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Popular Travel Destination Site for Black Women Changes Name Becomes Globalnista



(GLOBAL) March 3rd: (BGT) has grown-up and glowed-up with a new name and mission. BGT is a pioneer in the travel industry specifically organizing global travel experiences and empowering for Black women since 2006. The change Globalnista which was derived by combining Global with the numerological meaning of Nista to reflect the evolution of the brand and its members. The private travel club caters to a niche audience of over 70,000 active global travel enthusiasts. It specializes in Italy but also organize travel experiences around the world including Sweden, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Bali, Thailand, Egypt, France, China and Morocco (to name a few).


Founder, Fleacé Weaver whom the club members and the New York Times call the “Dream Weaver”, dreamt of traveling to foreign lands as a child and made her dreams a reality in 2006 when she combined her childhood fascination with foreign lands and her passion about issues that impact Black American women and organized the first official tour, "Bella Italia", a whirlwind tour of Northern Italy for 50 Black women and the rest is history. Following the lead of members and requests for more destinations,, now was born.


Different Name but Elevated Game

 Globalnista’s mission is to offer richer cultural immersion and exchanges. Fleacé explains, “The name change was largely due to the evolution of our members becoming more seasoned ‘global citizens.’ The new website launch celebration scheduled for February 2020 was halted because of the COVID19 Global pandemic. When the first official case of the virus was diagnosed in northern Italy on February 21, 2020, Ms. Weaver found herself in the middle of the first epicenter outside of China, “the timing of the two events were quite eerie” says Weaver. “We had revised our brand to reflect a more global awareness and the universal interconnection of people, and a few days before the new website launch, the world was at the beginning of a global pandemic that proves without a doubt that we all are indeed connected. It was confirmation that I was on the right path.”



She continues, “The name BlackGirlTravel no longer speaks to everything that we are, like our members, we have evolved. As Globalnistas, we are global citizens with hearts and minds that transcend race, geography, and cultural borders.” We transcend geography and social borders while challenging antiquated belief systems and seek understanding with other cultures, by connecting globally through innate commonality and existence.


While our name has changed, our primary goal will always be about the evolution of the African-American spirit and helping women to thrive beyond the scope of the United States by providing a safe, nurturing and healing place to connect and develop self-love while having a greater perspective of the world.


Never to be truly duplicated by fleeting trends or other companies entering the niche travel market she inspired, Weaver reminds us, “when we founded 13 years ago, no one (emphasis) was creating international tours solely for Black women. We know this because we searched for help and guidance and none was available. Yes, some companies were producing tours for mixed genders that later followed our lead, eventually changing their focus to Black women. They are now marketing all their years selling general tours as "Black women only", but we are without a doubt the undisputed pioneers in this sector.”


In 2006, there was no travel company was organizing travel solely with Black women in mind or even providing insider tips. She continues, “the niche market is now saturated and though imitation is flattery, it also has confused those seeking "the true BGT" experience. The time has come for us to separate ourselves from the pack as we continue to creatively raise the bar.


Along with the new name, Weaver is also launching a new sub-brand:, WineHeaux, an exclusive international wine travel experience for women who want more. The first tour, WineHeaux - Italy will taking place in August 2021, There is Venice Carnevale in 2022 that was inspired by Shonda Rhimes hit series Bridgerton on Netflix. She is also assisting Blaxit minded adults with study abroad visa programs and relocations to Italy.


With the distribution of the new Covid19 vaccine and stricter pre-flight and arrival testing requirements the world is gearing up for the return of international travel. Globalnista’s 2021 group offerings includes Portugal, Senegal, Italy, Dubai, India, and East Africa. Scheduled for 2022, is Vietnam, Venice Carnevale, Bail, East Africa, Egypt and Jordan, with more to come.

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