RSVP for a Presentation on September 26 in Minneapolis
You’re invited to attend a NursingCAS (nursing’s centralized application service) presentation on Wednesday, September 26, from 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM at the University Hotel in Minneapolis, MN, located on the University of Minnesota's campus at 615 Washington Avenue S.E.
Learn how NursingCAS can streamline the application process for Minnesota students interested in nursing. Students are able to research and apply via one online application to diploma, associate degree, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral nursing programs through NursingCAS. To register for this free event, complete this short form by September 19. On-site parking is available, and breakfast will be served. Additional details about the event will be emailed to those who register.
Move Away from Paper
Many schools use a paper-based process to handle nursing admissions or an electronic process that doesn’t allow for sophisticated reporting and querying. Processing is time-consuming. NursingCAS alleviates the time and burden of processing paper applications and provides an electronic method for applicants to apply easily to multiple schools and submit one set of supporting documents such as references, resumes, personal statements, and transcripts.
In addition, all schools who participate in NursingCAS receive free web-based admissions management software, WebAdMIT, that allows schools to communicate, review, and report on prospective students and applicants.
Complements an Existing Admissions Process
Many schools who participate in NursingCAS now have a two-step process. Students apply to the university first and then to the nursing major/department/program/school via NursingCAS. For example, for MNSCU schools, students could apply to your school through the MNSCU Single Application and then apply to the nursing major/department/program/school via NursingCAS.
Free Resource for Schools

Participation in NursingCAS is free and voluntary to accredited schools of nursing. NursingCAS can provide state and system specific reports to participating schools. Schools are able to run on-demand reports including comparative reports that show data about their applicant pool versus the entire applicant pool. Participating schools often use the data to complete annual reports for accreditation agencies, grant funders, and other external and internal constituencies.
Who Uses NursingCAS: 
Over 44,000 students are currently using NursingCAS to research and apply to programs. Last cycle, 38% of NursingCAS applicants were from minority backgrounds, and 15% were men
Help Direct Students to Open Seats:
NursingCAS provides an important mechanism to direct qualified applicants to open seats in nursing programs. In 2011, AACN data showed that over 75,000 qualified applicants were turned away from nursing programs even though more than 14,000 seats went unfilled.
Last year, over 1,000 seats went unfilled in Minnesota alone. If you would like to learn more about the number of qualified students turned away from programs in your state, visit click here.
Easy to Run Reports:
NursingCAS users can easily run reports on age, citzenship, countries of birth, degrees awarded, degrees expeced, ethnicity, financial aid, gender, GPAs, majors, state of residence, coursework, applications by track, and applicants who applied to mutliples programs.
More Information:
If you are unable to attend, please feel free to extend this invitation to any of your staff or colleagues from admissions, student services, academic advisement, IT, or the registrar’s office who may be interested in learning more about NursingCAS. Attendees will hear Dr. Timothy Gaspar, Dean of the University of Toledo College of Nursing, and former dean at Winona State University, speak about his experience implementing and using NursingCAS and the resulting benefits. To register for this free event, complete this short form by September 19.
Contact Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Manager with any questions at or 202-463-6930, ext. 258 or visit for more information. 
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NursingCAS is administered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), in conjunction with its partners, Liaison International and Academic Software Plus.