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Liger dies...
Cat hitches ride under truck...
Petfood issues...
Cool websites...
Some humor...


Kimber, the Liger, died Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 at the age of 18.
She lived at Cat Tales Zoological Park, near Seattle, Wash. for
the last 10 years. She went there as a rescue when her owner was
told it was illegal to harbor exotic pets.

Kimber was a cross between a lion and a tiger, hence the name, Liger.

Tigers and lions can live up to 25 years under ideal conditions, but the
species mix may have contributed to Kimber's shorter life span,
as there could be problems with internal defects, etc. Vets are
doing an autopsy but results aren't available yet.

I cannot give you the link to this story. It was on a news page
on Yahoo, and I clicked on it, but it never showed the actual
video link. When the video finished, I couldn't get it back again.
Sorry... hope I remembered everything.


Now here's a story with a link:

A man discovered that his wife's cat had hitch hiked underneath
his truck on a 70-mile business trip, riding on the spare tire.

Well, that's interesting, but we have a better story! Here at our cat
shelter a couple of years ago, we acquired a female cat who did a
similar trip, riding 60 miles underneath the pickup truck of two workers
who had a job in another town. The cat had no ID or collar, so they took
her to the local vet, our vet, who called us. I tried to find her owners,
but no one came forward. The thing that was amazing about OUR
cat, though, is that she was declawed on all four paws! How she
hung on is truly astounding, as there was no spare tire to ride on.
We did find her a new home.

Since last year's pet food recall, in which several thousand
pets died from eating contaminated foods, a fund has been
established to handle the lawsuits that resulted.

Menu Foods has placed 24 million dollars into the fund, and so far,
there are about 6,000 lawsuits pending, with more expected
to come in later this year.

Claims filing began in May and will close in November.

A website has been set up at www.petfoodsettlement.com
or the claims administrator can be reached at 1-800-392-7785.


Many cities have food pantries for the disadvantaged and for
anyone who may be on hard times temporarily. Well, now some
areas have food pantries for pets! Hard times for people may also
mean tough times for their pets, and for those who cannot
bounce back quickly enough, it often leads to surrendering to
a pet shelter. But that can be a death sentence to the pet, if the
shelter is not a no-kill facility. It's a gut-wrenching decision in
such cases, so the Wake County, N. Carolina SPCA started
a "pet pantry" to help people feed their pets to buy them a little
time to get back on their feet.

"For many families, a month's supply of petfood can mean the
difference between keeping their pet or having to leave their pet
at an animal shelter," said spokesperson Mondy Lamb. "And
for many pets, staying in their home and out of an animal shelter
can mean the difference between life and death."

WEB SITES to explore
If you ever need to make a poster or flyer for a lost or found
pet, this site makes them for you:


You can choose what your poster is about. There are 5
choices: Adopt Me, Sponsor Me, Foster Me, Lost, and
Found. You just fill in the blanks with information, upload
a photo if you have one, and it creates it right now.
You just download it and print it off!


Here is a place you can get free stationery:


It's free, it's easy, and there are many choices.
They download as Word documents, so just put them
somewhere on your hard drive to use when you need
some nice stationery. No shipping... you just print off
what and how many you need.

Since they are Word documents, don't worry about
the name and address they come with. You just click
on them and put your own in there. Or, you can delete
them altogether so you have a blank page with a nice

I downloaded all 3 of the cat designs. Very cute.

Video of Cat Sanctuary:
(This is similar to what I'm doing, but this place is on a
MUCH grander scale!)

I changed the video on my web site, for your viewing
pleasure. Scroll to the bottom:



A cheery thanks goes out to Paul DeCeglie in Thailand
for his contribution of some cute cat jokes, which I'll put in
here one at a time until we run out of them! Paul is an
American writer based in Thailand and does a newspaper
column called Pattaya Today. He can be reached at
mrwritepdc @ yahoo.com.

Today's joke:
"When my cats aren't happy, I'm not happy. Not because
I care about their mood but because I know they're just
sitting there thinking up ways to get even."
-- Penny Ward Moser

(Of course, we all know cats aren't really capable of true
revenge, but it does seem that way at times!)


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