Issue 03                                                                                                   JAN 2018
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Remember Sydney and her pop, Queso, from Season Two? So do we, because we just listened back through the unedited interview, and cut out all the bits where we prove we're not very nice people. Hop into our virtual studio, and enjoy listening to the discretionary cut of this interview!
  • S02E06.1 – Remember Phil, ex-Burner who was pretty sure the Playa wasn’t for him? We had a whole conversation with him, and you get to hear it, just not yet!
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Remember that FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON THREE that you haven't heard yet? Well, in January, you will. FOr now, though, you can listen to the whole, barely edited interview with one of the two Burning Man Ultra Marathon runners we interviewed for the episode, Brian, AKA Duck!!
  • DISCRETIONARY CUT: Cherry Bomb (the G-D founder of the Burning Man Ultra Marathon)
Playa Polling Place
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Beth's Bounty
Hey all you lovely people who support us with money! 
Fucking thank you. Honest to god this time of year always gets me down, with the compulsorily consumerism and all this Christ nonsense, but you folks warm my heart through and through. Despite myself, I’m proud of this podcast, and it’s shockingly meaningful to me that you all care this much. It makes all the work we’ve been putting in the last couple of months getting ready for the start of season three seem a lot less like jerking off.  
I’m writing this to you from a basement in the grey-ist of grey Seattle. A place I used to live and a place I go back to on the regular to visit chosen family and partners. Since I have no idea what to write to you (other than Thank You like a zillion times,) I wanted to tell you a little story about the burning man culture in 2007 in Seattle. 
I don’t know where you all are from, but being a Bay Area burner is very different then being from anywhere else. Where the burners are fewer and more spread out, up in the north west (at least back in 2007ish) you can go to a few burning man events and run into the same people.  Back in the day we even had a once a week bar night where some really nice folks let us bring hula hoops onto their dance floor and clearly do drugs in the loft of a run down club off of Reiner. This time of year was dominated by burner parties, Sanatarchy (I swear it used to be cool,) and chill, in-house sex parties. It was a fun community, and one of the first communities I ever got to feel a part of outside of making theater. And we would band together to get through the wrist-slitting grey of the winter (and fall and spring). 
It was my first adult community. And it blew my mind. The warmth, kindness, silliness and fun weren’t at all what I expected out of my first few years out of undergrad. These folks made growing up look… well, not like the boring-ass red wine and cheese parties that we had for opening nights of new shows. 
D-day thinks the 11th principle is Play; this was my first taste of adult play. Which is odd, because I had already been in the bdsm community which often calls scenes “play,” but is often deeply lacking the fun of play (at least for me, kinky folks make their own sober strange sexual fun… I guess… ). Here at 23 I was finding people who knew what fun was. The kind of fun that ends up in deep unbridled joy and laughter. Fun that was hard. Fun that was disorienting. Fun that left you somewhere new.  Fun that reshaped the way you thought about yourself and the world around you. Fun that was so fun that maybe I need to grow into a better person so I can do more of it. 
Falling in love with that community was like getting a big old crush on the world. And as a deeply ingrained misanthrope it cracked me open. Before I even hit playa for the first time. You know the type: the kids that are burners but just haven’t been to the burn. It was something I desperately needed. I don’t know if you all have noticed, but the world is a sad, broken place, where we are failing our fellow humans left, right and center. I often teeter on the edge of “burn it all down,” and after college I was in a pretty dark place. You see, I thought maybe theater (ha! Hahahahaha!) could change the world, and after putting the energy of my entire adult life into making it I found out at a professional level it was mostly boring crap. At best it was boring crap! At worst it was reinforcing societal structures that I think are evil. My deep hatred of everything found (and still finds) a respite in this culture. I even allow myself a little hope… every now and again. 
And that’s what I hope for all of you. That this community and culture are helping in some small way with gloom of our broken society. It’s dark enough out there at midday.  We all need fun. We all need family. We all need full spectrum lights. 
So yeah, best wishes from all of us here at Accuracy Third in these dark times. I hope we can be a little bit of light for you. 
Smash the state,
Ooo Lookit the Pretty Picture!
MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM D-DAY & REX (& BETH,) WHO LOVE YOU. Beth's just not in this photo, because even though the three of us spend all of our goddamned time together, none of us remembered that we should totally get our pictures taken together at Burning Man 2017. There's always doing it better next year!