Kominek Books is happy to present 4 new publications and 2 Special Editions as a result of our latest residency program which has taken place from November-December 2016.

Following our first residency program with Antony Cairns, resulting in the portfolio publication 'Nightcity Nightcity Nightcity', Kominek invited Japanese artists Daisuke Yokota, Hiroshi Takizawa and Yoshi Kametani to translate their unique visions to a Berlin setting.

Daisuke Yokota - Berlin - Signed

60 images / color and B/W / 20 x 29 cm / Edition of 300 copies / softcover
price: 68
ships in february
After publishing Daisuke Yokota’s Toransupearento and GLASS, Kominek Books presents a new body of work from the artist, Berlin; photos taken in Germany’s capital.

The images are typical night city wanderings and exhibit Yokota’s signature experimental processing techniques whilst also demonstrating unconventional shooting methods like re-appropriating thermographic and infrared cameras and rendering the images onto analog film. But overall Yokota’s experiments with extremely low-resolution cameras brings the concept of classical photography to its limits and revises the question of what photography should be.

Hiroshi Takizawa - STRATUM - Signed
100pages / Softcover / Coloured vinyl / Acetate / Screw Post Bound /
Edition of 100 copies
price: 68
ships in february
In his sedimentary compendium, Stratum, Takizawa explores organic geological processes by imitating nature’s deposition of matter. Layer upon layer of rock forms this volume, which serves as a topographic catalogue of the surface of Berlin. For Takizawa, the rocks and stones presented in this publication are both relics of a bygone era and historical archives.

The softcover edition is housed in sheets of coloured vinyl with acetate insert. Featuring 100 illustrated pages of detailed sedimentary rock on grey paper, this book is a cornerstone

Yoshi Kametani - 191 - Signed

82 pages / Softcover / singer sewn / Edition of 100 copies

price: 55
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The work presented in Yoshi Kametani’s 191 combines Super 8 film material and playful nude cut-up collages. Work made in Berlin during the Kominek Books Residency program.

Daisuke Yokota, Yoshi Kametani, Hiroshi Takizawa  - 100 Bilder - Signed

100 illustrations / 24 x 30 cm / Regular Edition of 200 copies / Softcover /

price: 68
ships in february     
Hallucinatory flashes of the Berlin underworld permeate through the pages of this collective work by Japanese artists Daisuke Yokota,Yoshi Kametani and Hiroshi Takizawa. A collaboration of night work in a city that never sleeps; the photographers pass like ghosts through all manner of places; forests, strip clubs, industrial estates, parking lots and darkened streets. Utilising a variety of different techniques they present a fresh perspective of the metropolis. All photos taken in Berlin during the Kominek Books residency program 2016.

Special editions

Daisuke Yokota, Yoshi Kametani, Hiroshi Takizawa  - 100 Bilder - Signed Special Edition

100 illustrations / 24 x 30 cm / Softcover / Special Edition of 100 copies / each copy includes a different c-print by YOKOTA-TAKIZAWA-KAMETANI

price: 265
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ships in february
This special edition features a c-print signed by all three artists.

Total of 100 c-prints, each print comes in an edition of 1+1AP only

Daisuke Yokota - Berlin - Signed Special Edition

60 images / color and B/W 20 x 29 cm /
Special Edition of 25 copies - includes a signed and numbered Print
price: 450
ships in february

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