Leith Hill Action Group          

Correction to Newsletter 9

I'm sorry to say that we have to make an immediate correction to Newsletter 9.  The church that kindly gave up its Auction of Promises proceeds for LHAG is Christ Church in Coldharbour, not St. James Church in Coldharbour, as I stated in the newsletter.  
I can only plead that it was late last night when I sent out the newsletter and this slip of the fingers, mixing up the names of Abinger and Coldharbour churches, was the result.
Christ Church, like all local churches, has to work incredibly hard in order to achieve its required funding.  Giving up such a large chunk of its regular income has been extraordinarily generous and I can only apologise for getting the name wrong.  It was entirely my fault.
Thanks for following these newsletters.
Patrick Nolan
Chair of LHAG Fundraising