Hello Cat Lover,

Hope you didn't get fooled on April 1st. We were too busy
here to notice anything, so if anything happened, we just
didn't get it!

The cats like to play tricks on me every day anyway, so
what's new?


I had some terrific submissions for my book title
contest! And since I couldn't settle on just
one, I created a composite title from several of
those sent in. So, that made everyone a winner!
If you sent me a suggestion, and I haven't sent
you your copy of the book, please please let me
know. I don't want anyone to feel left out.

So, here's the title:
Your Cat: 7 Steps to 9 Lives

The web site -- www.7stepsto9lives.com -- is
finally live now! I'm getting some good feedback
already, too.

If you would like to share in the sales by featuring my book
on your web site, I have an affiliate program going with it.
Instructions for that are on the web site.


Here in my neck of the woods, we just had another
severe winter storm last week. It made me worry
about all the critters that are trapped outdoors
without a loving home to go inside.

So my tip-of-the-month is about cold weather.

Leaving a cat outdoors in cold weather can be
extremely hazardous to its health. If exposed to
cold for a prolonged time, cats can get what's
called hypothermia... lowered body temperature.

Just as hypothermia can kill humans, it also can
kill animals. If a cat's body temp. drops below
98.5 F, the poor thing will need veterinary
attention quickly. In the meantime, you can help
a shivering cat recover some body temp. by wrapping
him in towels you've just run through a clothes

For cats that live outdoors, such as strays and
ferals that are not owned, nor tame enough to
care for directly, be sure to provide "comfort

These can be boxes, small dog houses, or any small
enclosure that can be heated or insulated. Place
something soft inside to cuddle into to help
hold their body temperature. Often, two or more
outdoor cats will huddle together to share body

Locate the stations in safe areas to prevent
attacks from stray dogs or skunks or other animals that
might try to get inside. Unfortunately, too many dogs
are left outdoors with no care or protection, either.

Set out fresh water daily. Yes, it freezes, and there
is not much you can do about that, unless you have
a heated water bowl. But at least provide liquid
once a day. The cats will learn when to come by
to drink.


Watch your inbox for the next issue of The Kitty Times.
I hope to do a second issue for April in the next couple
of weeks. As always, if you have any suggestions, comments,
or questions, please send them in!