NADKC Western Region
December 2015
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  • Message from
    WR Director
  • NADKC By-law changes 
    by Frank O'Leary  
  • Vet Corner
    by Dr.Phil Kress
  • Obedience,
    It’s all about respect:
    by Randy Blanchard  
  • WR BOD Elections
  • BTR in Northern Washington 
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Board of Directors

Frank O'Leary, NADKC Western Regional Director
Joe Furia, Director
WR Board of Directors
Guido Dei, Director
WR Board of Directors

Jamie Adkins, Director
WR Board of Directors

Jeff Martin, Director
WR Board of Directors
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Edie Stelkovics

Marianne O'Leary

Message from the
Western Regional Director
by Frank O’Leary

Western Regional Members,

Well, the holiday season has begun. Thanksgiving is over, hunting season is in full swing for most of our members and the testing season has concluded.  To those of you who participated in the WR tests this year we thank you and hope that your experience was both pleasurable and successful.  Every effort was made to ensure both.
On a personal note, as has been referenced in different articles I have had some health issues.  It was determined in August that I had Esophagus cancer caused by Barret’s disease, the result of years of acid reflex, and major surgery would be required.  The surgery was delayed until after our youngest daughter’s wedding on October 3rd in Santa Barbara, CA.  We returned to Seattle on the 4th and the surgery took place on the 5th.  The doctors remain very satisfied with the outcome and now I’m on the road to recovery.  I am able to eat solid foods now and the doctors say I am doing extremely well.  At the same time they say the recovery will be measured in months not weeks.  No hunting for me this winter but Marianne has been enjoying the dogs and not having me tell her what to do.  Thank for your concern and support.
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NADKC By-law Changes
by Frank O'Leary
NADKC Members,

The NADKC Board of Directors have completed their review of the By-laws and the final version is included in the package for your review and approval.  As Chairperson the By-law Review & Revision Committee I have been asked to provide a brief overview of the document.  First I would like to thank the other Committee members John Calandra, NADKC Treasurer, and Joe Furia, Western Region Board of Director Member, that put in so much time and effort to draft a document that the NADKC Board of Directors would accept and make as much progress as possible.
Regarding the revisions let me clarify the process.  The committee received their Direction from the eleven of NADKC Board as to the desired outcome.  Then it became the challenge for the Committee to draft a document that represented the desires of the Board, meets the needs of the NADKC, and modernize the By-laws (operating rules) for the NADKC.  The process was not always smooth but the discussion was productive.  In all eight different drafts of the By-laws were produced and reviewed by the Board of Directors.
In the end this is the document Board of Directors approved.  It is like all compromises, not everyone is happy about everything.  There are certainly parts that I felt should have been addressed like term limits and terminology that better define the roll of the Executive Committee.  At the end of the day I think this is best document we could have gotten approved by the Board of Directors.
by Phil Kress, DVM
An increasingly important arm of the veterinary school at Washington State University is the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, funded and built by a multi-million dollar donation from Paul Allen of Microsoft.  The mission statement is:  “To provide innovative solutions to global infectious disease challenges through research, education, global outreach, and application of disease control at the animal-human interface.  The school advances science, people, and policy to discover novel approaches for disease intervention and delivery of preventative health care for animals and humans. “  

This emerging world class facility is taking a fresh approach to the study of diseases and their prevention by linking humans (just another animal that walks upright) to the rest of the animal kingdom.   Continue Reading . . .

It’s all about respect:
by Randy Blanchard

I don’t know when or how it happened but obedience training has become a controversial issue. I think this comes from a misunderstanding that somehow obedience is linked to punishment. We all love our dogs and we don’t want to do anything that will harm them. The problem is that dogs don’t do things because they love you rather; they do them because they are forced to. The key to good training is applying only the amount of force necessary to do the job in such way that it doesn’t interfere with the dog’s attitude or style. At the end of the day we want our dogs to carry out commands in a brisk, purposeful manner while at the same time having fun.  It’s the responsibility of the trainer to teach the dog that he has to comply with your commands.  Training without the intelligent use of force or pressure causes confusion and disobedience. 
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WR Board of Directors Election
Nomination for Positions #2 and #3 closed with no challengers to the incumbents being put forth. Therefore, Guido Dei Position #2 and Jamie Adkins Position #3 will serve an additional three year term.
The Western Region of the NADKC is governed by a five person Board of Directors.  The Directors are elected to three year terms by the membership of the WR.  The Board includes the NADKC Western Regional Director and four additional Directors.
BTR in Northern Washington
The JGV-RM will be hosting a BTR at Roger Green’s on December 20th.  All are invited to participate.  For additional information please contact Roger Green at or 307-473-1112.

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