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A Look At How It Happens
By Ms PM
Legalized corruption will always have the consequences of screwing the pooch and we the people are the pooches. Trying to find an actual definition of “legalized corruption,” the best answers were merely examples. Could be I didn’t deep enough but spending some time on the search the decision was to go at it from a different angle. Illegal means prohibited or against the law as we all know. Corruption in the political sense is dishonesty for personal gain and dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain along with extreme immorality. Considering these definitions, legalized corruption can only mean that a loop hole has been created by those elected to circumvent laws that govern over the rest of the people that don’t fall under the same jurisdiction of judgment when being processed within the court system. One of the best examples is Tim Geithner’s job with the IRS. He was caught not paying his taxes and received a little spanking. If or when this happens to you, you would be wishing in one hand and crapping in the other waiting to see which one fills up first, and we all know what this outcome would be.
Running across this blog by Jason Murphey,, we found his example of legalized corruption none the least bit surprising but on the other hand quite interesting. Senator Clark Jolly had received reports from a few whistleblowers that uncovered abuses. According to Murphey, a one-year probe found “one of the worst abuses of the taxpayer dollar that I (Murphy) have seen.   That saga continues to this day.”
Voters approve massive bonds for schools or municipalities for new buildings and haven’t a clue that they have contributed to legalized corruption. The governing board has the task of hiring the design professionals specifying materials to be used. These extravagant plans include expensive features and because these board members are spending your money, they approve the plans regardless of cost.
Once this happens the designers draw up the specs tightly weaved which allow only one supplier to fulfill the approved plans. Competition is eliminated and the cost has just skyrocketed. There are times when the designer allows the sales engineer for the product manufacturer to write specs and at that time only one product will qualify. This is called Sole-Source Specing. We hear about un-intended consequences but this is an example of intended consequences. Not only are these items more costly to begin with but the cost re-occurs. The example is a bond issued a few years ago for a new data center. The light fixtures are now going out and need to be replaced. The cost is thousands of dollars and state officials will lets the lights die because of the cost to replace them. After all, those high priced do-dads, are the only ones that can be used, they are the same as the original ones installed. Not to worry, taxpayers are still required to pay for the bonds and interest for these expensive and “soon to be non-functioning lights.”
Considering Oklahoma comes in at number 38 for corruption, with 50 being the most corrupt state, (our research shows this) it is no wonder that this Sole-Source Specing is “prevalent within Oklahoma government construction contracting.”
On February 4th, 2013 Senate Bill 630 was filed in an attempt to stop or at the least slow down the Sole-Source Specing abuse. Murphey signed on as the House author.
Continuing with another newsletter from Murphey it stated that the bill flew through the Legislature and Governor Fallin signed the bill on May 7th. Murphey can only “recall one vote against the bill throughout this entire process.” We would like to know the name of this jackass, enabling us to have another blackmail lawsuit brought against us for exposing the wrong doing of this new jackass when they have a hee-haw moment around the Capitol campus.
Murphy wondered why those making money from this corrupt practice weren’t fighting to stop it and he soon found out why. The Lobbyist and special interests were asleep at the trough and missed the bill. Shortly after the realization smacked their little heads the special interest asked their lobbyist to pass a bill that would un-do SB 630 and allow them their ability to continue raping taxpayers. Because of the time factor a new bill could not be filed and the miscreants had to figure a way to take over an existing bill. Their miracle appeared when the Moore tornado hit. The lying cheats told the legislatures their proposal was necessary for the recovery effort. By now we wonder what those elected do for a brain. This clear example of not paying attention and knowing what these lobbyists are capable of would do nothing less than get us fired if we were as incompetent at our job. Looking for waste, fraud and abuse and protecting taxpayers so they don’t get hosed is at the top of our priority list.
In Murphy’s next newsletter he explained how the lobbyist tried to shape shift as leaches and attach their suckers to a bill that would give pay raises to state troopers. Their proposals wiped out trooper pay and would reverse the reform already signed by the governor. Even the naughty lobbyists were afraid the legislatures would see through their greedy scheme so they didn’t reference the new law which is not the normal process unless you’re trying to pull a fast one. “It simply created a second law which actually looked like a good law on the surface but in reality created a conflict with and reversal of our previously passed reform. Traditionally, when two laws conflict, the law which is approved last governs. In this way, I (Murphy) believe they attempted to hide the unconscionable outcome of their proposal from all but the most observant lawmakers as the casual reader would have no clue as to the real intent of their bill.”
The lobbyists consider this as being politically savvy, or as we call it, corrupt and immoral. With the tornado victims in need, it is clear these lobbyists knew they would get the support for their new bill considering they were pulling on the heart strings of legislatures. The lobbyists were able to bypass the requirement of a public hearing which is the normal procedure for most bills before it can be signed. Had the public hearing happened Murphy could have exposed what these deviants were up to.
At this point in time it appeared, according to Murphy, “as if their proposal, HB 1794, was on the fast track to approval, and all our efforts to stop Sole Specing would be in vain.”
Jason Murphy’s next newsletter stated that there were two days left in session which would have been enough time for the House and Senate’s final vote.
But…things had changed. House rules had been changed with the creation of a Calendar Committee, of which is “the guardian of the House floor agenda.” This new committee must first get the bill before it is passed to the House. Jason is a member of the committee and was prepared to enter a motion to remove HB 1794 from the agenda. But others had refused to bring it up for consideration.
The reform stayed in law and has impacted how money is being spent. The savings to taxpayers is huge.
This story is similar to the movie Terminator. Just when you think it’s safe, another form of evil appears. This is a true example of good versus evil so pay attention folks, we’re not done yet.
How Lankford Really Feels about Oklahomans.  Yes, that is his middle finger
The Watchman
There is an old military saying out there that applies to this situation. It goes like this “We the unwilling led by the unqualified to do the unnecessary for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do practically anything with nothing.”  That would be the outcome if Representative Lankford is ever elected to the Senate. We the citizens of Oklahoma would be stuck with another yes man for the liberal ideology preached by the Democratic Party.
We all know that Congressman Lankford received a lot of grass roots support in his initial run for office in 2009. We all thought we had a real Conservative voice going to bat for us in Washington. We all allowed for his first few votes, giving him the benefit of the doubt by saying it was his first few months in office and he would learn. We all hoped that one of the other true Conservatives in D.C. would help to shape his career, instead he turned to the most liberal of all of Oklahoma’s delegation for advice, Tom Cole.  What do we get for our troubles and support, we get this. A vote to put this country further into debt.
No sooner had he announced his candidacy than the true conservative groups started to line up against him. Groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Madison Project pointed out that he had gone along with the establishment leadership in the house on most votes. He had a halfhearted response to this that you can read here. It’s not a very convincing response unless you’re a low information voter.
Now being a Tom Cole trained politician, Congressman Lankford wasted no time in ensuring that some big money would be rolling his way in the way of contributions from places like the Chamber of Commerce, many major corporations and various other non-profit organizations. A press release, which you can read here, was also released in Washington, D.C. at the same time as he made his announcement here.
We did a google search on Congressman Lankford just to see what information was available. The first item of interest was this, James Lankford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here we were able to obtain a lot of background information on the Congressman. This is where we found a good deal of background information on the Congressman. It was also here that we learned that as a third year Congressman, He had turned into such an advocate for the established powers in the GOP in D.C., that he was appointed Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, the fifth ranking position in the House Republican Caucus. This meteoric rise can only be explained by his betrayal of the grass roots campaigns that got him into office to begin with.
The next item of interest we found was this. James Lankford, U.S. Representative for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District - This is a snapshot of his political career while he has represented the 5th District of Oklahoma. It doesn’t give you a complete list of his votes, nor does it give you an adequate insight into his thinking, but it does show you that he has a wishy-washy attitude about many subjects.
We included this next article simply because of the informational value. This article includes the names of his key staff, phone numbers for both his local office and his D.C. office and his email address.
We next found this article concerning his campaign finances. What we found here was interesting. We found that he went in to this campaign season with $454,738.00 in cash on hand. That might have been good for a 5th District race, but it’s far less than what he’ll need for a state-wide Senate race. We found it interesting that some of his biggest donors were also some of the biggest supporters of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
We found this article that really had our heads scratching. We fail to understand the logic behind the statement the Congress man made here. We don’t lay the blame on Welfare Moms, rather we lay the blame on the systemic chronic unemployment that breeds the violence we see today. When our nation can claim a decrease in unemployment based only in the fact that five (5) times the number of people are leaving the work force than find jobs, then something is wrong with what they are trying to do.  Congressman Lankford has done little to alleviate this problem.
We are all aware that both Houses of Congress passed legislation that was designed to prevent them from doing any insider trading on the stock market. How many are aware that they quietly passed legislation that lifted that ban? To say they’re not in it for the money would be lying to you. We found this report on the Congressman’s personal finances. As hard as we looked, we could find only the one, but it is very telling. In his first year in Congress, his personal wealth grew by one hundred and three percent (103%). If his personal fortune was to continue on this trajectory, his personal fortune would be approaching three quarters of a million dollars by now. Not bad for a Baptist Missionary is it?
The next article we found of interest was this, Bill Summary & Status Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress) . This article is only a partial list of bills that were presented. Once again they do give you a good idea as to some of the legislation that gets proposed in D.C., and what the chances of them making it to the House floor are.
We next found this article, Freedom Index: Congressional Scorecard for James Lankford. This is perhaps the most disappointing article of all. This index is based on the Constitutionality of the Congressman’s votes over the last six months. Now we don’t know what History they teach at the University of Texas, but we would expect an individual with a degree in History to know enough about the Constitution to vote a little more than sixty six percent (66%) of the time with what the Constitution says. This report clearly labels the Congressman a RINO. We’re talking about votes so bad as to give the President the power to go to war after our pull out from Afghanistan by the end of the year. He voted to keep us in a perpetual state of war.
The next article we found included the voting records for all five of our congressmen in D.C. It is important, simply because it shows a partial list of some of the important votes that he cast regarding every single person in Oklahoma and indeed the United States of America itself. You can see that report here.
This next article is the most recent article we found. It is a response to negative attacks on his announcement of his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Coburn. You can see it here. We found this to be a very weak response to these reports against him. This is definitely not the qualities we would look for in a Senator.
We next went to to see what information they had available on the Congressman. We first went to his biography page to see if there was any additional information available there. There was no new information to be gained here.
We next looked at his voting record. What was available only went back to August of last year. We were disappointed in what we saw. Here are a few examples.
Sep.20, 2013 HR 1526           Restoring Healthy Forest for Healthy Communities Act, Voted Yea
This is part of the UN Agenda 21
Oct. 3, 2013  HR 3230           Pay our Guard and Reserve Act, Voted Yea
Oct. 8, 2013 HJ Res. 84         Head Start Continuing Appropriations ,Voted Yea
Dec.12, 2013 HJ Res. 59        Continuing Appropriations, Voted Yea
Does anyone besides us have a problem with these four votes.  The first vote we’ve already explained. This is part and partial to the UN’s Agenda 21 program designed to limit access to all Americans to property that we own. We have no real problem with the second vote until you look at the fourth vote. We are all for paying our Guards and Reserve, but that fourth vote denied retirement pay to veterans. How is that fair. We’re sitting here paying tax dollars to advertise food stamps in Mexico, at three times the cost it would take to pay the retirement benefits to these brave men and women, and he would rather deny them this that was promised to them.
The third vote is a little touchier. Yes I believe that the Head Start Program has a legitimate basis for being. What we have discovered though, is through neglect, most places that advertise as Head Start Programs today, are nothing more than glorified day care centers draining the national treasury for every dime they can get. With the predominance of pre-kindergarten programs within public schools today, we are beginning to see less and less need for the Head Start Program. Maybe it’s time to consider phasing the program out.
2013    Freedom Works                                     62%
2012   Bread for the World                              25%
2012    Freedom Works                                     50%
2011    Alliance for Retired Americans               0%
This doesn’t bode well for him where taxes are concerned. In fact what this indicates is that he is another big tax and spend liberal at heart.
2012    United States Chamber of Commerce               96%
2012    National Assoc. of Manufacturers                     95%
2011    Financial Executives International                     86%
2011    National Federation of Independent Businesses        100%
One must say that he has big business in mind when it comes to the business at hand in Congress.
2014    Heritage Action for America            79%
2013    Freedom Works                             62%
2012    National Taxpayers Union               78%
2011    Eagle Forum                                   61%
These are not good numbers for a Conservative to have.
2013    Competitive Enterprise Institute            100%
2012    Federally Employed Women                  30%
2011    Federally Employed Women                  33%
This gives one the appearance of the Congressman waging a one man war against women in the federal work place. Then he has enough gall to wonder why the Democrats can make that claim.
We could go on and on with pretty much the same results. We’ve only touched on six of the fourteen pages of this section. There’s almost enough here to write a book.
We next went to to see what was available on their site regarding his campaign finances. There wasn’t a lot of information there. We knew we had to dig deeper, but unlike state offices, we had to send a request in to the Federal Elections Commission. We will report on his campaign finances further once that information becomes available.
From our investigation we can draw only one conclusion. Representative Lankford is the wrong man at the wrong time. At a time when this nation is drowning in debt, we do not need to send another tax and spend liberal to the Senate. We need a Senator that has a proven track record of Conservative values who will fight to get our out of control spending back under control. We need someone who will fight to protect all of our God given liberties not just the ones he feels like we deserve. Representative Lankford is not that man.
Representative Lankford has repeatedly voted to increase the debt limit. He has repeatedly voted to allow your civil rights to be violated by voting for the National Defense Authorization Act which authorized indefinite detention for American Citizens without the benefit of a Court Hearing or an Attorney. These two items alone make him unfit to sit even as a Congressman much less a Senator. Do we really want a Tom Cole puppet in the Senate?
Will the real Clark Jolley step forward?  Is he the skinny, healthy man in his official Senate picture or is he the  guy with the man boobs and polyester stretch pants in the other pictures?
Clark Jolley
Momma’s Boy Throws his Hat into the Ring for Lankford’s Old Seat
The first clue that Jolley has no clue was sending the Sooner Tea Party an email announcing his candidacy.  One of the most hated liberal Republicans in the Senate thinks the Tea Party would support him for a higher office?
The turkey laid in on thick, “ we must maintain a strong conservative voice in Congress to ensure continued prosperity for our nation.”
Right Clark…..  Reminds me of Clark Griswald in the National Lampoon movies.
Then came the money pitch:   “A decade of positive change is within our grasp, but I need your help.  This is why I am asking you to join me by making your contribution of $100, $50 or whatever you can afford today.” 
But the best knee slapping howler of a line came from his new campaign website:
“A Leader in the Fight Against Obama Care
Obama Care is one of the greatest threats to our liberty and the future financial stability of the United States. As a conservative leader in the Senate, Clark Jolley helped lead the fight to put a Constitutional Amendment in place to protect Oklahomans from Obama Care and any individual mandate.

Until it is repealed or declared null and unconstitutionally void by the United States Supreme Court, Clark will continue to ensure that Oklahoma's health care decisions will be left to the people individually themselves and not to a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.”
Uh, but Jolley was the senate author of HB 2130, the notorious Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange bill in 2011? 
Not only that but he went on record many times promoting the Health Insurance Exchanges which we all knew were the first step to implement Obama Care in Oklahoma.
The boy got a 50 on the 2013 RINO Index, twenty points below a RINO.    He voted for the tax increases, the huge budget increases of over 600 million dollars in the last two years alone,  just like he has for the past four years, and who can forget that he was the Senate author of the notorious Transvestite Birth Certificate bill in 2011.
The bottom line is that Clark Jolley is a liberal Republican that is one of the puppet masters behind Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman.  The campaign that his supporters ran against Paul Blair in 2012 was one of the nastiest and ugliest campaign in recent memory including false claims that Blair owned back taxes.   Clark Jolley is going to have a tough fight on his hands if he thinks he is going to step into the 5th District Congressional seat because his morals are well known and he has made a lot of political enemies.
Konawa Tea Party Meeting Set for January 28
7:00 to 9:00 pm
Kennedy Library- The Dougan Room
Konawa School 701 W. South St.
Guest Speakers are Steve Byas of the Oklahoma Constitution newspaper
 and Rep. Dan Fisher.
Lots of people are pushing Bridenstine to run for the Senate seat that Coburn is vacating.  We agree that he would be an excellent choice.   Here is one online petition urging people to sign and donate but it isn’t clear where the money goes,  so sign the petition if you want to encourage  Bridenstine to run but donate later to the actual Bridenstine campaign.
2013 House RINO Index
The index has been completed for quite a while but we wanted to wait till just the right moment to release the House scores.  Now is the time with TW Shannon publically considering running for Coburn’s seat and just about every other wanna be politician in the state.
The 2013 RINO House index separated the men from the boys through a series of nine votes cast on a wide variety of issues.  In some ways it was a tough year to grade the House members as there were no smoking gun votes that sorted RINO and Democrats from the true conservatives.  There were no Transvestite Birth Certificate bills or Obama Care bills, in fact we couldn’t find ten good bills so we settled on nine good bills and assigned nine points to each vote.
In 2013 those that followed House leadership too closely got their hair singed.  TW Shannon wound up with one point for his score, basically he voted against every conservative issue in the RINO Index.  No doubt Shannon was heads above the previous speaker but he still carried a lot of water for the State Chamber and split the conservative faction.
Here is a link to the RINO Index for the Oklahoma House in 2013.  The Senate version is right below the House version.
Note:  The formatting below is a bit messed up on the top score.  Rep. Mike Reynolds received a perfect score of 100 on the Index making him the most conservative Representative in Oklahoma.
Representative District Party SB 645  excise tax exemption for aircraft HB 1359 regulating animal shelters  SB 854 Union Reform    HB 2000 pooled financing law  HB 2180 Creation of New State Agency  SB 1126Compete with Canada Film Act  HB 2194 Tax Expansion universal service fund HB 1031 Medicaid Expansion Hospital Tax  HB 2301 Budget Bill $250 million increase 2013 RINO Index score
Reynolds, Mike   91 R 100
Fisher, Dan   60 R E 95
Bennett, John   2 R L 89
Brumbaugh, David   76 R L 89
Ritze, Mike   80 R E E 89
Turner, Mike   82 R L 89
Cleveland, Bobby   20 R E L 84
Murphey, Jason   31 R L L 78
Wesselhoft, Paul   54 R L L 78
Dank, David   85 R E E L 77
Kern, Sally   84 R L L L 67
McPeak, Jerry   13 D E L L E 66
Glenn, Larry   7 D E L E E E L 56
Morrissette, Richard   92 D E L E L L 56
Walker, Ken   70 R L L L L 56
Rousselot, Wade   12 D L L E E L E 50
Moore, Lewis H.   96 R E L L L L 46
Floyd, Kay   88 D L L L L L 45
Hardin, Tommy   49 R L L L L L 45
Inman, Scott   94 D L L L L L 45
Lockhart, James   3 D E L L L L E 45
McBride, Mark   53 R L E L E L L 45
McDaniel, Curtis   1 D E L L L L 45
Quinn, Marty   9 R L L L L L 45
Williams, Cory T.   34 D E E L E E L L 45
Brown, Mike   4 D E L L L E E E 44
Cannaday, Ed   15 D L L L L L 44
Christian, Mike   93 R L L L L L 44
Enns, John   41 R L L L E L L 39
Hamilton, Rebecca   89 D L L E E E L L 39
Kouplen, Steve   24 D L L L E L L 39
O'Donnell, Terry   23 R L L E L L L 39
Proctor, Eric   77 D L E L L L L 39
Roberts, Sean   36 R E L L E L L 39
Scott, Seneca   72 D L L L E L L 39
Shelton, Mike   97 D L L L E L L 39
Sherrer, Ben   8 D E L L L L L 39
Stiles, Aaron   45 R E E L E L L L 39
Cox, Doug   5 R E L L L L L 37
Pittman, Anastasia   99 D L L L L E L 36
Grau, Randy   81 R L L L L L L 34
Hoskin, Chuck   6 D E L L L E L L 34
Hulbert, Arthur   14 R L L L L L L 34
Matthews, Kevin   73 D L L L L L L 34
McCullough, Mark   30 R l L L L L L 34
McDaniel, Jeannie   78 D L L L L L L 34
Newell, Tom   28 R L L L L L L 34
Perryman, David L.   56 D L L L L L L 34
Trebilcock, John   98 R E E E E L L L L 34
Virgin, Emily   44 D L L L E E L L 34
Banz, Gary W.   ## R L L L L L L 33
Condit, Donnie   18 D E L L L L L 33
Fourkiller, William   86 D L L E L L E L E 28
Pruett, R. C.   19 D E L L L L L L 28
Shoemake, Jerry   16 D L L L L L E L 28
Billy, Lisa J.   42 R L L L L E L L 27
Blackwell, Gus   61 R L E L L L L L 27
Echols, Jon   90 R L E L L L L L 27
Derby, David   74 R L L L L L L L 23
Hickman, Jeffrey W.   58 R L E L L E L L L 23
Johnson, Dennis   50 R L L L L L L L 23
Nelson, Jason   87 R L L L L L L L 23
Ownbey, Pat   48 R L L L L L L L 23
Renegar, Brian   17 D E L L L L E L L 23
Russ, Todd   55 R L L L L L L L 23
Sears, Earl   11 R L L L L L L L 23
Wood, Justin F.   26 R L L L L L L L 23
Biggs, Scott R.   51 R L L L L L L L 22
Casey, Dennis   35 R L L L L L L L 22
Cockroft, Josh   27 R L L L L L L L 22
Kirby, Dan   75 R L L E L L E L E L 17
Mulready, Glen   68 R L E L L L L L L 17
Nollan, Jadine   66 R L L L L E L L L 17
Sanders, Mike   59 R E l L L E L L L 17
Coody, Ann   64 R E L L L L L E L 16
McCall, Charles A.   22 R L E L L L L L L 16
Dorman, Joe   65 D L L L L L L L L 12
Hall, Elise   ## R L L L L L L L L 12
Henke, Katie   71 R L L L L L L L L 12
Joyner, Charlie   95 R L L L L L L L L 12
Martin, Steve   10 R L L L L L L L L 12
Osborn, Leslie   47 R L L E L L L L E L 12
Roberts, Dustin   21 R L L L L L L L L 12
Schwartz, Colby   43 R L L L L L L L L 12
Wright, Harold   57 R L L L L L L L L 12
Cooksey, Marian   39 R E L L L L L L L L 6
Armes, Don   63 R L E L L L L L L L 6
DeWitt, Dale   38 R L L L L L L L E L 6
McNiel, Skye   29 R L L L L L L L E L 6
Ortega, Charles   52 R L L L E L L L L L 6
Peterson, Pam   67 R L L L L E L L L L 6
Vaughan, Steve   37 R L L L L L E L L L 6
Watson, Weldon   79 R L L L L E L L L L 6
Denney, Lee   33 R L L L L L L L L L 1
Jackson, Mike   40 R L L L L L L L L L 1
Jordan, Fred   69 R L L L L L L L L L 1
Martin, Scott   46 R L L L L L L L L L 1
McDaniel, Randy   83 R L L L L L L L L L 1
Shannon, T. W.   62 R L L L L L L L L L 1
Smalley, Jason   32 R L L L L L L L L L 1
Thomsen, Todd   25 R L L L L L L L L L 1
2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
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