seidentraum organic silk bioseide   10-12-2017

Dear ,

today we have three good news for you! 

The first one may be familiar to you: The Holy Night is not far off. We can stop for a few days and create peace in and around us. Our world desperately needs more peace energy!

The second news will enjoy all designers, tailors and hobby artists: We have found a partner who prints on our organic silk fabrics with eco-colors - according to your patterns. Thus, your creativity in the design of silk fabrics, scarves or clothing no limits are set. Read more...

The third news concerns our crowdfunding campaign at ECOCROWD for a film project on the social impact of the Flying8 loom by Andreas Möller. We have found a competent and enthusiastic filmmaker who has recognized the social impact of Andreas Möller's loom on the work situation of the people in Meghalaya and beyond. Read more...

I wish you a contemplative Advent Season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warmest regards from Leipzig 


Eco-Pigment-Print on Bulkware

The printing machine is called ALLEGRO and imprints all silk fabrics from our range in a single operation without any pre- or post-treatment. With this one-step technology, this printer does not use a single drop of water. The high water consumption and the resulting wastewater are the environmentally relevant factors when printing with conventional inkjet printers. The ink is GOTS approved.
Our partner in Portugal prints every design from 5 m corresponding to your file (JPG, PDF or TIF). The templates can be prepared for the cut or laid out over the entire surface. The printing prices are around 9 to 10 € per meter of fabric. 
You order the material and we send it to our partner. Then you can handle all details on the print job in direct contact with the printer.
Weaving Change Movie Project

I ask for your support for a movie about the Flying8 loom, which plays an important role in my textile project in Meghalaya and beyond. In Sabina von Kessel we have found a competent filmmaker who has lived and taught in India for a long time. The film tells how the design of the Flying8 loom, which anyone can replicate with minimal resources, opens up new perspectives for weavers in India and Ethiopia. It should be a good and professional movie. That costs just ...
Please help finance this movie - thank you!
To project on Ecocrowd... (sorry only in German)

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