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Tree of Life Europe-Israel  
Director Gabriel Cousens, M.D. M.D. (H)
11/2011 Program - Tree of Life in Israel
with the world's leading expert on natural healing:

Gabriel Cousens, M.D.     Shanti GoldsCousens
Visiting from The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, USA
" The Fasting
   Destination of Choice "
The New York Times
" One of the world's
   best-ten Yoga &
   detoxification retreats "
Harper's Magazine
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
M.D. M.D.(H)
Best selling author and world expert on natural healing. An acknowledged Yogi who shares an integrated approach for 'whole person healing & enlightenment'
with 40 years of experience,  ‬67, Licensed physician in Western Medicine, Homeopathy, Familiy Consultation, Psychiatry & Ayurveda. Founder of the international Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, USA.
Shanti GoldsCousens
Senior TriYogateacher with over 20 years of experience. A senior Rawfood Chef and Aromatherapist, Shanti brings smiling grace into the Tree of Life programs worldwide.
   Spiritual Juice-Fasting 
9-Day  Retreat 
A true opportunity to take a leap in your quality of living.  
A "Reset" - for body & spirit.

 Nov' 7-15  2011
Yehiam Fortress  National Park,   Israel
9-day organic juice-fasting
a comprehensive wellness & self exploration vacation
The fruit of over 26 years of experience with thousands of successful participants worldwide - The Tree of Life Juice Fasting Retreat is a 9-day ultimate wellness vacation.
‪Live Music, Yoga, Nature Walks, Dance... 
Lots of Daily Activities to choose from:‬
Features: recreation activities  |  live music & chanting  |  Tri-Yoga  |   Meditation  |  Kundalini Attunements  |  Dance  |  Nature Walks & 12th century crusaders fortress  |   Spiritual Discourse  |  Tai Chi  |  Daily Medical Check-in with Dr. Cousens

and…a true opportunity to take a leap in your quality of living. We Call it "Reset" - for the body & the spirit.

The Tree of EU-IL program is one of the largest held in Europe, twice a year, Sold Out since 2004, with 80 participants.
It is an international gathering attracting people from all walks of life, from over 25 countries.    Welcome !
"The Juice Fasting Retreat is our most transformative program.  
  The best results one can get in 9 days for healing, detox,
  and Spiritual Evolution. We call it 'Whole Person Enlightenment'.

  It is an invitation to Reset, and find again your homeostasis
  - your internal rhythm "
                                                           - Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Zero Point
Tel Aviv, Neve Tsedek, Israel ( 5min from the beach ) 
4 days 
 Nov' 17-20 2011, Thu-Sun 9:30-17:30
Zero Point is a self exploration course, 
giving a practical understanding & Insight 
into our personality structure. 
Zero Point is about breaking free from the world of thought. It's a foundation for leading a conscious everyday life, with a healthy and more peaceful mind.
   "The personality is a case of mistaken identity"
Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Yogi, Psychatrist and family consultant, shares a unique way to release dysfunctional thought-forms and emotional blockages that limit freedom and creativity.
In this 4 days process we will observe our personality in a new angle and see how it runs our life, in limitation or freedom.
It is a powerful process of mental & emotional healing.
* This program is part of the 21-day programs offered in Tree of Life USA  - 'Reverse Diabetes Naturally' & 'Whole Person Awakening' 21-Day Programs.

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Tickets     |     Travel Info     |     Reservations‬
‪Travelling Info:‬  
  • Fasting Retreat:
Arrival:        Mon, Nov' 7th 2011, 15:00-17:00‬  
Departure:  Tue, Nov' 15th, 14:00‬
  • Full board program
  • Yehiam is a 3-hour drive/train ride from the Tel Aviv Airport.
  • Zero Point
Nov' 17-20 2011, Thu-Sun 9:30-17:30
  • This program doesn't include accomodations. There are variety of options for all budgets in Tel Aviv
  • Neve Tsedek, south of Tel Aviv, 40min from the Tel Aviv Airport
Israel is 2-4-6 hours flight from major airports in EU.
 For full travelling info please visit or contact Guest Services at:
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