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Cat owners have higher self esteem...
Research on cheetahs...
Some rats love cat odors....
Cat food news...
Stuff for Cat lovers...
Web sites to explore...
A smile for you...
Take action...


A recent study published in the Journal of Personality
and Social Psychology shows that dog and cat owners
have greater self-esteem than those without dogs or cats.
These owners usually are more physically fit, less lonely,
more conscientious, more socially outgoing and have
healthier relationship styles, according to the study.

Owning a pet also can provide some insight into the potential
a relationship might hold. For example, if your significant
other or date treats their pet badly, beware. On the other
hand, if they seem too devoted, they may wind up not
having enough room in their life for you.


Researchers have discovered why older cheetahs are
rarely able to reproduce -- and hope to use this information
to introduce vital new genes into the pool. Scientists
analyzed the organs of 34 cheetahs at eight institutions,
and determined that while those of cheetahs older than 8 years
appear normal, the animals tend to suffer from abnormal cell
growth, infections and cysts that prevent pregnancy.



Infected Rodents Attracted to Cat Odor

ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2011) — "New research shows
how a brain parasite can manipulate rodent fear responses
for the parasite's own benefit. The study, authored by
Patrick House and Dr. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford
University addressed how the single-celled parasite,
Toxoplasma gondii, makes infected rodents more likely to
spend time near cat odors."

This could be significant for pet owners, if rodents are showing
less fear around your cat and are coming close, or even inside.
They also could be an important factor in spreading the organism
to your pets, or to you. This is another good reason cats should
not eat wild rodents.



Help Feed Shelter Animals

Don't forget to visit these sites as often as you can and
click on the shelter-feed links. There is no cost to you
to do this.



http://www.freekibblekat.com/ (Answer a trivia question...
even a wrong answer gives a donation.)

They're celebrating Dog Days of Summer Week, with
trivia & daily giveaways - for humans AND for shelters.
Look for the signup box in the upper right corner area of the


Here are two sites that provide the latest info on what's
being recalled:

1. http://www.avma.org/petfoodsafety/recalls/default.asp
(from the American Veterinary Medical Association -
a review of all the latest petfood recalls and alerts.)

2. http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/newpetfoodrecalls
(from the US Food and Drug Administration)

STUFF FOR CATS (and cat lovers)

http://bit.ly/r3fxds New cat supplement formulated by Dr. Jones

http://www.theproblemcat.com/letsmove/ How to Move With Pets
http://bit.ly/daZr9h - Flea Control Secrets


WEB SITES to explore
Do it Yourself projects to do for your pets:

Helpful information if you're traveling with your pet:

How to handle a pet that's choking:

ASPCA Guide to Pet-Safe Gardening - Link to full page:

Pet Poison Helpline http://www.pacc911.org/Poison_Control.html
Keep this information "on top," that is, don't bury
it in a notebook or on your computer. When or if you
should need it, you don't want to waste time looking for it.


Having cats is amazingly good for your health - lowering
blood pressure & stress, fewer strokes & heart attacks
& less depression!

-------- LATEST VIDEO -----------

Check out the video on my website, at the top of the page.
These "popcorn kitties" are having the time of their lives!

These sites provide up to date information on how to help animals:

1. http://www.pet-abuse.org
If you're so inclined, it's a good resource to find petitions to
sign, letters to write, or other actions we can take to help pets in
abuse situations.

2. http://www.dosomething.org/whatsyourthing/Animal+Welfare
A good resource for helping people decide what kinds of help best
fit their own abilities and interests.

3. http://www.hipaws.com/help.html
Help feed the kitties that didn't get adopted. There is a secure
PayPal donation button at the bottom of the page.


Watch for your next issue of The Kitty Times in 2 weeks!

Purrs and nosetaps,

Roberta, the Cat Lady
mskitty @ theproblemcat.com


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