The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

Hash 1321
The HighwayMan, Whickham
Hare: Pop
 A dark rainlashed car park greeted hashers as they arrived at The Highwayman pub in Whickham.
“Have you brought spare socks ? “ was the word on the street as the hash set off onto the relative  safety of the road. “It’s going to be a bit wet” said a massively understating hare as the hash turned right into a field and stepped into a small lake that had appeared on the trail. Immediate wet feet ensured, setting the tone for the rest of the run as the hash squelched and grumbled their way up the hill and into a small wood. 
Reaching the Watergate park, the hash spent an amusing  20 mins running around trying to find the trail. Various and vocal were the exclamations of protest to the hare as we returned to the same spot for the 3rd time, before some ‘mysterious ‘new’ markings appeared and the right way was rediscovered. Puddle jumping then became one of the main pre- occupations, with BM becoming the unfortunate victim of one of Inncon’s japes, who whilist swan diving through a rather larger puddle, splattered BM from head to foot with shiggy.   To the hilarity and ribaldry of all present we must add.
After traversing the great plains of the park the hash headed back to the bright lights of civilisation and on a very vertical incline before the Onn Inn.
Down down’s were received in the circle for misdemeanours , crimes against beer and beyond. Woofers, in a strange turn of events eschewed her regular sandwich in favour of pub fast food ! and the newly named Tripwire lived up to his name, before all adjoined to the pub for further beers and admin.
Stats and Special notices
View from Car Park – Highly rated
Number of games of coins played  in pub - 9
Quizzes – 1
Sandwiches – 0 Chips ( bowl of ) - 1
Celebrations – A whole box with bonus roses !
Dolphins – in hibernation
Shiggy - loads
Newbie -1  Returners -2
New shoes – 1 pair sported by Pop ( unspotted due to a cunning disguise of shiggy)
Widdle stop – 1 Classic BM
Tree roots – Trippable
New name – Olly  - Tripwire ( aptly lived up to on this hash)
Things most spotted on  hash – Darkness, rain, shaggy, and squelching
Most unflattering pics posted on hash Facebook page – Thanks to Slippery When Wet, don’t give up the day job.
Wet feet  - 24 ( I am assuming the walkers remained dry )



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