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Edition 11, No. 7 - May 8, 2006

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  • Pastor2Youth LOGO Competition - FINAL WEEK - SUBMIT NOW!!!

  • Help Pastor2youth Reach our Goal of 1,000

  • Ryan's Blog

  • Lost Password? ID? Need Help?

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     Greetings Member/Subscriber,

     There is always new information to share about what is happening at It is a joy to be able to share with all of you the exciting things happening and the new resources available to all users. I pray that you will find this information useful and will be blessed by the features and resources at that are intended to help you in your ministry to youth. Please allow me to share with you some news and announcements about the highlights, help, and resources at your disposal.

Pastor2youth LOGO Competition - FINAL WEEK - SUBMIT YOUR LOGO NOW!!!

Logo Competition      Pastor2youth LOGO Competition!!!

Win OVER $1,000 in Prizes
Enter NOW!!!!

There is only ONE week remaining in the NEWEST competition at - a Logo Competition. Create and submit the logo you design for now, for your chance at some GREAT prize packages!!! Here are the details...

You could win OVER $1,000.00 in prizes - Provided by our Partner, Simply Youth Ministry. Keep reading for details.

Here is how this competition works. We are looking for people to submit new LOGO Banners for the website (not your own ministry banner, but a banner for the site), such as the header banner on
The Sample is this:

The dimensions to create the logo must be 375 pixels x 60 pixels (OR 5.19 x 0.82 Inches) and must be in either .JPG or .GIF format. All entries will be considered for our prizes, and then a panel of youth ministry volunteers will vote on the top 3 favorites who will win one of the three Huge prize packages below. Individuals can submit more than one Logo banner graphic and will be entered into the pool for as many Logos as the individual submits (the better the logos, the better odds at winning). This contest will run until May 15th, 2006 and the winners will be chosen within a couple days after that time. Please note that ALL submissions into this Logo competition become the property of Pastor2Youth and you give complete permission for Pastor2Youth to use any and all Logos submitted for the needs of the site as determined by the site owner.


     a) 1 Entry to the PDYM 2007 Conference (Value $249)
     b) 1 Entry to the Pass It On 2007 Conference (link not available yet) (Value $179)
     c) 1 Snapshot V. 4 (Value $275)
     d) 1 Year of free hosting on Snapshot Web (Value $27.95 x 12 = $335)
       TOTAL VALUE = $1038

     a) 1 Snapshot V. 4 (Value $275)
     b) 1 Motion Background Bundle (Value $75)
     c) 1 T-Minus Vol. 1-3 Bundle (Value $75)
       TOTAL VALUE = $425

     a) 1 Motion Background Bundle (Value $75)
     b) 1 T-Minus Vol. 1-3 Bundle (Value $75)
       TOTAL VALUE = $150

You can submit your resource DIRECTLY to Ryan Nielsen by emailing them to

If you have any questions or problems with submissions, please contact me directly at


Help Reach our Goal of 1,000

P2Y User Map One wonderful thing about Pastor2Youth is that we have users from all around the world. It is fun, and exciting to see where everyone is from. There are over 22,000 registered members on It would be amazing to know where everyone is from. Well, now we have a chance to do that - it is simple, easy, and does not require much from you. Our goal is to try and get 1,000 of the users to add their location to our special map (see below).

Adding yourself to our map only takes a minute or two (at most). Please help us attain our goal by adding yourself to our map and trying to get a map filled with 1,000 people's locations - all around the world.

To add yourself to this map, please visit Pastor2youth-Map

I hope all of you will consider adding yourself, as it will be fun, and a useful tool to see where everyone is from. Stop by and add yourself!!!!

If you have any questions about this, please email me directly at


Ryan's Blog

Blog     A-"Muse"-Ing Thoughts Blog

On January 1, 2006 I started a New Blog titled A-"Muse"-Ing Thoughts:

A "Muse" is defined as "the source of an artist's inspiration." My inspiration comes from God. This blog is where I plan to share my thoughts... from serious to silly, and everything in between.

I am attempting to update this blog on a daily basis (or as close as I can). I would love it if you would stop by and visit, leave your comments, and I would also love to exchange blog links with you if you have your own blog as well. In addition, please share this blog with anyone you think might enjoy reading it. I hope to share from the heart and have things that will encourage, inspire, inform, and entertain - as I said above, from the serious to the silly.

I wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to Renee @ Youth Specialties for the shout out for "A-'Muse'-ing Thoughts" in the YS Update. 

I hope you will bookmark this blog and visit it often.  Also would love it if you would share any comments you have on any posts.  Even if it is just to share who you are and where you are from.  It's always fun to know.

Click HERE to visit my Blog.... hope to see you on the blogosphere soon!!!!


Lost Password? ID? Need Help?

Has it been a long time since you have been to Have you forgotten or Lost your Username? Are you having troubles with your password? Don't let that keep you away. If you have forgotten or are having any problems logging in to your account at, just send an e-mail to with your need and I would be more than happy to help you out.

Another reminder as well: You can personalize your password to make it easy to remember for the future. Once you log in, click on the "My Account" link in the left-hand column. Inside there, you will find a link titled "Change Your Info". If you click there, you can personalize as much of your account information as you would like, including the option at the bottom to change your password. Enter the new password twice and push save - then you don't have to worry about trying to keep track of, or remembering, that crazy automated password you received when you first registered at

If I can help you out with any of this information, please don't hesitate to let me know.


      Thanks again for all you do to further the kingdom in your ministry! Please be sure to stop by often for all of the recent updates at, and don’t forget to continue sharing your resources so that others may be blessed by you!!! Don’t ever hesitate to contact me either.

     Keep an eye out for more E-Updates to come helping you make the most out of your onlline experience as you search for Youth Ministry material to help you. We are excited about some of the things in store in the near future!!!

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