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February 28th 2016 newsletter
Trump is going to Sweep Super Tuesday

Polls are showing Trump up between 5 and 20 points in the upcoming Tuesday election.  The Cruz defenders are getting very bitter in the waning days so even they see the signs of a huge upset coming.  Trump has a lot of faults and he isn't a very nice person but if he does half of what he says he is going to try then he will go down as one of our greates presidents.  Just cleaning out the illegals and stopping the flow of Muslims is going to give us time to clean up a lot of other problems.
But how about a Sooner Tea Party Poll on the presidential primary? 
Just click on the link for your guy, only the top three contenders are listed as the rest of them have zero chance.


The Oklahoman “Reminding” us that Islam is a Religion of Peace

What a rag…. They ran a story about how a pack of liberals “escorted” a few Muslims into the Capitol, through a “Corridor of Support”.  Like there was a pack of howling killers preventing the Muslims from going into the Capitol.
But as in all things the Oklahoman showed how far they are from Oklahoma values by branding the event as representing typical Muslims.  If you scroll through the pictures you see mostly young, pleasant looking Muslim women, no doubt cherry picked from one of the Muslim student associations.
Those are the Muslims that we are worried about.  How about showing these pictures next time?
9 11 Hijackers photos

 Boston Marathon Bombers photos
Boston Marathon Victim photos
How do you like that leg bone sticking out with the other leg sheared off at the knee?  But hey, the Oklahoman is telling us that Muslims are young fresh faced women braving mobs of blood thirsty rednecks at the state Capitol

San Bernardino Shooters
San Bernardino Shooting Victims 
Paris Terror Attack Suspects photos
Paris Terror Attack Victims, 129 total deaths, too many to show
Or how about this Muslim woman who was in front of me in Walmart last week?   About 60 to 70 items in a 20 item limit fast checkout lane, paying for three seperate orders using those pink and blue WIC emergency checks.   Ignorant cow had to haggle with the clerk on nearly every item and about one quarter of the items were rejected as not being elegible for WIC payment, meaning repeated trips to the manager's office to double check an item.  We are talking brand name items, I wish I could afford to eat like that!  Twenty minutes for this Muslim woman to get through the checkout line but she bullied the clerk into allowing some of the name brand items.  We are bringing in scum and putting them on welfare so they can breed and over populate the U.S. with Muslims.  
Here is a link to a video showing the Muslim woman haggling with the clerk over rejected items.

Southside Republican Club Meets March 8th
Pam Pollard is the guest, the most recent GOP chairman for Oklahoma.   Doors open at 6:30 pm, ends at 8 pm.
South OKC
  at 2201 SW 134th Street
HJR 1037 Needing Phone calls and Emails

HJR 1037 is legislation that will allow all Oklahoma Supreme and Appellate Court judges to face elections to retain their offices.  We have seen the court mess up on several occasions, the one most personal ought to be the Gerhart blackmail decision where the two liberal women appellate justices refused to honor higher court decisions on free speech.  Then we have seen the erosion of Oklahoma values such as the 10 Commandment decision, abortion decisions, and who can forget that the Oklahoma Supreme Court allowed Oklahoma to be saddled with bond debt despite a Constitutional mandate that the state incur no debt.
Judges do face a retention ballot once in a while but without an active campaign and an opponent driving the discussion of the judges failings the public rarely learns which way to vote so there is no way to remind them they work for the people and not the other way around.
The Bar Association is fine with the status quo as they get to recommend who is considered for judicial openings.  Please contact your legislators and urge them to vote YES on HJR 1037

Council on Foreign Relations
and Ted Cruz
We have Donald Trump to thank for making illegal immigration one of the cornerstone issues of the 2016 presidential election but in fact Trump is messing with a much more broad and devious plan to strip  sovereignty  from the  states and bring the U.S., Mexico, and Canada into a European Union style organization. 
The plan is called the North American Union and it is being pushed by the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations.   This would mean open borders, more criminal aliens entering the U.S., and the authority to overrule the state and federal court decisions.  There are plans for a North American Trade Tribunal and a Charter of Fundamental Human Rights for North America and the media isn’t publicizing the long time project because the majority of Democrats and Republicans are backing the plan.
Initialy envisioned during the George W. Bush administration the policy has been pushed by Obama and might well be pushed by Ted Cruz if he winds up as president.   Sounds crazy if you believe what Cruz says about it but we need to know that Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife, was a member of the  CFR and even was a panel member on the group that put the plan together!
Heidi Cruz was an investment banker while she was a member of the CFR Task Force in 205 that developed the “North American Community” plan.   The plan calls for billions invested to bring Mexico society up to U.S. and Canada standards, creates a North American Border Pass to ease the entrance of Mexicans into the U.S., and expands the temporary worker programs.  Cruz himself is on record stating that the CFR is a {pernicious nest of snakes that is working to undermine our sovereignty” yet when a reporter points out that his wife was one of the members that wrote the plan Cruz discounts it as people “attacking his wife”.
Heidi Cruz worked for the Bush White House under  Condoleezza Rice, as the Director of the Latin American Office at the U.S. Treasury, and worked for J.P. Morgan in New York City prior to working with the Bushes. These days she is a managing director of Goldman Sachs in Houston, on leave while her husband runs for president.
Elections are critical so please everyone get out and support Donald Trump on Tuesday.  He has the courage to do what is needed and can self finance the General election unlike Cruz or Rubio who will have to sell out to the highest bidder in order to beat Hillary or Sanders.
Comrade Yen Gets his Communist Butt Kicked at the Capital
Last week we unleashed a torrent of phone call and emails against SB 1478, Senator Yen’s plan to subrogate parental rights and force vaccinations upon children in an effort to benefit a tiny minority of children that cannot be vaccinated.    
The argument that unvaccinated kids endangered vaccinated kids fell flat on its face so Yen switched his appeal to protect a handful of immune compromised kids, arguing that parents ought to subject their kids to 49 injections of 14 vaccines prior to six years of age to protect those that can’t take the vaccine shots.  Heck Yen, don’t stop there Comrade.   Taking the other kids out and shooting them in a ditch also protects this handful of kids from getting sick, right?
But Comrade Yen got his butt handed to him on a Senate committee vote that was narrowly defeated.  Democrats Dossett, Garrison, and Paddack voted for the bill along with Republicans Sharp, Halligan and Ford.  Liza Greve of Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice was able to snap a picture of the vote as there were no recorded votes published
One of those Yes votes was Senator JJ Dossett of Owasso.  Dossett defeated the Republican candidate in that Senate race, ending a decade’s long run of Republican domination in that district.   Former Senator Brinkley, arrested and charged with embezzling over a million dollars from the Better Business Bureau had led most of the area citizens to renounce the Republican Party.  The Senate didn’t help matters after they refused to sanction Brinkley after the arrest.

Sequoyah County Town Hall/Debate
Set for March 3rd

Republican State Representative John Bennett has accepted the debate challenge for the March 3rd event at the Seminar Room at the Indian Capital Vo Tech Center which is located across the street from the UPS facility.  The event starts at 6:30 pm and will run till 8 pm.
And just like happened in 2010 when John Bennett offered to debate the then incumbent Glen Bud Smithson, the Democratic challenger is refusing to show up for the debate!
So we ran the following ad in the county wide newspaper, set to come out on Wednesday morning the day before the Thursday debate:
Come on down to Sallisaw if you have the time on Thursday night and show your support for Representative John Bennett.

Sheriff Whetsel Announces another Term Despite his Advanced Age

Whetsel once again proves what we have always said about him, he can’t afford to turn loose of the tiger’s tail until he finds someone sure to retain the job.  After all these years there are probably far too many bones buried to allow an outsider to walk into office without some assurances of protection.
Whetsel is as liberal of a politician as you will find.    One example is this mug shot of a recently arrested Muslim wearing the full head gear down at Whetsel's jail booking department.   Now if you are a U.S. citizen, there are no hats, no hair weaves, no wigs allowed.   But a Muslim, well, bend over backwards and protect those campaign donations at all costs.  No drivers license, probably here illegally, and Whetsel set her free.   Allah Ackbar Sheriff Whetsel.  
Tulsa County Sheriff Race Recommendation

The race is getting brutal up there but a clear choice has emerged and that is causing acts of desperation including sign theft including one uniformed deputy getting caught on tape stealing signs.  One of the front runners is Tom Helm, the Chamber of Commerce favorite, with strong ties to cronies still left in the Tulsa County Sheriff Department despite the purge of officers after the scandal broke over the reserve deputy program and the shooting of the suspect by a reserve officer.
 Local conservative activists say that Jason Jackson is the guy for the job.  Jason has been endorsed by the Gun Owners Association and by the  CSPOA, the Constitutional Sheriff group ran by Sheriff Mack.   
Another strongly financed candidate is Vic Regalado and those donations are raising eyebrows as one quarter of all funding appears to come from some employees of modest means working for ISTI Plant Services, an out of county company out of Rogers County.   Senior management and a laundry list of lower ranking employees have given nearly maxed out contributions, close to 5% of their home’s value, unprecedented for an out of county donor that can’t vote or benefit from the winner of the Sheriff race.
 Candidate Tom Helm has some very unsavory ties to the Tulsa Sheriff Office including the man running his campaign, Aaron Moody.  Moody and another deputy named Devoe are named in this affidavit from a federal lawsuit that has been going on for five years.  In the affidavit Aaron Moody’s wife describes the beating of black inmates by white deputies under the leadership of one Captain Huckeby.  Huckeby is rumored to be a close ally of Tom Helm and the affidavit paints Huckeby as a horrendous racist.  There are accusations of black deputies facing discrimination, improper record keeping and falsifying reports, smuggling in of contraband by the deputies as a profit making enterprise, affairs and trysts occurring between deputies and inmates.    Captain Huckeby and Devoe were said to use the “N” word constantly to refer to both inmates and black deputies.
The affidavit describes using the jail cameras to zoom in on Captain Huckeby having sex with other deputies in the parking lot and a description of what was called “Huckababes”, female deputies that were or were willing to have sex with Captain Huckeby.  The affidavit writer admits that she herself was in this group along with other married couples on the list.  Sexual misbehavior was called “rampant” in the jail and it is alleged that Tom Helm’s cronies knew of it, participated in the activity, and there was never any disciplinary action.

The affidavit was part of a federal lawsuit and is duly notarized and signed.  If the allegations are true Tom Helm ought not to be elected and the new sheriff needs to clean house once he is elected.
 Senate District 13 up for Grabs
By the Watchman
This year State Senator Paddock (D) will be term limited. To date we have seen only one filing for office to replace her. The Republicans are looking to gain one of the seats they left unprotected earlier this year in two special elections. They have a well versed candidate, but the question will be if she is a conservative or not.
The first article of interest we found was this The Okie » Ada Small Business Owner, Former Teacher Announces For Senate 13 Seat. This indicates that this is her first run for political office and we cannot find any other attempts for office on the records anywhere. She is a businesswoman in Ada and a former Science teacher. She has worked extensively for some of the Native American Tribes and has represented them in talks with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency.
The next item of interest we found was this Shawn Howard Seeks SD13 Nod | The McCarville Report. Now there was no new information in this press release, but what made it interesting was it was ran word for word in The Tulsa World Newspaper on the same day by the same writer.
The next item of interest we found was this I - Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce. This started to raise caution flags with us. With her being a small business owner, we can see the need to network in other communities to increase business. The easiest way to do that would be through the local Chamber of Commerce. At the same time we can’t help but wonder if she hasn’t been reaching out to the larger cities Chamber of Commerce or even to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. We cannot afford to put another chambercrat into the Senate.
The next item of interest really made us question her Republican standing. The article can be seen here :
SHAWN MARIE HOWARD, BORN 11 March 1967 OF ADA, OKLAHOMA, U.S.A . The portion of this article that makes us doubt her Republican standing is highlighted by her voting record below:
was born on 11 March 1967 and registered to vote on 14 January 2008, listing the address 17177 CR 3548 RD in ADA, OKLAHOMA, U.S.A 74820. HOWARD, a Republican, voted “absentee in person” in the election held 4 November 2014, voted in person on 24 June 2014, voted in person on 6 November 2012, voted in person on 3 April 2012, voted in person on 6 March 2012, voted in person on 2 November 2010, voted in person on 27 July 2010, voted in person on 4 November 2008 and voted in person on 5 February 2008.
Now there may be an explanation for this that we were unable to detect, such as a name change upon marriage, but we could not verify that. Why did it take her 40 years to register to vote as a Republican? An explanation is owed to the party and the constituents of Senate District 13. She must provide proof that she has been a registered Republican long before January of 2008.
Based on the information available we cannot recommend that she be elected to the position of Senator for District 13. A lack of a voting history prior to 2008 indicates a lack of concern for both the State of Oklahoma and the United States of America. It also indicates a hint of deception as she has possibly laid the ground work to run as a Republican in name only.