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It's a really strong year!
And we're really well Stocked!

We predict an excellent
Christmas shopping season 
Items which in past years have sold
out are now STRONGLY in stock!

But we're also getting some new
LARGE corporate


Best selling collection of premium USA made socks:

Superwarm -  our 1st product, still a top seller

OutdoorAdventure - now THE most popular product

SlipperBootie - useful, functional ankle sock. Great seller.

Now a new wonderful addition to the line:
The AmericanTraveler
Brian's Favorite Socks!
(he wears them all the time!)

80% Alpaca AmericanTraveler Socks

Other quick to sell out items
also NOW in Stock:
Alpaca Dryer Balls
Alpaca Insoles
Bears and Fur Toys
Newly Restocked Ponchos
Back in stock!
Whimsical Christmas Themed
Plus a lot more!

Order now before the
post-Thanksgiving rush
for quickest delivery.
The benefits of going LARGE!
Being able to make a large order on payments is a tremendous help for us in keeping an inventory. - Tracey R.
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The Preferred Retailers MAP encourages
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"Google" your farm name and your Preferred Retailer listing might be the top response! Many have reported visits coming from the MAP.
We'll again this year be promoting The MAP to over 25,000 folk who are interested in alpacas.  Your farm should be there. 
Becoming a Preferred Retailer is easy.
Place one order of $750 or more and you
will automatically be added at the next
update cycle.
Then, as it has for many, watch your web hits,
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Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
We're looking to grow with you!
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  4. Your never "stuck" with product! Return anything up until NEXT april.
  5. Don't be left without! Many tell us their only mistake is they didn't order enough when they could!

                    ** Thank you for your continued support! **
    ** Best wishes for a happy and successful fall sales season! **

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