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Six Balcony Scenes Concerts

Dear Music Friends,

Hope you're still having a Happy and Healthy 2021!

We're truly grateful to have received support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (Dutch Performing Arts Fund) to bring in February a special edition of our Duo Laroo/Byrd+ Feelgood concerts via their funding program: Balkonscenes (Balcony Scenes) from home for the neighborhood. Of course, you can follow these concerts live online too via

You can see us back here: 
We love to share our music to make you feel good--wherever in the world you are--explore us!

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and remember, always keep swinging!
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Some highlights in 2021 and 2020
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Saskia Laroo
Trumpets Around The World
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Warren Byrd
Truth Raised Twice 
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Pre-Corona Concerts & Tours:
Saskia Laroo Band 2020 World Jazz Fest, India
Saskia Laroo Band 2020 Baby Grand Jazz, US
Saskia Laroo Band 2019 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Duo Laroo/Byrd 2019 Live in Burundi
Saskia Laroo Band 2019 Live in Thailand 
Duo Laroo/Byrd+ 2018 Live in Vietnam
Jazzkia+ 2017 Live in South Korea
Saskia Laroo Band 2014 Paradiso, Amsterdam
Saskia Laroo Band 2013 Live in Zimbabwe
Saskia Laroo Band 2007 Montreux Jazz Festival
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