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21 oktober 2015 # 8

Flip your classroom with Touchcast*

Creating interactive video on the iPad.


Use Touchcast in your physical education class ... you will be amazed by the educational opportunities.

It allows teachers and students to create interactive videos!

This free iOS app enables users to create videos for tablet and web that let you embed linked webpage images, polls, other videos (oh the meta!) and use a whiteboard, teleprompter, commenting and titles. It’s an interesting new entry into the iPad-based video-editing market.


Introducing Touchcast: Experience the Web Inside Video

Touchcast Tutorials

iPadagogy - App Review - TouchCast Video Tutorial

Touchcast for #SportEd


Suggested Reading …

Engaging with the Youtube Generation - Touchcast Educator Guide


Sites …

Touchcast (at the bottom of the page you can download the software)

How to make a Touchcast – The Official Touchcast Manual

Touchcast: The Future of the Web


As a teacher, I’m a great fan of Touchcast … I believe in the power of using this free and user-friendly app.


* Postscriptum

I want to clarify that with this posting I have no commercial advantages. By testing it, I feel that this application can be very useful for the application of ICT in physical education and for use in the flipped classroom .

Guy Van Damme