Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd
Gigs & Bookings   April 5, 2022
A message for you
Duo Laroo/Byrd
Dear Music Friends,
Yes, Mid-Spring it is, and we sincerely hope you're feelin' good. We believe that live music can make you feel even better and proudly present to you 
 our bands: 
The Saskia Laroo Band
Duo Laroo/Byrd
Warren Byrd 
Let us light up your life this 2022, with our basket of new tunes, beats, and remixes, both recorded and premiered live!

In the meantime, stay happy, healthy
keep swinging!

Jazzy greetings,

Duo Laroo/Byrd
Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd |
P.S. 1.) We're delighted to be getting set for a fpk supported June's India/Thailand tour, if all goes well,
and 2) we're also looking forward to being "home, sweet home" in the Netherlands (rather than abroad per usual) to celebrate King's Day 2022 with 
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