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of the Month
"Too bad you don't collect reviews on your patterns. I just finished the Quattro and i've got to tell you - it's the 1st decently engineered bag pattern I've ever gotten from an indie designer, and besides that... it's gorgeous! Thanks!"  

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Hello and Welcome-
So... today is indeed an exciting day because it's the official release day for our new pattern, the Wrapsody! But we have lots of other cool stuff for you to check out too, so grab a glass of something long and cool and settle in for another fun edition of Kat Bytes!
And as always, if you have comments or suggestions about our Newsletter, please feel free to let us know at info@studiokatdesigns.com
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Sharon Wright of Melissa, TX. Shewas the winner of our June contest with a totally yummy Quattro! Sharon wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. Click here to see her beautiful entry! And guess what? For the first time EVER, we actually had a TIE for 2nd place in our contest! So if you voted for Sarah Dannerback's Uptown Saddlebag, or Alice Page's duo of Quattros, you'll get another chance to support them in December when we host our 4th annual "Battle of the HOM 2nd's"!

So...are you ready to see this month's entries?
We've got TWELVE beauties to share with you this month, so without further adieu, scroll down to check out this month's nominees!

(To see BIGGER pictures: Click on each individual image)
Let's kick it off with this beautifully embroidered Quattro by Jane Ruscio of Hagerstown, MD. Jane says she loves all the features of her Quattro and used an embroidery  design called "Ornamental Grasses" by Basketkase Designs for the front pouch. :)
And this 'flip-flopped" Boho Baguette was created by Donna Petruso of Dundee, MI. Donna is just getting over neck surgery and was thrilled to get back behind her sewing machine. She says she added a flip-flop zipper pull to the bag back, but her camera just didn't cooperate with the closeup shot! RATS! I would've liked to see that!
And here's an Uptown Saddlebag by one of our former winners, Pat Leask of Ontario, CA who says she's had this fabric in her stash for 20+ years. With a definite southwest flavor, Pat says she made it for an upcoming trip! Here's a peek at the back!
And isn't the fancy embroidered butterfly on the pouch of this Quattro just fantastic? This springy entry was created by Kathy Warner of Hubbard, OR.  
This bold and beautiful Uptown Saddlebag was created by Sharyn Graham of Victoria, Australia and like Pat (above), Sharyn says this fabric has been in her stash for years & here's a peek at the inside and the back.
Mary Larson of Brookings, SD created this striking Guardian. Mary added some special piecing effects to the front & back of her Guardian. She was so happy with the final look that she opted to add a matching purse insert so that she can stay organized!  :)
This classy Cosmo Convertible was created by Dianne Adams of Jacksonville, FL. She said  that she loves to visit new quilt shops. That's how she came by this scrumptious batik which worked out perfectly since her inspiration for this bag was her chihuahua, and here's a peek at the back.
This sparkling Uptown Saddlebag was created and submitted by Kelly Paulgaard. I REALLY love the way Kelly fussy-cut the flange strips between the sections. (here's a closeup) The silver diamonds on those flanges look EXCELLENT!
And here's our 2nd entry featuring fabric with flip-flops, a SideKick by Paula Blass of Clay, AL. Paula says shel oves using a striped fabric for bias tape and trimmings! Here's the back side of her SideKick with the check register area. And here's that area opened with storage for SIX credit cards.
And this fun and funky Guardian was created by Cheryl Kimble of Stillwell, OK. I really love this purple print & the way Cheryl fussy cut it so that little flower is on the ring tab. And here's a cool thing...Cheryl actually used INVISIBLE zippers for the concealed area
This Guardian by Rena Andrews of Ocean Park, WA is very classy and elegant! Rena says she plans on storing that little matching makeup case in the concealed area since she doesn't "carry" and she added an additional pocket on the bakc of her bag for her cell phone.
And lastly, here's a fun and feminine Guardian by another former winner, Susan Mautte of Eureka Springs, AR. Susan's fabric choices were so pretty & this bag is a real show-stopper! And the turquoise webbing for the strap was a dog leash Susan got at Wal-Mart! What a GREAT idea!   :)
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It's FINALLY here!-  The Wrapsody
Today is the day!  It's finally time to release our new pattern which features FOUR zippered storage areas (3 inside & 1 outside) PLUS 3+ interior car caddys! Want to see more? Just click HERE to watch an intro-ductory video! And if you're ready to make the Wrapsody your next project, you have a couple of choices to make. You can...
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(C) you can come back later to purchase a "Notions ONLY" Kit when you're ready to make your 2nd Wrapsody! Click HERE to get started!
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
Today we're releasing our new pattern,The Wrapsody, but just in case  you missed any of last month's installments in our Purse Pattern Chronicles series, you can catch up with those and our other posts during the month of June. They're all listed below in the order in which they were published! 
Bobbin Around the Web- Light Heart Arts.com
  Anne says that her creative life began with her love of Trolls (of all things!), & now that her children are grown she has the time to be owner, creative director, manager, sheep wardrobe planner(haha), photographer...and everything else for Light Heart Arts.com. I like her whimsical, fun products, like these Burritos Babies, & this Sweet Sheep! Just click here to shop in her online store and don't forget to check out Anne's Blog while you're visiting!  :) 
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Two to View-
I don't have a little dog right now, but if I could have THIS little dog, I'd adopt him in a heartbeat! Click the image or HERE to view! 
Whoever said that cats aren't protective obviously never met Tara, the "hero-cat" who recently saved her little boy from a vicious dog attack! Click the image or HERE to watch, or click HERE to watch an interview with the "hero" herself! 
The only thing your pet might enjoy as much as lounging on your lap might be a bed made from one of YOUR old sweaters, right?
Click here to access a great tutorial that'll show you just how to go about doing this and this only thing you'll need besides a an old sweater and pillow is a needle and thread!  :)
Quote of the Month- 
Click image for a larger view
Website Spotlite- Marcia Layton Designs
Marcia is the creative force behind these designs as the name might indicate and she says she inherited a love of sewing from her grandmother and mother! You'll enjoy rummaging around her online shop because there's all kinds of colorful, animated designs! I'm especially intrigued by her to books about making handprint quilts which give instructions for making keepsakes with paint and fabric! Doesn't that sound fun? And while you're here, don't forget to check out Marcia's Blog and her FaceBook page to stay abreast of upcoming additions to her line!
It's summertime and the kids are out of school for the summer and that's great isn't it? ..... Well until they get bored, right? Well why not use this time to teach them a fun and interesting skill they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, and here's a great place to start.
Click HERE to check out 25 FUN Sewing Projects your beginner can enjoy learning with you! I think my daughter may have loved the Beach Towel Tote Bag and the Ear Warmer Headband, but there's LOTS more to choose from!
Have you ever wondered how cats manage to see so well in the dark and yet we cannot? According to this article in the NY Times,"the slit-shaped pupil found in many nocturnal animals, including the domestic cat, presumably allows more effective control of how much light reaches the retina, in terms of both speed and completeness."
But that's not the only difference, so click HERE to read the FULL story!
Everyone hates to see this little warning come up on your phone or iPad, right? Well, click HERE to find out TEN WAYS to get more life out of the batteries in your tech devices!
New Word of the Month- Scantwitch
(skăn'twĭch)-  (v.) The act of repeatedly trying to scan an item in hopes that one does not have to enter the UPC code by hand.
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
  Click on image to see a larger view!
ASG Chicago Chapter, 6/18/11- How big is your thread bin? Does it grow with every new project because you don’t have the exact shade or because you run out when your just 20″ away from finishing your project, which means you have to run to the fabric store and buy another whole spool of vibrant orange to match, which you might never use again? Then there’s the whole idea of your top fabric being a different dominant color than your bottom fabric, so you have to buy two different spools of color.
But what if your machine just knew the right color? Nice, huh? Click HERE to read MORE about this fantastic concept machine!
Cat Picture of the Month-
Click on image to see a larger view!
Monthly Trivia-
Today is Thursday July 10th, the 191st day of 2014, and there's only 174 days remaining in this year just in case your counting.
And just in case you're interested, here's two people who share today as their birthday, but I'd be shocked and amazed to find out they were sharing birthday cake this afternoon! That's because one of them is a blast from the past (60's singer, Arlo Guthrie), and the other
is hotter than a firecracker right now (Columbian bombshell, Sofia Vergara)....And if today is also YOUR birthday, here's a great big, enthusiastic "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs, and if today is NOT your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by watching Arlo perform this oldie but goodie, "Alice's Restaurant".
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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