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Audio Tape Surfaces of an Angry and Combative Estela Hernandez Berating GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon

Estela Hernandez Had Earlier Sent Mass Emails Claiming Brogdon was the Angry one

Thank you Brian Gramham for your excellent comments on Face book that lead us to send an additional email to allow everyone to hear this tape!

Estela Hernadez caused the Party a lot of bad press after she openly sent the following email to the entire Party Executive Committee, knowing full well that some of her allies would leak the email to the press.

You can read the initial email and how it was used against the Republican Party at this link.

Here is the actual email:

Good afternoon all,
It is an honor to serve as Vice Chair and work in the best interest of
the OK Republican Party. It had also been a pleasure working with our elected
Chairman, Randy Brogdon until today.
As you are aware, a very public press conference took place against the issue of Domestic Violence today at the State Capitol. As an appointed Commissioner on the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women, I attended in support of women who have been affected by this issue.
Following the press conference, I went to GOP HQ for a staff meeting with Randy. Instead of a staff meeting, it was a heated discussion between him and I.
He proceeded to tell me the reason he is keeping me out of any communication and involvement in the party is because I’m not fulfilling my duties as Vice Chair. That my duties are to “aid and assist the State Chairman in all of his duties and to carry out the agenda of the Chairman.”
He feels I should not speak out against his decisions to keep TC Ryan on staff. And consequently, states that he will not approve any of my speaking engagements to any of the counties and refuses to do any future travel reimbursements to the Vice Chair. He’s angry that I spoke my mind and told the facts on how the OKGOP is being administered and how I’m being excluded from any involvement, when asked at the OK County Executive Committee meeting. Please note that my answer was in response to concerns from individuals not receiving party information.
In our staff meeting, he mentioned he had not received any resolutions from anyone. Since I was at the press conference and I was headed to headquarters, I brought OK County’s resolution and hand delivered it to Randy. After the delivery of the resolution, he stormed off and ended the meeting by saying “This further proves my point you are not fulfilling the duties of Vice Chair.”
I will not let this incident discourage me. I will continue to work hard on behalf of the OK Republican Party and fulfill the duties I was elected to do. If you have any questions or need to contact me, please feel free to call my cell 405-209-5664.
State Vice Chair
Oklahoma Republican Party
The next day Brogdon went on KFAQ to defend himself and the tape of the meeting with Estela was released to KFAQ who reviewed the six minute tape.   Pat Campbell brought in a fellow radio employee to get a woman's take on the tone and content of the conversation and Campbell, Eddie Huff, and the woman employee discussed the tape and how Estela appeared to be angry, bitter, and the aggressor in the meeting.

The next hour Estela Hernandez called in and pretty much lied about the entire encounter until Pat and Eddie told her there was a tape and they had heard the tape.  Even then Estela continued to defend her obvious untruths.  Estela was extremely agressive and combative considering she was on a public radio station broadcasting live, you could tell that she simply has an uncontrolable temper and is not capable of calmly discussing an issue.

We all had to take their word for it as Brogdon and his staff refused to release a copy of the tape even after Brogdon resigned.

However late today we laid our hands on a copy and after a lengthy upload to Dropbox.com we have the file posted where anyone can listen to it.



Brogdon appeared calm and respectful, calmly explaining what the GOP rules said were Estela's job responsibilities.  Estela obviously believed that she was a co chair or exact equal and wanted a say in the agenda of the state GOP.   Estela's voice was high pitched and agressive in tone, frequently over talking Brogdon, accusing Brogdon of wanting her to be a "puppet" and telling Brogdon that he was not going to tell her what to do.

Keep in mind that Brogdon had every right to be a little upset.  Estela participated in a press conference where Oklahoma County presented a resolution calling for stafferTC Ryan to be fired. and then agreed to hand deliver the resolution.  That in itself tells us that Estela likely conspired with the Oklahoma County officials, undermining Brogdon and giving him ample reason to be frustrated, mistrustful, and exclude Estela from future meetings.

And we want to apologize to our readers for sending out three emails this week.   One of our core rules is to not send out more than one email a week, I can count on the fingers of one hand the times we have done that in the past five years.  And unfortunately we will need to send out one more tonight, our regularly scheduled newsletter. 

We felt that the first special edition on the vindication of the illegally arrested and convicted Sooner Tea Party leader was warranted.  

Then a long ongoing Sooner Tea Party operation aptly named "Operatino Wet Back" produced results on Saturday and then suddenly the notorious Estela Herandez Berating Brodgon tape fell into our lap late yesterday but we were trying to have the time to compress the file so it didn't eat up some much data on our users phones and a lot of users use their cell phones to read our newsletters.  However the sheer size of the file, almost a half gigabyte, prevented us from downloading it and doing any work on it to compress it so we gave up and sent the GOP County officers the raw file on Dropbox.com.

Then today someone directed me to a Face book page where the tape and the mailers exposing Estala were being discussed.   I joined the page and began reading more of the replies and quickly realized that the same old RINOs that are supporting Estela were misreprsenting the contents of the tape.   One enerprising person managed to get hold of a copy of our emai to the state and county GOP officers and posted the link but after reading the replies we decided that it was best to spend the money to resend another email so that everyone had a chance to hear the tape prior to the election today at 1:30 pm.  We want to especially thank Mr. Brian Gramham of the Tulsa area for comments that lead to changing our decision to wait till tonight to send the tape link out.

You still have time to show up, 1:30 pm, Oklahoma City Community College that is around I 240 and South May.   You can't vote unless you are a county GOP officer or on the central GOP committee but showing up and demanding that we elect honest people as leaders will affect how the vote goes.  The meeting is supposed to be held in the General Dining Area or look on the state GOP website for directions.