Dear MACRO members,

Greetings from your MACRO Chair! Here are some important reminders of upcoming deadlines.

1. All applications for 2007 Student Honorariums are due March 1, 2007. Your students can apply online at:

2. The deadline to apply for a standard session presentation at the Musician's Workshop is also coming up on March 1, 2007. All of the workshop information can be found at:

3. If you are interested in serving on either the Theory Panel, or the Theory and Performance Panel at the workshop this year, the deadline to apply for those is also March 1, 2007. We encourage you to participate in this new opportunity, and are especially looking for those who would like to share their ideas regarding the combination of theory and performance.

Just a note about some upcoming dates:

4. Questions for the workshop panels should be submitted to Jamie Henke via email. Questions for the panels are due by May 15, 2007.

5. Poster session submissions are due by June 1, 2007.

Have a great day!