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Rep Shumate married
Republicans Defeat the NDAA Nullification Bill
Fine Company They Keep, Eh?
HB 1487 authored by Rep. Mike Ritze was killed this week in the House States Rights Committee after five Republicans voted against the bill.  Representatives Dustin Roberts, Ken Walker, Tommy Hardin, Elise Hall and Dale DeWitt all voted against HB 1487 which would have made it illegal for state officials, Oklahoma military forces, or peace officers to aid the federal government in detaining Oklahomans when the detention violated the U.S. or state constitution.
The bill failed on a four to nine vote:
Dan Fisher  Lewis Moore  Jason Murphey  Sean Roberts
Ed  Cannaday Democrat 
Elise Hall Republican   (405) 557-7403
Dustin Roberts  Republican
Dale DeWitt Republican  (405) 557-7332
Tommy Hardin Republican  (405) 557-7383
Mike Shelton Democrat (405) 557-7367
Kay Floyd Democrat (405) 557-7396
Kevin Matthews  Democrat  
Ken  Walker   Republican (405) 557-7359
Kay Floyd is the representative that took over former Representative Al McAffee’s district, and is a complete liberal and openly gay so don’t expect her to like it when you call.
Ken Walker received our endorsement in the General Election of 2012 and he needs to be completely reamed out when you call.  Do so politely but firmly, leave no doubt in this man’s mind that openly supporting the indefinite detention of American citizens without trail is a complete violation of his oath of office and a complete betrayal of all Oklahomans.
The rest of the five Republicans need their tails chewed out as well.  Their traitorous vote will also be the subject of an article in the Oklahoma Guardian special issue that will be distributed in their home districts.  If you would like to help distribute the newspaper or donate to the costs of printing and distribution contact us by replying to this email.  These five Republicans need punished for their dirty deed and the punishment needs to be without remorse as they voted without remorse or thought of what their constituents would want.
Obama Care Nullification Measure
Passes Out Of House Committee
OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill focused on nullifying “Obama Care” passed out of the House Public Health committee Tuesday.
House Bill 1021authored by Rep. Mike Ritze passed out of the House Public Health committee by a 7-3 vote and is now waiting on the House Calendar Committee to schedule it for a floor vote before the entire House.
HB 1021.would nullify the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obama Care,” in Oklahoma, protecting businesses such as Hobby Lobby and Oklahoma small businesses and citizens from the detrimental effects of Obama Care.
House co author Rep. John Bennett was quoted as saying: ““There has never been a penalty just for being a citizen of the United States. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives Congress authority to make an American buy health care or pay a fine. This is too much control and power for the federal government to have over its citizens. It’s not right and this measure will ensure Oklahoma is protected against this expansion of the federal government.”

Committee Approves Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act
HB 2021, The Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act was approved unanimously today by the House Public Safety Committee.  The bill would exempt guns and ammo made in the state from federal regulations as long as the items are marked “Made in Oklahoma” and kept within state boundaries.  The same bill was passed in 2010 by Senator Brogdon but failed the veto override and is considered a test case for states rights and the Tenth Amendment.
Rep.Sean Roberts and John Bennett are authors of the measure, along with state Reps. Mike Ritze, Josh Cockroft, Jadine Nollan, Arthur Hulbert, Mike Reynolds, Jason Murphey, Sally Kern, Lewis Moore, Mike Sanders, Mike Turner, Tom Newell, Dan Fisher and David Brumbaugh.
Respect the Legislative Process?
Below are some excerpts from an email sent by Senator Don Barrington to a constituent two Second Amendment bills.    We have some choice words form Senator Barrington that hopefully will explain what the Second Amendment is about.
February 19, 2013
Mr. Xxxxxxx:
Thank you for contacting my office regarding SB 548 and SB 401. …….
At this time I will review the language, though my inclination is to not hear the bills at this time. This is due to the recent development of Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb’s announcement December 20, 2012, one week after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School, to form the Oklahoma Commission on School Security. Lamb, working with Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman, House Speaker-elect T.W. Shannon, and Senate Democratic Leader Sean Burrage, are cooperating to put the commission into immediate action. ….
Please keep in mind, if we do hear the bills in committee, and they do not pass, due to Senate rules the measures are dead for two sessions (two years). By waiting for the task forces recommendations, it keeps these bills alive so that the language may be perfected with imput from various organizations and lawmakers. ………………
Since you have taken the time to contact my office I would like for you to be respectful enough of the legislative process to be presented some facts that you can be assured indicate my support of the right to bear arms.
Both SB 548 and SB 401 are very simple bills that state that our Second Amendment rights should be returned to Oklahomans.     But rather than follow his oath of office Senator Barrington chooses to take advantage of the Sandy Hook tragedy, using those murdered souls to escape responsibility for casting an up or down vote to return our constitutional right to bear arms.     He further disrespects those that died by kicking the can down the road while waiting for a task force to spread the blame, a task force no doubt staffed by term limited politicians immune to public pressure.  Then Barrington has the gall to ask that his constituent be “respectful” of the legislative process.
How about this Senator Barrington?   How about you be respectful of the oath of office that you swore on attaining office?  The one where you swore to uphold the U.S. and state constitution including the right to bear arms.  And how dare you take advantage of murdered children and murdered school teachers to avoid taking a stand on this issue.  I would remind you that the murders occurred in a gun free zone. 
If you have ever visited the Philippines you would have noticed that all schools have armed guards at the gate and they aren’t just packing pistols.  These guys carry assault shotguns.  They are utterly polite and well trained, a college degree being required to serve as an armed security guard, and responsive to the public as they are private guards hired by the private school system.   They aren’t focused on idiotic procedures like the TSA or the local rent a cops here in the U.S.; they are focused on keeping the kids safe and you can’t help but feel better knowing that they are there.    You understand that they aren’t part of a police state hell bent on beating people into compliance.
And how many school shootings have occurred in the Philippines?    Zero ….
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the mentally imbalanced that shoot up schools do so because it is safe to do so, at least till the cops show up an hour later.   A return of our Second Amendment rights would allow neighbors, parents, and school officials to have the means of protecting the children other than standing between them and a gunman.
Senator Barrington, both of those bills will be on the 2013 Oklahoma RINO Index and both the House and the Senate will be held responsible should those bills fail to pass.  Any future school shootings in Oklahoma will be on your plate Senator Barrington, should you choose to avoid taking a stand.
Senator Don Barrington needs a ton of phone calls and emails on this issue.  You can contact him at:      405.521.5563
Senator Clark Jolley
By the Watchman
Maybe this guy would have been better off sticking with his second major in college as a Music Education Major. He could at least teach school, although I’m not too sure if I’d want his political philosophy being spewed to my children. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to hire this man as an Attorney. It seems all he wants to do is take away your rights.
On three separate occasions last year, we tried to warn you about the antics of Senator Jolley. Those articles were on June 17th, July 1st and Oct. 14th of 2012. You can find them in our archives here, Click Here For Previous Newsletter Archives. They clearly point to the fact that the man has been bought and paid for by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
Then there is this report, Oklahoma Senate bill would expand DNA testing for suspects of felonies, some misdemeanors.. Why would you want to collect the DNA on individuals that are only suspected of a crime unless it is to be used for some nefarious use? Should the innocent be lumped along with the guilty? I think not. Only someone that is ignorant of the constitution would even think about something like this. There is absolutely no legal justification for this. The only justification for this is the increased spending and profits to your friends at the DNA Labs who can help line your pockets with money.
Then we come across this little article, Okla. Senate committee approves DNA testing bill » Oklahoma News », Muskogee, OK. So you wait nine (9) years to get passionately involved in this case. This is too convenient. So which one of these firms has offered you a job if you can pull this scam off? The public has a right to know. After all it’s our tax dollars that are going to be paying for this.
One other thing, have you figured in the cost of the legal challenges that this is going to have against it. This one won’t stop at the Oklahoma Supreme Court. This one will go all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Has violating our rights in the name of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce worth that much to you? If it is, then declare yourself for what you really are. A DEMOCRAT.
We will be watching this bill very closely. Should it pass either Chamber, or should it pass any further committees, we will call you out. It is next scheduled for the Senate Appropriations Committee which Senator Jolley Chairs. As he is the author of this bill, if he has any morals about him, he should recuse himself from any discussions and votes about this bill
Spanking the Charlie
It’s Not Just the Sooner Tea Party These Days
I was traveling out of the country when Charlie Meadows wrote the blog article that I am going to quote from and didn’t have the time to do the story justice but as I always say, things happen for a reason.  Sure enough this week old Charlie himself points out that he got some major feedback.  The following is from the previous OCPAC blog post/newsletter with my snarky comments in bold type:
A lot of folks told me they really enjoyed having the Lt. Governor
speak at OCPAC this past Wednesday. Todd is very intelligent, well versed on many of the issues of the day and certainly has a
charismatic personality which serves his excellent communication
skills very well. Absent a huge mess-up, Governor Fallin is sure to be re-elected in 2014 and it will be like a cake walk for Lt. Governor Lamb to obtain the Governor’s office in 2018 if he so choses. (sic)  If you will log on to, and hit the link to video’s you can see our program last Wednesday.
My God, next thing will be for Charlie to offer to have this man’s baby.

One of the interesting things about Todd’s presentation was the
complementary things he had to say about OCPAC. Things we have heard from speakers before, though it has been a while. He indicated that in many situations when ideas were being discussed, it often comes up as to where would OCPAC be on a particular issue? It is a testament to the years education provided by OCPAC as well as our activism and the financial support from our members that have earned that kind of concern.
    Is Charlie really this stupid not to pick up on the self abuse going on here?

The other kind thing Todd said about OCPAC was that we were considered to be the North Point on the compass of conservatism in the state of Oklahoma. Similar to what a former state senator said about us a number of years ago. This former senator was telling one of our members, not knowing the person he was talking to was a member, that OCPAC candidates probably wouldn’t win many races, but that we played a vital roll as the anchor for the Republican lawmakers, to help keep them from drifting off too far to the left.  For an old man he sure do have a strong wrist.

I would suggest the only thing this former senator got wrong was the part about not many of our candidates would get elected. Over the past 7 election cycles we have raised close to $200,000 and contributed to candidates in 114 races. That effort has helped to elect 62 men and women to the state legislature. While I am the person that gets many of the kudos for our efforts as well as having to take the many arrows, the reality is that this organization belongs to the many people who support it, many of you for many years now. Folks will never know how humbling that knowledge is to me that folks have trusted our efforts for such a long time. Thanks so much to everyone who have made OCPAC what it has become today.
Okay, do the math.  That is $1,700.00 per race, sure to make a loser into a winner.  And can’t you see how a few hundred bucks is going to outweigh the hundreds of thousands that the State Chamber gives the politicians?  Yes, I’m being sarcastic.
Now for this week’s OCPAC newsletter where old Charlie defended himself.
Several folks took me to task regarding my comments about Todd Lamb in last week’s e-mail. Whether they thought I was too gracious or perhaps was endorsing Todd for Governor in 2018, they just believe I went overboard in my comments.  Yah think?

Therefore, let me set the record straight and partially correct one
part of what I said. Politically savvy folks understand that when a Lt. Governor appears and speaks in all 77 counties at least once a year, even on official business, that person is making contacts with key folks all over the state. That person is at least building relationships with folks, which will give the Lt. Governor a real opportunity to raise future campaign funds and have volunteers in every part of the state. 
Okay, only the political savvy folks understand Charlie’s wisdom.  Who are you to complain?

I should not have suggested his election will be like a cake walk in 2018 if he chooses to run for the governor’s office at that time, none the less, all that time traveling all over the state will give him an advantage over others who have not done so. There are other state wide office holders, but most don’t make anywhere near the contacts as the Lt. Governor.

Because of term limits, all these candidates who have already won a state wide office will have to leave office and one or more of them may run for the governor’s office. Also, you never know if a congressional office holder might decide to run for governor or perhaps someone from the private sector. Therefore, my comments about Todd’s election as governor being a cake walk was too strong, at the same time, he is likely to be the perceived favorite
Clueless… completely clueless, thinking the cake walk comment was the problem.

Next, all the things I said about his personal charisma and speaking abilities, I stand by, but notice I didn’t suggest he was a bastion of conservatism as he is not. I don’t have his final lifetime average (that would cover 6 years in the Senate) from the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index, but his lifetime average after 5 years was a 65. We draw a line at 64 and above as being acceptable, a 65 barely skates by the standard.  Yes sir eee Bob, Charlie spits, not swallows.

The most important thing I said in last week’s e-mail was about the compliments he gave to OCPAC as being a significant player in the state of Oklahoma. When he stated we are the North point on the compass for conservatism, that suggests we are an important player. When he suggests that when the movers and shakers wonder where OCPAC will be on an issue as they are discussing ideas, that is another indication that we have an important part to play in affecting then direction of the state of Oklahoma.  No Charlie, Lamb buttered your rotund posterior because he knew that you would spew vast amounts of undeserved praise and sell out the power of your group over the politicians for the insignificant trinkets of personal praise and access to the politician.  OCPAC once was a potent player in conservative politics but that ended the minute the Republicans took control of the House and Senate and you didn’t hold them to their promises.  Now you trade the power of your group for access, and the funny part is that you think they are doing you a favor speaking to your group while co opting half of them in the process.

That is why our supporters should be very pleased to realize what we have been able to accomplish in just 14 years as a Political Action Committee. Uh, Charlie… have you forgotten that we have a RINO infestation all across the state? You do realize that half of those 14 years the Republicans held the House and Senate? 
That is also why I urge folks that have not become dues paying members as yet, to step up to the plate and join us, to help us increase the conservative influence upon the state of Oklahoma. The success of OCPAC depends upon the support of our dues paying members and activist friends as well as the work of our volunteer leaders, who don’t receive a dime for their efforts. That is yet one more reason for becoming a dues paying member, your dues monies aren’t wasted on overhead and salaries, it goes where it should, either to help elect conservative candidates or hold elected officials accountable. As compared to what Charlie?  The John Birch Society?  They pay salaries and overhead don’t they?  Or OK-SAFE?  Please elaborate.
The encouraging thing is that Charlie is facing some heat from his fellow OCPAC attendees over the excessive slobbering over politicians that by his own admission barely meet conservative standards.  Wasn’t Todd Lamb the Lt. Governor when Obama Care was being shoved down our throats?  Wasn’t he in office last year when the Personhood bill couldn’t get a hearing?  One would hope that Charlie would eventually see the feedback for what it is;people becoming tired of eating lunch while politicians lie to their faces and donating money to a group whose leader sells out and becomes the politician’s whore

By the Watchman
For this installment of the comedy of errors section we’ll be discussing Representatives Dale DeWitt, an Assistant Majority Floor Leader. In other words, muscle for the Speaker.
We began our research with Representative DeWitt by going to his biography page at Talk about a gerrymandered district, this one takes the cake. His district covers all the way from Enid to parts of Guthrie. I must say, he doesn’t represent any of them very well. As is the case with his biography page, we looked at the bills he submitted this year for consideration before the House. Four bills caught our attention. They are as follows:
HB 1925 Fish and Game Act. Dealing with fees for fishing licenses. Makes no changes in current law whatsoever. All this bill does is put his name on something during his last years in the legislature.
HB 1926 Fish and Game Act. Dealing with fees for hunting licenses. A repeat of HB 1925. Just another attempt at trying to get his name on the books.
HB 1927 Relating to Teachers Retirement System. Finally a new law, only this one will cost the tax payers. It seems this retired teacher would like to give a 1 time $500.00 to retired teachers who fall below the applicable federal poverty level. This one time stipend is to be paid out of the Teacher’s Retirement System Stipend Accumulation Fund and funded through “apportioned funds from sources provided by law.” I would like to ask one question. What about the rest of the people that fall below the poverty guidelines? This bill is nothing more than paying back the union that helped keep you in office.
HB 1928 Fish and Game Act. Again dealing with hunting licenses, but this time with eligibility. There are no changes from current state law in the bill. Once again this is a legacy bill on the part of this Representative.
We next went to to see what information was available there.  Not since 2004 has he let his constituents know where he stood on the issues. Back then he was for increasing the funding on everything except higher education and welfare. That included increasing the funding for the environment.   He also felt it was necessary to increase taxes on alcohol, and gasoline.
Now one of the items that caught me as strange was he wanted to increase the penalties for some prisoners and juveniles that are charged with adult offenses, including harsher penalties for drug related crimes, but he apparently doesn’t want to spend any state funds to build additional prison space to house the offenders. What is he thinking we should do with them?
We next looked at his ratings and endorsements. He manages to get a consistent mid to high 80’s from the Research Institute for Economic Development. This shows a high pro-business leaning in his work. At the same time he shows an alternating average of 70% on year to 100% the next year in Family and Children Issues. It would appear that it depends on which year an election is coming up.
Mr. DeWitt is the only representative that we have ever seen that has had a rating from the Oklahoma Sierra Club of between 50% and 75%.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. Just about every major member of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce donated to his campaign. We found the rebranded A.C.O.R.N affiliate here in Oklahoma had donated to his campaign along with the Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies. These are both very liberal groups that no true conservative should ever accept campaign funds from. We only counted fifteen individual donations to his campaign and one of those was from a fellow house member.
We wanted to verify the individual donations so we went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission web site at to see what information they had available. There were two individuals listed there that were not listed at, but they were both last minute donations and could have been easily missed. What was troubling to us was he listed donations from Native American Tribal Governments as individual donations instead of donations from committees or organizations. These donations are the same as donations from Political Action Committees or corporations and should be treated as such.
We then went back and took a look at his voting record on subjects that mattered to most Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB 1397  Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 2130  Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HR 1004  Open Governance Bill, Voted Nea, Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, Voted No, Liberal Vote
HB 1647 Open Carry Bill, Voted No, Liberal Vote
SB 154  Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
These votes earned him a score of 25 on the RINO Index Rating. I hate to say this folks, but most of the Democratic caucus scored higher than this. How can this man claim to be a Republican? How can he legitimately hold a position of responsibility in the House Leadership team with a record like this?
2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
Here are the updated House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
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