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With all the uncertainty around Brexit in the workplace and talk about the UK’s low productivity in relation to other developed countries, I thought this article on Well-being and Productivity might be timely.  It also came to mind after hearing about a school, who trying hard to minimise the disruption of inset days to pupils, parents and staff, moved training to the end of school day.  Perhaps it was not the best choice to start the initiative off with a course for their staff on Work Life Balance!
 January 2017
Issue 142
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Well-Being and Productivity
There is growing awareness of the importance of individual well-being inside and outside the workplace. In working to get the very best out of their organisation, many Managers are choosing to adopt practices to increase the well-being of their staff. A comprehensive Government sponsored study in 2014 suggested improvements in well-being will result in improved labour productivity, profitability, and the quality of outputs or services. Employee well-being has gone mainstream. It used to be niche, a luxury that was secondary to health and safety, and certainly not a strategic priority for most businesses.
Well-being includes people’s physical and mental health, but it means different things to different people (and different organisations). It can be described as having a happy, healthy workforce, in mind, body and spirit, but really well-being goes beyond “wellness”. It includes factors such as the physical and mental aspects of the working environment. It covers several aspects of the way people feel about their lives, including their jobs and their relationships with the people around them, i.e. how employees get on with their colleagues and Managers. Well-being is about corporate culture, inspiring leadership and a shared organisational belief system. It is a key driver of engagement, so, for many “employers of choice”, focusing on employees’ well-being is a conscious business decision, and is more than just seen as part of the organisation’s duty of care to employee welfare. It goes beyond gym membership or mindfulness classes and considers the real basics of everyday work.
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Cathy Norton

   One of the UK's most experienced HR professionals, Cathy is fully qualified in HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety.
 With industrial experience across a variety of industries, in both the private and voluntary sectors, she has worked alongside Directors, Senior Managers and with HR teams as an HR Consultant.
An experienced trainer, coach and executive mentor, Cathy speaks at conferences and writes expert columns

0 – 60mph in 6 Months – Getting Newcomers up to Speed

Rowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket – 28th February 2017
Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough – 29th March 2017
Park Farm Country Hotel, Norwich – 27th April 2017
The first few days, weeks and months for a new starter are critical in determining whether they develop effectively, and quickly become an asset or a liability. In reality, little time, effort and thought is really given to planning and achieving a meaningful, structured programme of learning. This means that people do not work to their full potential as quickly as they could and/or they "leave" the organisation.
This course will encourage Managers to recognise the need to conduct an induction programme that goes beyond the first couple of weeks. We will discuss what should be included, and how to regularly assess and feedback to a new employee, so that they can become really productive in their jobs by the end of any probationary period.
The course objectives will include:
  • The need for Preparation
  • Importance of thorough Inductions
  • Effective Job Training
  • Meaningful Assessments
  • Honest Reviews
  • Realistic Probationary Outcomes
The course will commence at 8.45 am, with registration and refreshments from 8.00 am. The course will finish around 3.00 pm, with breaks for refreshments and lunch. The cost for this training event will be £160.00 plus VAT per delegate, including lunch. To reserve your place on this course, please contact Jackie Bolton either by e-mail: jackie@backuphr.com or call 01480 677981. 

We are always keen to hear from you, with suggestions on training courses you would be interested in us running, whether it be a re-run of an existing course, or a completely new one. Please contact Jackie Bolton if you have with any suggestions, or if you would like to find out more about our public or in house training courses.

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Udidwot?!! - Flexible Working Request
We have received a flexible working request from an employee nearing the end of her maternity leave. We have held a meeting and she has clearly not thought it through in relation to its impact on the business, but I have told her Line Manager that we cannot turn it down, so have to go along with what she wants.
All employees have the right to request flexible working after 26 weeks employment service, as long as they have not made a similar request in the previous 12-month period. However, it is a right to request, not a right to demand and receive, contrary to what has almost become an ‘urban myth’.
The right is simply the right for employees to request changes to their working hours, working times or location, and if granted, such changes become permanent changes to their terms and conditions of employment. This is often associated with requests to work part-time, following return to work after maternity leave, but is certainly not limited to that scenario.
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 Peter Stanway
Senior Consultant

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