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Treason in the Senate on the ALAC Bill
What Are You Going to do About It?
A few weeks ago we ran a story on HB 1552; the bill that would “fix” the part of State Question 755 that the Federal judge objected to after the 2010 election passed the bill overwhelmingly with a 70% margin.
However HB 1552 failed by a six to nine vote in the Senate Rules Committee with several Senators hiding in the rest room to avoid having to make a vote that the State Chamber wouldn’t like and avoid having to make a “no” vote that their constituents would hate.   But how in the world can an Oklahoma Senator endorse the use of foreign law here in Oklahoma?  This is exactly what they did with their “no” votes.
Republican Senators Patrick Anderson, Cliff Branan, Eddie Fields, and Dan Newberry all voted against the bill.
Democrat Senators Jerry Ellis, Earl Garrison, Al McCaffrey, and Judy Eason-McIntyre voted against the bill as well.
Two Republican Senators were either cowardly or negligient and avoided attending the committee hearing, Clark Jolley, and Mike Mazzei.  One Democrat Senator avoided the vote, John Sparks.
So what are we going to do about it?   Last week we started raising funds for a $12,000 war chest specifically for the purpose of exposing these Senator’s voting records to their constituents.  We raised around 5% of the needed funds in the first week so we have a good start but a long way to go.  And what are we going to do with the money?
First we pick our targets.   No use beating on a Senator that isn’t up for election till 2014 or is term limited.  But Senator Dan Newberry is running this year and we know a good candidate that has filed against him, Mark Croucher. 
 Take a look at his website and give the guy some money if you like what he stands for.  Mark has been helping the fight against Representative Glen Mulready’s Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges and he is the president of the Tulsa Christmas Parade that organized after the downtown Tulsa parade took “Christmas” out of the parade.
So Newberry is going to be one of our targets for this voter education effort.
Senator Patrick Anderson didn’t draw an opponent and Branan and Fields aren’t up for election.  But how about those cowardly wabbits that hid in the restrooms during the committee vote?
Senator Clark Jolley was one of those wascally wabbits and he also has drawn an excellent opponent, Pastor Paul Blair.  Blair is a former NFL football player, rock solid conservative, and isn’t afraid to fight a buzz saw to protect our way of life.  Take a look at his website and throw him some money if you like what you see. 
That makes Newberry and Jolley so far…
It looks like Senator Mike Mazzie is another cowardly wabbit and is up for re election so he had better come up with a reason why he skipped that vote and there better be proof to back up his story.   Mazzie has an opponent, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, the leader of the Tulsa 9-12 Group.   Take a look at her facebook page  and support her if you like what you see.
So that makes Newberry, Jolley, and most likely Mazzie…
Senator John Sparks isn’t up till 2014 and you know what?  They guy is a Democrat so maybe his constituents are okay with his vote.   Our problem in Oklahoma isn’t that we have too many Democrats at the Capitol, it is that we have too many Republicans that are actually Democrats at the Capitol.  Let’s clean up the Republican Party before we worry about the other side.
Newberry, Jolley, and Mazzie are going to have their voting records researched, then every single one of their political donors are going to get a nice letter telling them all about their lack of backbone and just how they are representing their donors.
Next up will be a robo call program publicizing a website especially created for these three State Chamber rats.
And closer to the election it will be time for a good sized literature drop in their districts, again publicizing the website and their atrocious voting record, highlighted by the refusal to defend American law.
And even better?   They are going to have to explain to the other 45 Senators why they were the clowns that brought the Sooner Tea Party down on the Senate.   And that is a shame, President Pro Tem Brian Bingham had done the right thing on the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange bill this spring and had averted the Sooner Tea Party from having to mess with the Senate.  So from now on, every Senator that is exposed has Newberry, Jolley, and Mazzie to thank.
Stay tuned for an opportunity to get involved in exposing these three miscreants.  We are researching the donor records and as soon as the lists are ready we will need volunteers willing to stuff envelopes and hand addresses them.  Yeah it is time consuming but that and a first class stamp almost guarantees that the recipient will open it and read the letter.
But we are going to need to fill that war chest with the money needed for printing, postage, robo calls, website fees, and the myriad of things it takes to expose bad politicians.   We are super tight with money, every nickel goes directly into expenses, not one nickel for overhead or paying people.  This work should be a labor of responsibility not a money making deal.
And if whether we take a single one down or not, the other 45 will remember that these three paid a price for turning their backs on their constituents.
State Office Filing Results
Last week was the three day filing period for state offices.  We are still crunching the numbers but one finding popped out right off the bat.  The Representatives that supported TW Shannon in the October 26th 2011 Speaker Designate Race then the Sooner Tea Party left you alone even if you weren’t voting conservative.  The Representatives that supported RINO House leadership handpicked successor Jeff Hickman were the targets of numerous articles exposing their voting records .
State Chamber rats unnopposed
Shannon supporters unopposed
That is a 50% increase in the likelihood that you drew an opponent in your primary.  When you look at the entire list, over three times as many TW Shannon supporters get to go to Disneyland this summer rather than walking the hot streets and knocking on doors to try to keep their jobs. 
That is political pain, the only thing that politicians respect.
And even better?   State law prohibits incumbent legislators from accepting lobbyist money during the legislative session so the playing field is more level than in previous years.   Usually and incumbent has special interest lobbyists tripping all over themselves to give money but this year they can’t give till the end of May.  With the primary on June 26th they will have just a month to spend that lobbyist cash.
And icing on the cake, remember that Senator Judy Mcintyre from last week that was voting so liberal?   Conservative Tulsan Dave Bell has filed against her for her Senate seat.   Dave is an ex state trooper, a hard core conservative that supports the Constitution 100%, and you can’t back him down when he is standing up for what is right.  As soon as Dave has a website up we will talk more about Dave and about Senator McIntyre’s voting record.
Ron Paul Supporters sweeps Third Congressional District Elections
Once again the grassroots Ron Paul supporters swept every single delegate, every single alternate-delegate, and the elector and alternate-elector positions at the Third Congressional District Convention on Saturday.  That makes two Districts so far and one that was lost by two votes.
The District Chair did an exceptional job running the convention.  It was fair and low and behold, there was no three to five hour wait for the Credential Committee to clear up all the delegate problems.  That is what happens when the GOP doesn’t try to exclude new people, things run on time and much smoother.
There was one case where the new Chairman in Jackson County, Linda something, was hell bent on excluding a young Republican.   The County Chair had announced that everyone had an additional week to sign up for the District and State Convention delegate list, then decided not to allow one person to do so despite adding others.  When challenged, the Chair refused to come to the impromptu meeting at the convention to fix the problem, claiming that they had made a motion saying just the opposite of what they said.
Ron Paul National Staff pinned down the person that was making the decision to exclude the delegate based on the County Chair’s word and State Vice Chair Pam Pollard agreed that on Monday the Jackson County Chair would produce the minutes of the Jackson County Convention to prove that there was a motion made to close the delegate list.  After all, rules are rules and if they did make such a motion then the delegate didn’t belong at the convention.
But it was no surprise when a few minutes later State Vice Chair Pam Pollard reversed her decision and allowed the young Republican to attend as a delegate.  Why?  Because when the Jackson County Chair was told to produce the County Convention minutes on Monday we learned that there were no Jackson County Convention minutes! 
Despite the GOP rules requiring minutes to be kept, this little pack of RINO GOP officials figured that the fewer records the better!
The former Chairman had written an email in support and had told stories of corruption including the disappearance of precinct packets that the State GOP had sent to Jackson County.  Without the precinct packets it is hard for precincts to decide to use an open or closed delegation or even to know how many votes each precinct has.
The Sooner Tea Party is no fan of State Vice Chair Pam Pollard because of her treatment of the 2008 Ron Paul supporters and her treatment of the Tea Party supporters since 2009.  But we should give her a pat on the back for reversing her decision once it was revealed that the Jackson County Chairwoman had broken GOP rules.  In the end, one vote didn’t matter as the Ron Paul activists had around a two thirds majority at the convention.
This wasn’t a narrow loss, this was a butt kicking.  The poor District Chairwoman was in tears after losing every single election for a delegate slot.  She had spent twenty years in the local GOP and no doubt she felt she deserved a slot.   And she was more than fair to the Ron Paul activists so maybe she will be able to absorb them into her team next year and the Third District will benefit from her experience and the influx of new blood.
Last January we predicted the emasculation of Speaker Kris Steele, a prediction that was 100% accurate, and even more surprising, occurred without as much as a whimper from House leadership.   Again we are going to make a prediction that is going to sound incredible. 
We predict that come next June or before, that the Republican RINO will have become an endangered species.   Why make such a bold prediction?   Because the RINOs are losing control of their base, the Republican Party.  RINOs are like guerilla terrorists, without a population that supports them, one where they can hide in and have protection from the RINO hunters, they can’t survive. 
Alone they will be easy pickings, and if we get another shot at passing another Tulsa type resolution,where any Republican has the right to drag their elected officials before the State Republican Executive Committee to defend their voting record, then the RINOs will be forced to join the only party they belong to, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.  That is if the Democrats will take them in, after all, many Democrats in Oklahoma are fairly conservative.
Ménage à Trios, Ménage à Quatre,
or Ménage à Cinq?
Katie Henke gets the Golden Shaft Award
Courtesy of the Sullivan Clan
Okay, everyone calm down.  Regardless  of what we Americans have twisted the meaning of the French phrase  “Ménage à Trios” into the literal translation from French is a “household of three”.    Quatre and Cinq are French for four and five.
Everyone has heard that every vote counts and that saying was proven true the other day when a search of election equipment turned up two of the missing four ballots in the House District 71 special election.  
The election had been declared for the Democrat by three votes but State Chamber of Commerce backed Katie Henke asked for a recount.   During the recount after the election Henke was looking like the winner by one vote but then it turned out that the number of paper ballots was four short of the electronic total leading to a search of the voting boxes where two ballots marked for the Democrat turned up jammed inside.  It was determined that the other two missing ballots were most likely canceled out after two separate voters in two separate precincts made an error in marking their ballot and were issued new ballots.
What happens now?    It will be up to Tulsa District Judge Daman Cantrell to accept the two ballots but as both ballots were unsecured since April 3rd  that could be a problem as the two ballots could have been planted.  The ballots could be accepted, leaving Henke losing by one vote.   Or the Judge could invalidate the recount and leave the Democrat as the winner.
Well, these things happen I suppose.  Everyone did their job and did their best, right?
Well no.  The Sooner Tea Party had an inside source that tipped us off that several prominent Republicans decided not to vote in that election so we started investigating.   It turns out that according to the Tulsa Election Board one person chose not to vote in that election, U.S. Congressman John Sullivan and two people had recently moved out of the House District, former Representative Dan Sullivan and his wife Melanie. 
 Where were Dan Sullivan and his wife?  Reports state they were out partying on Grand Lake, taking advantage of that fat expense account that came with the GRDA position that Dan Sullivan snatched away from far more experienced candidates last year. 
  What is known is that Senator Inhofe toke the time to vote but Congressman John Sullivan had more important things to do.
So it looks like the former Republican House seat will fall to a Democrat for the second time since the mid 1960’s, further eroding the State Chamber of Commerce’s margins for next year’s Speaker of the House election.   And Republicans owe it all to three people, former Representative Dan Sullivan, the woman that he had an affair with and subsequently married, and U.S. Congressman John Alfred Sullivan.  I guess that Sullivan needed some a new home fitting of his new status so he and his “lady” didn’t stick around the old neighborhood.  
Even more ironic and even more fitting for our risqué headline was Dan Sullivan’s ex wife who had bowed out of the race a few days after she filed for the seat making another choice for the headline, Ménage à Cinq.    And since cinq is pronounced “sank” in French one can certainly thank the Sullivan  families for potentially sinking Katie Henke’s political career.   What a shame if one more State Chamber rat goes down before they get a return on the State Chamber investment.
Where Not to Enroll Your Kids
Gulen Charter Schools
By Ms PM
I ask, what exactly is a Gulen Charter School? Basically it is a publically funded charter school that was founded and is run by individuals who secretly follow a Turkish Imam named Fethullah Gulen. The followers are called Gulenists. A key feature is that control of school policies and finances lies in the hands of Gulenists. The infiltration of the Gulen movement into our publically funded education system is due to lax charter school regulations. You can read more here.
This article talks about a Texas parent that enrolled their child in a Gulen school unaware of the roots and controversy surrounding the group.
  This article talks about how this take over of the education system has been made possible by a perfect storm of very lax regulations and political correctness.  It says that the Harmony Science Academies in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are under the Cosmos Foundation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws.  It also lists these schools and they all mention the Sky Foundation, in partnership with the Cosmos Foundation and they list the affiliation with the Turkish community.
This article connects the money trail of Gulen Charter Schools and the Gulen movement.
This article covers how the schools benefit the revenue for the Gulenist supporters.
"Gulen charter schools provide revenue for Gulenist businesses, and “win over” students in various ways that benefit the Gulen Movement, either by steering them towards a positive view of Turkey and Gulenist Turkish culture, or by recruiting them to perform various services for the Gulen Movement."
In this article I found this creepy little quote from the Head Ghoul. All of this seems a lot like a bad Halloween-ish dream that we can't wake up from.
"This is clearly the world according to the Koran, the world according to Islam, the world according to Fetullah Gülen," he told CBN News. "But what he's talking about is not the caliphate, is not the sharia state--he calls it the New World Islamic Order."
So there you have it, enough research for your reading pleasure to keep you busy for a while, as if you didn't have enough to do. These are strange times and strange things are happening. An amusing part of this is we're paying for this to happen. Nothing like idiots in charge of overseeing how our country is being taken over by people that want to destroy us from the inside out. Only in America!
What is it About Tulsa that
Produces So Many RINOs?
 By R. H.
Whenever a politician hides as much information as Representative Jadine Nollan has from her constituents, than that politician is clearly hiding something else. What she is hiding, is her ties to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Could that be the reason behind her not wanting to sign HB 1004? The one bill proposed that would have an impact on the agenda of the State Chamber and the giveaway of tax credits to corporations. The one bill that silences the Conservative voices of the majority of Oklahomans. My guess is that as President of the Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce, it greatly influences her decision on everything she does in the House of Representatives.
Now her occupation also fits in nicely with Speaker Steele’s Social Justice Agenda. She’s the Executive Director of Sand Springs Community Services. In other words, a community organizer. Now where have we heard that term before? She also sat on the Sand Springs Board of Education.
Representative Nollan received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University. Her biography doesn’t indicate what her major was. That’s something else she’s hidden from the public. Having attended Oklahoma State myself, I know they have their fair share of liberal professors.
Looking at her legislative record indicates that she is a fair to below average legislator. In 2011 she submitted 6 bills for consideration to the House. 5of those bills died in House committees and 1 became law. The one that became law dealt with uninsured motorist penalties. Having read the bill, it actually changed none of the penalties and only changed a few words in the law itself. Not much of an accomplishment, and frankly a waste of time.
In 2012 she has submitted 7 bills for consideration to the House. Of those 4 are still in House committees, 2 are on the House floor and 1 is in a Senate committee.
One of the bills to reach the House floor I find to be particularly disturbing. It shows the liberal, big government, cradle to grave mentality of this RINO Republican. That is HB 2544. This is a bill to create the “ACE/ACT Task Force on Preparing Students for College;” This is an entirely useless exercise in how to waste tax payers’ dollars. We don’t need a task force to figure this out. What we need is a way to be able to fire incompetent teachers without the unions being able to block the firing for years on end. We need to get back to teaching the basics not all this mumble jumble political correct garbage that the powers that be want taught today. What we need is to take politics and union activism out of education.
Don’t get me wrong. The teachers have every right to unionize if they want to. They should never allow their union to get into the classroom, or spill over to the students. That is morally wrong.
I did go to and looked at what was reported. As suspected the only thing reported was through regarding her campaign finances. Those were interesting and deserve to be looked at.
Representative Nollan can you explain to your constituents why you are part of the conspiracy to silence the voices of thousands if not millions of Oklahomans from being heard? Your support of HB 1004 would allow the voices of Conservative Representatives to be heard in Committee and on the House Floor. We understand that you support the Speaker and his agenda. You must remember though, Speaker Steele is term limited. Committee assignments may change. Your support for HB 1004 may have an effect on assignments.
To sum things up, Representative Nollan’s record indicates that she is a mediocre to poor legislator who is doing a poor job of representing her district. Her records indicate that she has pushed a pro-Chamber of Commerce agenda in the House which has worked to undermine the budget of the State of Oklahoma. She has indicated a big government attitude towards governance. She is a shining example of a RINO Republican.
Mr. Obama Care
 Representative Glen Mulready
It’s hard to get any conservative legislation through the House of Representatives when metropolitan counties keep electing RINO Republicans to the House. Such is the case with Representative Glen Mulready. What else can you call a Republican who ran a campaign based on small government, anti-Obama-care and conservative values and turns around and says this.
 That recording was taken at Pioneer Pies on the South side of OKC during a Republican women’s meeting.   Al is the person that pins Mulready down and asks if he will support what the people want or will Mulready do what he thinks is best for them.  Here is a link to download the entire recording of this meeting that covers Mulready’s refusal to sign the HR 1004 discharge petition and his support for Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges. 
Mulready is a disgrace to the citizens of his district, the Republican Party and the State of Oklahoma. It also makes it easy to understand why he refuses to sign HB 1004. He’s trying to protect his own a__ from being challenged in the next election.
Mr. Mulready comes to us from a decidedly liberal part of the country. A Google search found that he graduated from Silver Lake Regional High School, Massachusetts. He also attended Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The college is known as a very liberal institution. It makes one wonder how he ended up in Oklahoma. It must have been his previous job as a lobbyist for Blue Cross/Blue Shields..
Mr. Mulready does have several public statements we can look at to understand his political views a little. One is a House of Representatives Print Story dated May 8, 2011 in which he is proud to announce that Obama care will be studied over the interim between sessions. My question is why?  Didn’t Oklahomans overwhelmingly vote No on Obama care? If the citizens say no, how about the Representatives enforcing the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and telling the federal government we say no.
The next has to do with reducing the amount that Taxpayers are responsible for paying for Politicians Insurance. Now it’s nice of them to reduce this, but why are we paying anything for them. These are part-time employees. They all have other jobs. Let them pay for their own insurance.
We went on Google to find a few more articles on Representative Mulready. Now with him being in the Insurance business, one can understand why he wants Obama care to take effect. According to the Oklahoma Truth Council he has remained silent on the guidelines by the Health and Human Services Commission’s $1.00 premium surcharge on all policies to fund abortions. This is outrageous, why should pro-life individuals be required to pay for a medical procedure they are adamantly against? Why is Mr. Mulready remaining silent on the subject? Could it be greed?
Now we did go to Mulready's votesmart page and took a look at his record. Unfortunately there is nothing there except his campaign finances. They are interesting for the simple fact that as expected highest contributors to his financing came from the Insurance industry.
What is clear is that Mr. Mulready misleads his constituents to get into office. He ran as a conservative, small government Republican. What they got was a Democrat who knew that the only way to get elected was to run as a Republican. If Mr. Mulready wants to do anything conservative, then he must sign HB 1004. That would give a voice to the conservative movement in the State of Oklahoma.
Mulready does have a conservative challenger, Darren Gantz.   Darren is an independent insurance agent living in Mulready’s district that has fought Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges ever since the beginning.   Darren knows exactly what will happen when the state limits competition in the health insurance market.   A veteran campaigner of several statewide and local political races, Daren also understands how to win an election and has been knocking on doors for months.   Mulready’s response so far has been to call Darren a liar, depending on the average voter’s unwillingness to check the voting records and read the bills.  Take a look at Darren's website and support him with money and volunteer hours if you live near Tulsa.
Did Anybody CAIR?
            For months now, we’ve been telling you about CAIR’s annual banquet that was held on March 31st of this year. According to court documents, CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in the history of the U.S. CAIR is also a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, as outlined in the evidence, is this: “The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our) hands…” CAIR invited a number of your legislators to join them at their banquet and we’ve been promising to let you know which of your legislators attended. The verdict is in:
 To the best of our knowledge, no legislator attended the CAIR banquet.
            Actually, the fact that no legislator attended the CAIR banquet does not come as a surprise. After the way that we and other patriots like Pastor Paul Blair and the folks over at the High Noon Club have been hammering away at the truth, no legislator in his right mind would want to be associated with a terrorist-related organization because, if they were, we would blow the whistle on them. On a more positive note, however, it certainly seems that the truth is beginning to come out and that at least some of our government officials are starting to wake up and take note of the truth.  Stay tuned here, however, because we are working on a list of legislators that are supported by CAIR and its associates.
            The Annual CAIR banquet actually proved to be the least interesting of the events that took place the last weekend of March. As we previously reported, former CIA Director James Woolsey spoke at the High Noon Club on Friday, March 30th in an event opposite the CAIR banquet designed to draw attention to the facts about CAIR and his talk created more fireworks than CAIR could have hoped to produce. The Oklahoman ran an article on March 31st  about Director Woolsey’s talk in which they quoted Woolsey reviewing some of the evidence from the U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation trial in which CAIR, along with a number of other Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator.
            Regarding the evidence from the U.S. v. The Holy Land Foundation trial, as we have pointed out repeatedly in previous articles, it is important to remember that the documents that the prosecution offered into evidence were the Muslim Brotherhood’s OWN documents and that the defense attorney stipulated as to the authenticity of the documents. Yet, incredibly, Muneer Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR of Oklahoma, accused Director Woolsey of making everything up because he was, in essence, a “Liar for Hire.” Awad, who you may recall was the Complainant in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals case that resulted in the Anti-Shariah Constitutional Amendment being struck down, accused Woolsey of “Islamophobia” and “fearmongering” and said “But [Woolsey’s] fearmongering isn’t based on facts.” Awad also said of Woolsey, “This man is making money off of Islamophobia,…He got a great speaking fee at the event he was here at today.”
            When I read Awad’s accusations of Woolsey being a Liar for Hire and receiving a “great speaking fee” for the High Noon Club event, I was curious. How could Awad possibly have known what, if anything, Woolsey was paid for speaking at the event? Did Awad have some sort of inside information from the organizers of the event or was he making up some desperate lie in a feeble attempt to shift the focus from the fact that CAIR is a terrorist-related organization?
To find the truth, I contacted Bob Dani, Moderator of the High Noon Club, to ask him about Woolsey’s “great speaking fee.” Dani sdaid, “I was the one who invited Director Woolsey to speak at the High Noon Club and I was the one responsible for paying the bills for all of his speaking events that day. Director Woolsey did not receive a single penny for any of the events he did while he was in Oklahoma. He came here at great inconvenience, loss of time and loss of sleep as a volunteer to share the truth with us because of his great concern about CAIR’s infiltration of our government and society.”
It seems my later suspicion was true: Awad was making up a desperate lie in a feeble attempt to shift the focus from the fact that CAIR is a terrorist-related organization. I think his Muslim Brotherhood buddies call that “Taqiyya” or lying to deceive your enemies. Legislators and the like who have been working with CAIR, ARE YOU LISTENING?
            More results of our investigation into CAIR and their links to our elected officials to come next week.
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