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1. Who's to Blame for Palestinian Deaths?
Palestinian civilian deaths are tragic, but Hamas is to blame. The solutions to end the violence need to be political and not exclusively military.

2. Jon Stewart 100% Wrong on Israeli Airstrike Procedure:
One side is keen on killing civilians, including its own, while the other is doing everything in its power to avoid civilian deaths. How about mentioning that asymmetry, Mr. Stewart?


3. Three Love Potions for Tu B'Av:
The Jewish holiday of love is believed to be a fortuitous time to find one’s “soulmate.” Throughout history, people have tried to help move the process along by concocting love potions.

4. Salt-Water Taffy: Summer in a Candy Wrapper.

5. The Ultimate Brownie.


6. The Month of Av: Compassion Over Anger.


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