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BVE issue - February 2019
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BVE issue - February 2019

Welcome to the BVE issue of <monitor input> 
In this issue:
Sound-Link will be at BVE this week
Stand L 54
We will have some exciting new products on show and the official UK launch of:-
Mictotech Gefell - M 102 omni-directional microphone with 1" measurement capsule.
AETA Audio - MultiScoop, rack-mounted multi-codec (see below)
Also - HUM Audio Devices have asked us to show their superb stereo ribbon microphone at the show and we will have it on the stand.
Information on the Gefell M 102 is HERE
Information on the AETA MultiScoop is HERE
Information on the HUM RS-2 stereo ribbon microphone is HERE
If you do not already have youe free BVE ticket, you can get this here
Gefell M 102 omni microphone
with 1" measurement capsule

The official UK launch of the new M 102 will be at BVE this week
Using the same body as the superb M 221 - the new M 102 replaces the ½" capsule with a 1" measurement capsule.  Like the 221, the M 102 uses a capsule with a nickel diaphragm that is "grown in place".  It also shares the 200V capsule biasing voltage that is derived from the standard 48V phantom power.
The microphone will be on the stand at BVE and we have a matched pair in the UK that will go to Sound On Sound for review after the show and will then be available for trial in your studio, if you so desire - in fact, we have most of the Gefell range in the UK available for trial before purchase if needed.
Details and specs are HERE

HUM Audio RS-2 stereo ribbon microphone

HUM Audio Devices have asked us to show their RS-2 stereo ribbon microphone at BVE.
The RS-2 is a large remote-controllable stero ribbon microphone of very high quality.
Very different from the Microtech Gefell microphones that we already distribute, the HUM Audio ribbon sits in that special area of high quality ribbons - the RS-2 is their first microphone and two new ribbon microphones will follow later this year.
We will have the RS-2 available for you to try in yoiur own studio after the show.
Information on the RS-2 is HERE



  • The ideal machine when you need to perform multiple audio connections
  • Up to 16 IP and ISDN connections in a 3U unit
  • Distribute analog, AES3 or AESS67 audio signals
With MultiScoop, you have all the security that you could need: hot-swap modules, full redundancy with up to 2 power supplies, 2 control modules on separate networks, and even redundancy for AES67 audio distribution, with up to 2 Ravenna AES67 modules.

MultiScoop has also been designed to be simple to use, thanks to Scoop Manager software, included free with the device.

Parts and modules of MultiScoop are sold separately:
  • AC/DC power supplies modules - Up  to 2
  • Control modules - Up  to 2
  • IP modules (mono/stereo) with double mono codec and 2 free factory SIP accounts (on AETA SIP Server) - 2 analog line inputs, 1 AES3 input, 2 analog line outputs, 1 AES3 output
  • IP & ISDN modules (mono/stereo) with double mono codec (IP & ISDN) and 2 free factory SIP accounts (on AETA SIP Server)  - 2 analog line inputs, 1 AES3 input, 2 analog line outputs, 1 AES3 output
  • AES67 modules - Up  to 2
  • Rearmount Audio interface modules with Sub-D 15M socket

AETA Remote Access feature is also available as an option for MultiScoop (on each control and codec modules)

Special Edition mics for Gefell's 90th Anniversary
The "Special Edition" microphones, announced in the September issue of "Monitor Input" will continue to be available while stocks last - officially available until the end of this month, they will continue to be available while stocks last - please ask.
NB: the Special Anniversary editions remain at the old 2018 prices, so you would find the Anniversary edition cheaper than a standard microphone at the new 2019 price.
So, if you would like one of these "Special Edition" microphones please don't delay.
Grandads of the Atlantic
John Willett is proud that his cousin, Peter Ketley (on the right), is now officially the oldest person to row the Atlantic (in fact, any ocean I am told).  They finished the row in 63d 0h 22m 0s.

Please read their blog here
If you would like to follow them and/or donate, their website is HERE.
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