is one month old and was dumped near Northwest 23rd street and I-44. A scum bag tried to crop the puppy’s ears, failed miserably, and left it bleeding and freezing outside. A woman found it early Wednesday morning and took the dog to a vet that evening.
This type of disturbing news happens frequently and doesn’t always make the news. An incident of this caliber falls under a blatant lack of character that people justify for the profit they make from these types of dogs. Someone picked up the pieces, righted the wrong and life goes on. What a sick society we live in.
A Pets Prayer
Treat me kindly my beloved master for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than mine.
Do not break my spirit with a stick for although I should lick your hand between blows your patience and understanding will teach me more quickly the things you would have me do.
Speak to me often for your voice is the world’s sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when I hear your step.
When the weather is cold and wet please take me inside for I am a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements, and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet.
Keep my pan filled with fresh water for although I should not reproach you were it dry I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.
Feed me clean food, so that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, standing ready to protect you with my life should your life be in danger.
And master, when I am very old, if the health and sight fails, do not turn me away…Rather, see that my trusting life is taken gently and I shall leave you knowing with the last breath I draw, my fate was always safe in your hands.
In Native American teachings the discovery of power through the ways of animals is to some very powerful. Dog is loyalty; you are so noble, Until the bitter end, Your medicine is the teaching, Of true and loyal friends.
“If Dog has been yelled at or paddled, it still returns love to the person who was the source of its bad treatment. This does not come from stupidity, but rather from a deep and compassionate understanding of human shortcomings. It is as if a tolerant spirit dwells in the heart of every canine that asks only to be of service. You can also see Dogs that have had the loyalty beaten out of them. They cower and cry at the slightest look of disapproval, but this is not their normal nature. Some varieties of Dogs have been trained against their natures to be brutal and vicious. Out of a sense of service, these breeds have adopted the attack-oriented desires of their owners. They carry an altered genetic memory of what service means if they are to be approved of by their masters.” (Medicine Cards by Sams and Carson)
We could learn much from this type of loyalty. Far too often the chosen path of man does greater harm than ever anticipated. Go forward and choose wisely in regard to punishment for those that commit these atrocities. Unfortunately, Man is still the dumbest animal that inhabits the earth.
Mein Fuhrer the State GOP Chairman
Oklahoma Scraped the Bottom of the Barrel’
By the Watchman
It’s hard to believe that the Oklahoma State GOP Chairman is going around the state saying things like “There are a lot of people pushing the wrong kind of liberty in our State. Liberty is not doing what you want. It is doing what you should.” During that same speech given at the Cherokee County Republican Party meeting on November 8, 2013, which you can read the report on here he went on to say “You cannot criticize your officials or the candidates in the party. You must support them with a smile on your face, and if they are the lesser of two evils go with them…you need to smile and go along in order for us to get back on track…” Mein Fuhrer dissent is the better part of politics, or haven’t you been told.
Questionable tactics seem to be a trademark of Mr. Weston’s. His research firm provided information to a candidate in the Tulsa Mayoral Race prior to his becoming the GOP Chair that caused a great stir. You can see that article here. Is this indicative of a strategy to get people elected through deceit? What is wrong with speaking the truth? Do you have no confidence in your candidates?
The first indication that an undocumented Democrat had been elected the GOP Chairman for this Great State Of Oklahoma was found here at his campaign web site. You had to look hard to find the symbol for the Republican Party, and nowhere does it come out in bold print and say the Republican Party or Republican. That’s a tactic we generally associate with liberals.
While on his campaign web site we also found this . We find it hard to believe that he would honestly believe the biggest problems the Republican party faced in Oklahoma was complacency and arrogance.  To us there are far more problems we face than that. Discipline comes to mind. Ensuring that elected officials stay with the Party platform comes to mind. It just may be that running a bunch of RINO candidates, RINO candidates are those that have Democrats who score lower than them, and undocumented Democratic candidates, those are Republicans that score lower than any Democrat, is turning your base off.
When it comes to disciplining elected officials, you had every Republican elected official at the Oklahoma County Court House endorse a Democratic Candidate last year over a fully qualified Republican candidate, and they suffered no punishment. Now one of them has a drunken driving charge against her. Again no disciplinary action has been taken by the party. What do you plan to do about it Mr. Weston?
We also found this article from a June 13, 2013 visit to the Cherokee County Republican Party. He started his speech with this. “True freedom is doing what you ought to do. False freedom is doing what you want to do.” This sounds like he’s been taking lessons from the Obama school of politics to us.
It would appear that we are not the only one to realize that Mr. Weston has a somewhat socialistic view of freedom.  We also found this article. For the party that was founded to free the slaves, it’s people like Mr. Weston that have tilted the party to the left and given it a bad name. He needs to go.
We still haven’t figures out why he got involved in this. Only a globalist would be against an initiative to do something to protect the children. Only someone who would push the U.N.’s Agenda 21 would do this. As it is a citizen’s petition was initiated and passed the necessary signature limit to reach a ballot. We here at the Sooner Tea Party hope it passes with an over whelming majority. Our most precious resource has gone unprotected for far too long.
As for you Mr. Weston, the Oklahoma State Republicans would do well to call into session a special convention to recall Mr. Weston and call for a special election to appoint a new Oklahoma State GOP Chairman. Someone who knows what liberty and freedom is.
What is Going on in Oklahoma Politics?
That is the most common question we get via email, what is going on right now in state politics.  Politics is like farming, it has its seasons.  There is the time to plant, the time to fertilize and weed, and the time to harvest.   There is also the fallow time; where nothing can be done other than to prepare.  You clean and repair the implements of your trade, sharpen the plow so that it cuts deep and clean.   But a good farmer is also reading the seed catalogs or studying the latest farming literature to keep up on state of the art farming methods.  We are in that fallow time.  No elections came up since the legislative session, no bad legislation to stop, no good legislation to plow a path for.
But there is a lot of political action going on.  A potential coup has been brewing in the Senate since early April.  Wiser heads have made it known to the Sooner Tea Party that they want no part in the coming war against the corrupt and arrogant Senate leadership.  These men and women haven’t lost sight of the fact that their job there is to advance the state; not protect political cronies from exposure.  They also know that the fight started by Senate leadership isn’t a fight that they can win.  You can’t fight a ghost, no place to land your blows and even if you did punch back successfully like they did with Al on the “blackmail” charge, they know that the second they get down into the weeds to fight they have lost the fight where it really matters, public opinion.
There is an excellent example of this kind of tipping point in the 2011/2012 fight for House leadership.  The tipping point there was when House leaders and then Speaker Kris Steel went after Representative Randy Terrill.  Earlier they had tried to punish Sally Kern and Mike Reynolds with reprimands but forming a special committee and trying to punish Terrill for speaking his mind about House leadership during a private conversation in a private office was the tipping point.  House leadership over reached, became to brutal in their attempts to cling to power, thus sealing their fate in the upcoming House Speaker Designate election.  They only had to lose three votes from their coalition of rural and big city State Chamber drones.  When we published the vote results for the Speaker Designate election,  vote that we weren’t supposed to have access to because it was supposed to be confidential, that broke the back of the Kris Steel/Jeff Hickman coalition and the 2012 legislative session was almost entirely free of attacks on conservative representatives.  We believe that Representative Terrill was the keystone of the resistance and perhaps his persecution was the most important battle in the war that brought down Kris Steel and handed control of the House to T.W. Shannon.  The result was that the people of Oklahoma regained control of the House of Representatives.
In a similar manner, when President Pro Tem Senator Bingman and Senator Branan started their jihad against the Sooner Tea Party leadership it caused them to over reach.  They got greedy, went too far, publically admitted that they would use any means to smash anyone that dared stand in their way.  The fragile hold they had on the other Senators was shaken enough that more than enough Senators joined an effort to either remove Senator Bingman or emasculate him and his leadership team.   We believe that emasculation is the most likely outcome and actually it is the worst outcome for Senate leadership because they will be even more shamed by being controlled than if they were simply removed from power.  Like Kris Steel they will likely be allowed to serve out another session but the real control will have passed from the hands of Senators like Clark Jolley, Branan, Bingman, and Shultz into the hands of upcoming leaders.  There will be some of the old team in the new leadership cabal; the smarter ones have already turned against Bingman.  Just remember that politicians only want one thing; to remain in power.  They will turn on their own mother and sell their own daughter’s souls if it means clinging to power.
Legislation is being written for the coming legislative session along with plans to resurrect legislation that didn’t make it through last year.  Expect a new effort to pass the Anti Agenda 21 legislation once a new leadership team is in place in the Senate.  And make no mistake about it, this session is going to be crucial because with conservative control of the House, coming conservative control of the Senate, we will have trapped Governor Fallin into a position of either signing the good legislation or losing her re election bid for Governor.  Too often even our own supporters forget that legislation takes two to three years to get passed.   Even when the legislation is slapped down by a tyrant like Senator Brannan the backlash almost always will ensure passage the following years.
We believe that the most important battle of the upcoming legislative session will take place in January at the Oklahoma County Court house where the tyrants will do their best to take Al down.   Yes they will have corruption on their side, evidence and testimony will be choked off, preventing a decent defense.  The judge will attempt to keep politics out of what is a political trial, but when he does so he also sows the seeds for a successful appeal even if they manage to pack the jury with clueless jurors.  Who can forget that in the Terrill trial only four of the jurors could identify Brad Henry as a former governor?
But win or lose the Senate leadership has already sowed the seeds of their own destruction.  Remember that only three votes were needed to turn over control of the House to conservative forces.    One or two votes might be enough to do the same in the Senate which is less than half the size of the House.   Senators aren’t used to the rough and tumble of politics like we used in the House takeover; they will not have the courage to take the hits.   Senator Brannan is an excellent example, his political future is gone now after he lashed out and became a laughing stock.    People will question his judgment and his common sense.  His personal reputation is in tatters as well; he learned that his target had as much reach as he did and the mud he slung has spattered his own political skirts.  He even destroyed the political future of his wife who in hindsight had been clearly grooming herself for running for his senate seat after he term limits out.  Now she does not dare due to the rumors circulating about her.
In politics, like in life, things change.   Yes, we have taken a hit with the persecution of our leader but we have also gained an enormous bully pulpit to expose the seamy underside of the Senate’s leadership practices and to shine the light on the corruption at the Oklahoma County Court House.  The upcoming trial will gather national exposure because they are threatening the right of free speech and the right of citizens to pressure their elected officials.  We are nine months past the tipping point, all that is left is the slow motion destruction of Senate leadership and the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s political future.  They might win some time but they won’t win the ultimate battle for if they do our country is lost, our freedom is lost, and the fight will be over and darkness will descend where hope once remained.
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