Leith Hill Action Group Newsletter 39
Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!
Hello to all our supporters
The future of the drilling
In previous newsletters, we promised that we would let you know when Europa make their next move.  This has to be to engage with all the conditions they need to fulfil before any drilling can start.  Well, this week we have received notice that they have finally started this process
This process starts with an informal meeting between Surrey County Council ("SCC") and Europa, with LHAG and Capel Parish Council also in attendance.  This meeting is not to debate any detail or to replace any other public consultation, but just to understand up front the general work involved and its timescale.  We are working with SCC at the moment to identify a suitable time for the meeting to go ahead. 
After the meeting, the path forwards should be clearer for us all.  Watch this space for further updates.
Music, art and LHAG!
The Voice for Leith Hill collective of artists are once again putting on an awareness raising event for the drilling and we would love for you to attend. It's going to be held at the newly refurbished and reopened Plough Inn in Coldharbour.  There is no better place to get a feel for just how inappropriate the drilling would be, and if you haven't yet visited the new Plough, now's your chance!
An art exhibition is going to be held in the Plough from 16th April to 16th May, with a grand opening night on Saturday 16th April.  This opening night will feature live music from 7pm onwards (including from the band of this correspondant!)  It promises to be a lively and fun night, so why not come and make an evening of it?
Thanks for your continued interest in this important issue.
Patrick Nolan